The Journey to Clean 2024 Collection

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With this set, you'll get the full collection of Journey to Clean 2024 printables, including Journey to Clean 2024, the J2C 2024 Light edition, the Add-On Pack, Interactive Spreadsheets, and the Cleaning Card Set!  This mega set of printables (65 coordinated pages in total) includes calendars for both light and full cleaning routines, as well as helpful accessory printables that will let you organize your own ultimate cleaning notebook.

Let's face it - keeping your home clean (while trying to juggle a million other to-dos) is tough.  You want a clean, organized home, but the everyday needs of your job and your family get in the way sometimes.  Who doesn't need a way to easily streamline their complete home maintenance agenda?

Enter Journey to Clean!

With this set, you'll get the full collection of Journey to Clean 2024 printables, including Journey to Clean 2024, the J2C 2024 Light edition, the Add-On Pack, Interactive Spreadsheets, and the Cleaning Card Set!  This mega set of printables (65 coordinated pages in total) includes calendars for both light and full cleaning routines, as well as helpful accessory printables that will let you organize your own ultimate cleaning notebook.

In these digital eBooks, you'll learn how you can easily manage a thorough cleaning schedule by dividing the tasks into small daily portions.  I've outlined your daily and weekly routines, including how to divide your home into Rooms of the Week. There's even a deep cleaning schedule for when you really want to make your home shine!

The best part?  Your entire home care calendar is outlined in a beautiful, coordinated set of printables that you can use to start your own home cleaning notebook.

What you'll get in the Journey to Clean 2024 Collection...

Cleaning Schedule - You'll get a new and improved version of the printable made famous in this post.  It's one of the most popular cleaning routines on the internet for a works!

You'll also get a toned-down version of my popular cleaning system, making it possible to keep your home clean in about 30 minutes a day. This is great for busier times of the year. Many readers (including the author) switch between the light and original schedules depending on the month...this method works seamlessly.

Weekly Breakdowns to show you how to delegate cleaning tasks (from both the original and lighter cleaning system) into an organized workflow.

Monthly Cleaning Calendars of the cleaning schedule dated November 2023 - December 2024. See the cleaning schedule outlined for each day of the year! These calendars are provided for both the original and light cleaning systems.

Deep Cleaning Printables that coordinate with the daily cleaning routine.  You'll receive a thorough checklist and 2 different schedules of how you can easily work through your seasonal cleaning.

Printable Binder Cover Pages to stylishly organize your home cleaning notebook.

Interactive Spreadsheets that let you take your cleaning system on the go! Access spreadsheets (via Google Sheets) that let you keep track of your cleaning for the week/month/year.

Detailed commentary on how you can integrate this home cleaning schedule into your daily routine!

In addition to the original cleaning system and light schedule printables, with this purchase, you'll get the 2024 Journey to Clean Add-On Pack. This set of accessory printables is coordinated with Journey to Clean and includes the following pages:

  • A 30-Minute Last-Minute Cleaning Checklist to get through those quick home clean-ups
  • Weekly, Monthly, and Family Chore Charts that allow you to assign simple daily tasks to other members of your family in intervals you decide
  • A Notes Page for extra thoughts or edits to your cleaning schedule
  • A Cleaning Supply Inventory List for easy organization of your cleaning cabinet
  • Two empty To-Do List Printables (in both overall and daily formats)...because sometimes we all need a blank to-do list to focus our efforts!
  • Dated, blank monthly calendar pages for November 2023 - December 2024.

When you purchase the Journey to Clean collection, you will receive a .pdf digital copy.  That means you will be able to download the files for the eBook and print them as needed for your personal use.  This is not a physical product; nothing will be shipped to you.  These files work best on 8.5x11" paper when printed in full color and can easily be printed at home.

30 reviews for The Journey to Clean 2024 Collection

  1. Donna Zwerus

    It’s only been a couple of days since I started following the Cleaning Schedule but already I’m feeling more in control and not so overwhelmed as to “where do I start” by following this I’m also having time to devote to my crafts knowing I have ticked off the chores I need to do for that particular day. It’s also given me the opportunity to identify a few chores relevant to my family and home and incorporate into the daily schedule. Christmas is definitely under control this year

  2. Drea Amorr

    I’ve read great things about the handbook from many friends so I brought the entire collection with the Apple Pay. The only things is it didn’t automatically let me download the pdf. It’s a bummer because I’ve been so excited to purchase but now it’s frustrating because my account on here isn’t showing I purchased the pdf yet it came off of my card already

  3. Linda Larsen

    My biggest problem has been organizing plan. That is now done for me and I stopped spinning my wheels and got moving.

  4. Homemaker

    The idea of having one daily chore along with a few evening and morning tasks is a fantastic idea, and having a Room of the Week to focus on takes a lot of stress out of what to do next. Now I don't say "When am I going to get this mess cleaned up" I know that the day and week will come around and it will be cleaned then. It helps manage that overwhelmed feeling. I recommend it, and I'm so happy I found it.

  5. Jill B.

    Breaks down tasks into easily doable routines which don't take all day - thank goodness 🙂
    If you stick to the daily tasks your house should stay clean and tidy

  6. Katherine L.

    The Journey to Clean's 5th edition did not disappoint. I will have to say that given my current state (mother of 7 year old active baseball player and cub scout...AND newly walking twin girls on top of full time speech pathologist) I was literally counting the days down until this dropped. I purchased 2018's edition and it had changed my life, but then TWINS. I have already put my binder together, and started to make the first steps habit and I am in LOVE. Already I have some order. And y'all, this mama needs order. This book has it ALL, it is color coordinated for ease, she has provided dividers, binder labels, the whole 9 yards, and this planner nerd formally super tidy mama is in heaven! Her methods are referenced for easy access on her blog, down to which cleaning products are her favorite which can lead you to using the same or researching something new.

    I truly believe that having a clean home (not perfect mind you), helps keep everyone healthy, and provides mental clarity (well at least for me). If you buy yourself any system of change for the new year...make it this collection. You won't be sorry.

  7. Michele D.

    Great tool!! Simple to follow. Beautifully designed so it makes it fun.

  8. Jessica Armes

    This is my first time purchasing the Journey to Clean Collection and I am very happy with it

  9. Sharon Civale

    Accepting Leslie’s boot camp challenge was one of the best things I’ve ever done...for myself, my family, and my home! It feels so good to come down to a clean kitchen (actually a clean everything!😉) every morning! Now when I sit down in the evening, I feel not only a sense of accomplishment, but also peacefulness! Disorganization is such a stressor! But no more!
    Thanks, Leslie, for another fantastic product!!

  10. Lynn B G

    This has broken cleaning up into bite size pieces so you can fit a little in here and a little in there—easy to keep track of what you have done and what is left to do. Even though I hate to clean, I can do anything in 10 min segments:0).

  11. Valerie Lutes

    Love the Journey to Clean each year. It is unique and thoroughly addressed all aspects of the home. I found the 2020 additions to be very useful.

  12. Kara Kinback

    Journey to Clean 2020 is so easy to use and thorough. I’ve Added and subtracted a few items to personalize it to my home’s needs. I have the pages in their own clear plastic page protectors and use an erase marker to keep track of what has been completed. So far this Journey has been a success!

  13. Morena Manuel

    This system is helping me be more organized!!

  14. Karen Carpenter

    Love this resource! Extremely helpful to me. Exactly what I needed. Thank you!

  15. Nancy R.

    I'm just a few days into this wonderful cleaning routine, but it really looks like something I'll be able to do. A few tasks and chores each day, over time, creates a clean home. It really is that easy. Oh, and if you are using an Apple computer, there is NO problem printing this book.

  16. Jamie rymer

    A great tool to get started, get motivated and an actual plan to keep it up! Just what I needed.

  17. Jenna-Marie Moore

    I can’t wait to start following the schedule and implementing the tips and tricks to achieve a cleaner/more organized home.

  18. Christine Wynne

    Satisfied with product as always

  19. Christine Huffman

    Thank you for being so responsive, helpful, and supportive. I can't wait to use my journey to clean in 2021. I love knowing that I'm using something that was tested and will help me to keep the house clean. Thank you for always answering my questions in a timely manner and helping me get started.

  20. Sheena White

    The Journey to Clean 2021 Collection

  21. Michele Delgiorno

    I finally feel like I have a handle on how I need to approach things

  22. Grace Criscuoli

    I've only started reading Journey to Clean and I'm totally amazed. Can hardly wait to finish and implement everything! Thanks!

  23. Brenda Amick

    I am very pleased with your journal. I haven't had time to actually use it yet but I am so excited to start. Just getting my printouts has boosted my mood to get things done. I am decluttering now, then will start working on the schedule.
    Thanks so much,

  24. Cynthia Barbee

    After just one week, my family and I are feeling more organized and not nearly as overwhelmed. We recently moved to a new home and wanted to get a good cleaning system in place. We have used a cleaning service in the past, but stopped with Covid. This program is wonderful and will keep our home clean and organized! Thank you so much for getting us on the right track!

  25. cindy loeber

    I haven’t been able to totally delve into program as I am in process of selling my home. Read many great tips for my preparation..... excited for using ALL tips on my brand new home

  26. Mariah Dooley

    The Journey to Clean 2021 Collection

  27. Frances Forbes

    This system is exactly what I have been looking for, Now I need a solution for my procrastination. I am confident that once I start I will be hooked

  28. Dolly Kluesner

    Journey to Clean 2021 Collection

  29. Tracy Pruitt

    I needed something to get me on track with my cleaning and this has helped me so much!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Paula Steel

    This is a great way to split your cleaning into doable little chunks!

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