This fall cleaning checklist printable is a free 14-day pdf schedule to plan out your home deep cleaning! Divide your house into zones by room (like bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc.). Great as a spring cleaning checklist too.

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My original cleaning schedules really have stood the test of time. Even though I've added here and taken away there from the weekly cleaning schedule and the seasonal cleaning checklists over the years, they essentially remain the same. However, I thought the spring and fall cleaning checklists could use a little bit of a format update - that's what I've got for you today!

A New Fall Cleaning Checklist

When I first published the spring/fall cleaning checklist, it was divided into zones by room, but didn't have a specific day-to-day plan. That kind of left the user without any real direction. And, I don't know about you, but if I don't have things clearly outlined and explained, I'm so much less likely to do it.

With this new fall cleaning checklist, there's no excuse for not knowing exactly how to complete your seasonal cleaning. I decided to do a 14-day format this time around that broke those house zones down even further. Each day in that 14 day format is assigned a cleaning zone and a few simple tasks from that zone. It's filled with items you probably don't think to clean on a daily/weekly basis, like grout, caulk, small appliances, and even outside pavers.

Since we're getting into the cooler months, it's the perfect time for a little bit of fall cleaning. With this system, you can complete the fall cleaning checklist in just about an extra hour of cleaning a day!

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Let's take a look at how you can use this deep cleaning checklist in your home. As always, with this fall cleaning checklist, I have divided the house into zones: kitchen; living room and other living areas (like the laundry room, playroom, and office); bedroom and outside; and bathrooms and closets. This is also the zone method I use for my everyday cleaning system and trust me when I say it works. I've used it for years!

If I have a full blog post on the cleaning task, I've tried to link it in the list below. You can click on those links for detailed instructions on how to complete that cleaning task.

Check out a few of my favorite products for completing this list: Best Grove Cleaning Products and my Recommended Floor Cleaners.

My Fall Cleaning Checklist

1️⃣ Day 1 - Kitchen

2️⃣ Day 2 - Kitchen

  • clean grout
  • clean out freezer
  • clean out/organize junk drawers
  • polish silver
  • wash throw rugs/pot holders

3️⃣Day 3 - Kitchen

  • clean utensil organizers
  • wipe down backsplash
  • clean sides of large appliances
  • clean inside of drawers
  • clean underside of faucet heads and sink drain

4️⃣Day 4 - Living

  • check batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • clean washing machine
  • clean lint around dryer/vents
  • wash pillows/blankets/furniture covers

5️⃣Day 5 - Living

  • wash curtains
  • vacuum or sweep under furniture
  • vacuum between/under furniture cushions
  • shampoo carpet
  • dust elevated surfaces

6️⃣Day 6 - Living

  • donate unused toys
  • clean/disinfect all toys
  • wash throw rugs
  • replace remote batteries
  • throw away old paperwork, receipts, magazines, and mail

7️⃣Day 7 - Living

  • dust vents throughout home
  • clean furniture upholstery/condition leather
  • clean/change air filters
  • replace old bulbs (dust light fixtures if needed)

8️⃣Day 8 - Bedrooms

  • clean out end table dressers
  • vacuum and flip mattresses
  • vacuum or sweep under furniture
  • wash pillows (replace if needed)
  • organize under beds

9️⃣Day 9 - Outside

  • pressure wash stairs, walkway, deck
  • pull weeds in concrete
  • clean welcome mats
  • clean windows (exterior-facing side)
  • clean gutters and roof
  • clean spider/cobwebs

🔟Day 10 - Outside

  • trim shrubs
  • dispose of tree limbs
  • replenish mulch/pine straw
  • edge yard
  • organize garage

1️⃣1️⃣Day 11 - Outside

  • clean exterior doors
  • service/repair lawn tools
  • check weather stripping
  • replace/repair broken shutters, pavers, bricks, windows

1️⃣2️⃣Day 12 - Bathrooms

  • dispose of old toiletries
  • clean grout
  • wash shower curtains (replace liners if you notice any mold or mildew)
  • clean/reorganize linen closet
  • throw away damaged linens

1️⃣3️⃣Day 13 - Bathrooms

  • organize/clean medicine cabinets
  • clean and repair caulk
  • clean shower heads
  • throw away old/expired makeup
  • throw away old bath toys (clean remaining)

1️⃣4️⃣Day 14 - Closets/Other

  • inventory/donate clothing
  • pack away seasonal clothing; put out winter or summer clothing
  • dust and clean closet shelves
  • deep clean car
spring cleaning checklist pages

A Fall Cleaning Checklist Printable

Need a printable version of this cleaning checklist? I've got you covered in that department too!

fall cleaning checklist printable - preview

You can get both of these printable pages (pdf format) in the printable collection, a section of my site that's only available to newsletter subscribers. It's free to sign up for the newsletter - you can get your access by clicking here!

I've finished the list - now what?

You've finished the hard part...congratulations! Now comes the easier (but more tedious) part - building the habits that will continually keep your home clean. I don't cover a lot of the more mundane and simple cleaning tasks in this deep cleaning list. Things like cleaning out the fridge, cleaning baseboards, dusting ceiling fans, and doing a good countertops scrub are cleaning items that really need to be addressed more than twice a year. But, if you're anything like me, you're going to forget to take care of all of that if it's not on a list.

Luckily, I've got that covered too.

journey to clean daily checklist printable

This collection of fall/spring cleaning checklist printables is just a small portion of the cleaning printables I have available. If you're new here and want to start the process of building a daily cleaning routine, you might want to check out my full cleaning system, Journey to Clean. It's a comprehensive collection of house cleaning schedules that walk you through a daily cleaning routine that can be completed in just about an hour a day.

I follow the zone method that you see in this fall/spring cleaning checklist in my cleaning system. You'll see the tasks broken down into a zone a week to make for easy routine building. There's even a deep cleaning portion that's similar to this seasonal cleaning checklist. Find out how to complete it in a monthly format with ease.

Thousands are already using this popular system - you can find out more about Journey to Clean by clicking here!

spring or fall cleaning printable checklists

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Happy fall cleaning!

xo, Leslie; signature for end of the blog post.

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  1. I am super happy to have stumbled on these helpful printable checklist. I am going to print them up and split up the chores between myself, my husband, and our kids!

    1. Hope it helps so much, Scarlet!