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Let's face it - keeping your home clean (while trying to juggle a million other to-dos) is tough. You want a clean, organized home, but the everyday needs of your job and your family get in the way sometimes. Who doesn't need a way to easily streamline their complete home maintenance agenda?

journey to clean 2024 in a binder.

Enter Journey to Clean! This collection of printables includes 65 printable cleaning organization pages to transform your cleaning routine. In this set of 3 digital eBooks and printable cleaning cards, you'll learn how you can easily manage a thorough cleaning schedule by dividing the tasks into small daily portions. I've outlined your daily and weekly routines, including how to divide your home into Rooms of the Week. There's even a deep cleaning schedule for when you really want to make your home shine! 

The best part? Your entire home care calendar is outlined in a beautiful, coordinated set of printables that you can use to start your own home cleaning notebook.

Meet the Author

leslie lambert lamberts lately

Hi! I'm Leslie, and I'm the blogger behind LambertsLately.com, where I discuss organization, food, and anything home. On my blog, I love talking about homemaking: cleaning, recipes, productivity, and even the occasional mishap.

When I became a stay-at-home mom in 2012, I found that I needed an easy way to streamline my home maintenance routine. I originally made this cleaning schedule just for myself. However, in late 2012, I thought I’d share it with my blog readers. To my surprise, it immediately became the most popular post I’d ever published on my blog! I started noticing lots of shares on social media and receiving emails from readers who had successfully integrated it into their own routine.

This cleaning schedule has gone through several revisions over the years. I’ve added to it as my home needs have changed (as I moved from a garden home to an apartment, to a ranch-style home, and now to our 2-story custom build) and I’ve integrated reader requests I’ve received. When I decided to write the original Journey to Clean in early 2016, I wanted to use this schedule as a basis for the ultimate guide to home maintenance! In this book, I cover everything from quick everyday cleaning habits to thorough deep cleaning lists. All of these suggestions combined can transform the way you care for your home.

Home is a true passion of mine. It is the place where families grow and thrive. It’s my mission to help you care for your home easily and effectively! 

So, what's included in the 2024 Journey to Clean collection?

In this collection, you'll get...

Cleaning Schedule

You'll get a new and improved version of the printable made famous in this post. It's one of the most popular cleaning routines on the internet for a reason...it works!
You'll also get a version of the cleaning system that is designed for busier months, cutting your workload in half.

Monthly Cleaning Calendars

of the cleaning schedule dated November 2023 - December 2024. See the cleaning schedule broken down into easy-to-complete daily tasks! You'll get 28 total printables...14 months of schedules for the original schedule and 14 months of the lighter schedule.

Deep Cleaning Printables

that coordinate with the daily cleaning routine. You'll receive a thorough checklist and 2 different schedules of how you can easily work through your seasonal cleaning.

Printable Dividers

to stylishly organize your home cleaning notebook. There are even binder spine inserts for the outside of your cleaning notebook.

Cleaning Cards

that allow you to customize your workload and change up your routine as needed. These are perfect for getting other family members involved in your cleaning system!

Add-On Pages

In the add-on set, you get 22 pages of printables designed to help you accomplish your cleaning system in the most efficient way possible. This includes to-do lists, chore charts, a last-minute cleaning checklist, supply inventories, and blank monthly calendars.

Interactive Spreadsheets

Take your Journey to Clean on the go! These interactive spreadsheets allow you to access your cleaning calendar from both desktop and mobile devices.

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You can choose from two versions of Journey to Clean!

For years, the original version of Journey to Clean has helped readers streamline their home cleaning routine. Now, I'm excited to share that there are even more options for planning your daily cleaning tasks!

odd months light weekly room breakdown cleaning calendar.

Journey to Clean Light is a simplified version of the original version of Journey to Clean. This edition takes the cleaning tasks and cuts them in half, reducing your total work time each day to around 30-45 minutes.

This schedule is great for busy times of the year of for those who simply don't have an hour a day to clean. Many readers also use these systems interchangeably - I personally use them both! If I have the opportunity to use the full Journey to Clean calendar for a month, I do...for busy months (like summer or the holiday season), I switch over to the Light calendar. Simple as that.

You can even accessorize your cleaning notebook.

family chore chart in a purple notebook on a yellow background.

With the Journey to Clean Add-On pack, you will get 21 pages of accessory printables the are the perfect complement to your cleaning system notebook. You'll get everything from chore charts to blank monthly calendars that coordinate with your Journey to Clean printables.


What's included in Journey to Clean that I can't get at Lamberts Lately?

A lot has changed since I first published the realistic printable cleaning schedule on this post! In this collection, I've included a new version of the cleaning schedule that integrates reader requests I've received over the years. You'll get 14 months of cleaning calendars that show you how you can complete the cleaning schedule daily. I've included commentary on simple ways I integrate this routine into my everyday life. You'll even get deep-cleaning printables that aren't available anywhere else! Not only is all of this included in the original cleaning schedule format, but you'll get an entirely different edition that's made for light cleaning months as well. As a special bonus, I've also included the add-on accessory pages (like fast cleaning lists and chore charts) that will help you organize this system to the max.

Is this a physical product?

When you purchase Journey to Clean, you will receive a .pdf digital copy. That means you will be able to download the files for the eBook immediately and print them as needed for your personal use. This is not a physical product; nothing will be shipped to you. These files work best on 8.5x11" paper when printed in full color and can easily be printed at home.

How do I put my notebook together?

You can see how I assemble a home cleaning notebook!

Can I edit these printables?

Editing graphic printables is much more complex than simply opening a file and deleting contents. I make my files with software that creates beautiful printables but doesn't allow for very easy reader editing. Even though these files aren't readily editable, I have included blank sections in each printable that allow you to add cleaning tasks as needed...that's one of the big reader requests I've integrated into the updated printables included in this eBook! (Of course, if you know how you are more than welcome to edit as needed for your personal use.)

Alright, I've purchased the book...where do I start?

It's all outlined in the book! I detail how I integrate each aspect of Journey to Clean into your everyday life with commentary throughout the book. I typically recommend giving the schedule a full month to really start transforming your home.

I have another question...what's the best way to contact you?

I love making myself available to book readers to discuss any questions or suggestions for future editions! You can contact me and I'll respond as soon as I can.

Let's work together to revolutionize the way you care for your home!

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