Check out this review of the best Grove Collaborative cleaning products. Includes popular brands like Mrs. Meyer's, Method, and Seventh Generation.

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Cleaning fans - today's post is for you! I'm giving a peek into one of my favorite cleaning companies and how you can score really awesome deals on cleaning products.

I have been a Grove Collaborative member for over a year now - the selection of natural cleaning products you can find at Grove can't be beat! (I did my original Grove co review over here.)With this yearly membership, you get free shipping and discounted rates on popular natural cleaning brands like Mrs. Meyer's, Seventh Generation, Method, and lots more. Trust me - if you buy your own cleaning products, the $19.99 annual membership fee more than pays for itself. And before you ask, this is a membership I actually do pay for, it's not free to me for promoting it - I just love it so much!

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I talked about my best products for cleaning that I use weekly for Journey to Clean in an earlier post, but today, I wanted to share my Grove Collaborative must haves. These are products I use on a definitely weekly (sometimes daily) basis - at this point, I couldn't live without them.

Grove Collaborative Must Haves

1. Mrs. Meyer's Multi- Purpose Everyday Cleaner

I think I could use my Grove membership to only buy Mrs. Meyer's and make it worth the price - I love this stuff! You can use it basically everywhere. I use it nightly to clean my kitchen after dinner. It's also great to spray on a micro-fiber cloth for dusting tables, cleaning small spills on a floor, or even wiping down the interior of your car. A definite must-have if you're placing a Grove order.

Apple Cider is my favorite scent - but I also love Iowa Pine, Lavender, Rosemary, Acorn Spice, and Basil. They're really all great! The seasonal scents are always fun.

Right now, Grove is offering a welcome pack for trying their membership that includes Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Spray (and a couple of my other favorite products)...just use this link to sign up and you'll get a $30 set and to try the Grove membership for 30 days for free!

method bathroom cleaner

2. Method Antibac Bathroom Cleaner

This has been a favorite of mine from my very first Grove order - I use it every Friday to clean bathrooms (just like a good Journey to Clean follower πŸ˜‰). It's effective at knocking out bacteria in the bathroom without having that overwhelming chemical smell. The spearmint actually makes everything smell so fresh! I think I'm on my third bottle of Method Antibac now.

grove walnut scrub sponges

3. Walnut Scrubber Sponges

This is another one of my Grove Collaborative must haves that is offered in that free welcome pack - it was offered in my welcome pack when I first started Grove, and I've used them ever since. I like that these have two sides - one more gentle side and a scrubbing side that really knocks out gunk and grime. However, I don't use these in the traditional way. I prefer my Scour Daddies for dishes - I use my Walnut Scrubber sponges for cleaning bathtubs and showers. They're wonderful at scrubbing away grime (and the occasional bath crayon remnant) without scratching up tubs.

If you're interested, they also make the scrubbers in brush form.

method daily shower cleaner spray bottle

4. Method Daily Shower Spray

I think you can tell from the bottle that we love this stuff. 😊 This is a spray I use on our walk-in shower after I get through showering each day to combat mildew and grime before it even forms. You simply spray your shower down once you're through showering for the day - no need to rinse! It smells so fresh and I'm completely comfortable using a cleaner like this in an enclosed space.

(This one is out of stock as of publish date; however, there are refill bottles available here.)

seventh generation wipes

5. Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes

I started using these back during the craziness of the pandemic, when no other disinfecting wipes were available - I'm so glad I did! They're a less harsh alternative to the popular wipes we all know and love, yet still kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. I have a bottle at all times in our home gym - they're perfect for wiping down home equipment. These are great for yucky countertop spills too.

grove cleaning supplies

And that's really just the tip of the iceberg - there are so many amazing products I've come across over the past year that I love from Grove. You can check out there full selection by clicking here. But, of course, there are going to be a couple of duds in all of those great products. Here are a few that haven't been my favorite - your mileage may vary, but they just didn't work out for us.

  • Seventh Generation 3-in-1 Laundry Oxy Booster Pacs - I just didn't really see a big difference from these - in my opinion, sometimes you just need the strong stuff to be effective! I switched back to the tried-and-true OxiClean after using these.
  • Method Toilet Cleaner - This was another that just wasn't as effective as the (less expensive) Clorox toilet cleaner for me.
  • Method Dryer Sheets - I didn't love the feel of these - they are more like paper than the soft, cloth-like dryer sheet I'm used to. The smell was nice, but didn't translate to my clothes at all. And the effectiveness was debatable...the clothes were maybe a little softer? It was a no for me.
  • Mrs. Meyer's Monodose Laundry Pacs - Of all of the products I've tried from Grove, this is probably my least favorite. I rarely throw out unused product, but this is an exception - these were terrible! They didn't clean well and, after a couple of months, they stopped dissolving in the clothes, meaning I had clumps of powder detergent all over everything after doing the laundry.
  • Mrs. Meyer's Tub and Tile Cleaner - I didn't feel like it was super effective as a cleaner - it foamed really well, but didn't bust up the gunk and grime on tubs like it should. I just ordered the Method Tub and Tile Spray from Grove, and though I've only used it once, I like it a lot more!
grove collaborative everything you need for a healthy home.

Interested in trying Grove for yourself (maybe minus the couple of products listed at the end of the post πŸ˜‰)? There's a great offer available right now - sign up for a free trial of the service and get a great Mrs. Meyer's starter set with your first order of $30+! Warning though, this is the deal that originally got me hooked. You can definitely cancel the service before your free trial ends, but I don't think you're going to want to! (And if you're already a member, I'd love to see your Grove Collaborative must haves in the comments!)

You can see more of my cleaning posts here.

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