Journey to Clean (Full Edition)

journey to clean 2020 in a purple notebook on a yellow background.
Our family cleaning notebook cover sheet

You'll find clean, simple cover pages throughout this year's cleaning notebook. They still match seamlessly with the printables in your set, but provide a very clean-cut way to divide the sections of your family cleaning binder.

Side view of cleaning notebook with spine label

There are even binder spine covers! They come in multiple sizes for most binders.

Side angle of daily cleaning schedule
Daily cleaning schedule in a notebook on a desk

Of course, daily schedule that you all know and love is front and center in this cleaning notebook. This is probably the most popular (and the most helpful) page in the whole system - it packs a ton of into into one concise sheet.

Room of the week tasks

But, if there's a close runner-up for the most helpful (and info-packed) sheet, it's this one. The room of the week page is a cornerstone of my cleaning system. With this sheet, you're able to break your home into manageable parts, cleaning one room/zone a week.

Weekly room cleaning breakdown

This page is kind of a step between the room of the week page and the monthly calendars. With the Weekly Room Breakdown, I take the room of the week page and streamline each week's tasks. Now, you'll group all of the room of the week tasks together in a workflow that makes sense. I grouped together tasks that naturally go together, making your cleaning work even easier.

October 2020 cleaning schedule in a notebook

But then, of course, I also include monthly calendars that actually explain how to put that weekly room breakdown into practice. With this year's calendars, you'll get printables for the whole year, completely walking you through your tasks for every day of the year.

September 2020 cleaning schedule in a notebook

Some of you long-time Journey to Cleaners might notice that the monthly calendars are all on one page now! This is a request I've had a lot, so I tackled it this year - and I think the calendars turned out beautifully. No more printing two pages per month.

Deep cleaning schedule
Deep cleaning schedule

As always, there is deep cleaning section in the full edition of Journey to Clean. I've always considered this kind of the "extra credit" part of the book - totally not required, but helpful if you want to really make your home shine. This section has three pages that give you a checklist and break that checklist down into easy chunks.

Journey to Clean (Light Edition)

journey to clean light 2020 in a purple notebook on a pink background.
Daily cleaning tasks printable

Next, let's look at Journey to Clean Light! This version is similar to the full edition of Journey to Clean, but breaks your tasks down into even smaller segments. While the full edition of Journey to Clean takes about an hour to complete per day, this version is typically doable in about 30 minutes a day...perfect for busier months.

Odd months light weekly cleaning schedule
august 2020 cleaning calendar in a notebook

You'll notice a lot of the same features in the light edition as the full edition; they just simplify your cleaning tasks even more! There are 23 separate pages of printables in Journey to Clean Light that will help you build a simple (but effective) cleaning system.

One question I get all the time is whether or not you need both editions. I always recommend both. Depending on the month, I switch between the original and light versions. If I have a particularly busy time coming up (i.e. the holidays), I like to switch to the light version for a month or two to make cleaning easier. It's seamless to switch back to the original version when you feel you're ready.

Journey to Clean Add-On Pages

cover of journey to clean 2020 in a notebook

Finally, the add-on pages provide a collection of fun accessory printables that help you organize your cleaning notebook even more! These absolutely aren't required to build your cleaning notebook; however, they do give you even more options for delineating schedules, to do lists, chore charts, and calendars.

family chore chart printable in a notebook
close up of a 30 minute cleaning checklist printable
top of a cleaning supply inventory list printable

The add-on pack includes:

  • A 30 Minute Last-Minute Cleaning Checklist to get through those quick home clean-ups
  • Weekly, Monthly, and Family Chore Charts that allow you to assign simple daily tasks to other members of your family in intervals you decide
  • A Notes Page for extra thoughts or edits to your cleaning schedule
  • A Cleaning Supply Inventory List for easy organization of your cleaning cabinet
  • Two empty To-Do List Printables (in both overall and daily formats)...because sometimes we all need a blank to do list to focus our efforts!
  • Blank monthly calendars for designing your own planner that coordinates with Journey to Clean

It's 22 total printables that organize those little elements of a cleaning system most don't think about.

And, as of this morning, all three sets are available!

screenshot of three journey to clean books on a green background.

Favorite Cleaning Notebook Supplies

I frequently get asked what supplies are needed for a cleaning notebook. Really - none! You can use just the information on the pages to keep your home clean - no fancy supplies needed. However, if you're looking to organize a cleaning notebook, these are the items that I reference a few times in Journey to Clean that would be really useful...

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a collage of my favorite cleaning notebook supplies
1. Bright, high-quality copy paper: Getting really vivid colors in your printables has a lot to do with your paper, surprisingly. If you use dim paper, you’ll often get dim colors in your final product. I like to use paper like HP Office Ultra White to get really bright, vivid colors out of my printables. For card stock (that can be used for cover pages, for example), the Neenah Premium Cardstock is a great option.
2. A great everyday printer: I’ve been so impressed with my HP Envy 4520. It’s really inexpensive in the inkjet market and produces such great quality printables. It’s how I printed all of the pages you’ll see above, as a matter of fact!
3. A 3-hole punch that lasts: I have used my Swingline Desktop 3-Hole Punch for years. I bought it as an education student (10+ years ago), used it throughout my teaching career, and now have it in my home…and it’s still going strong! This is such a great investment and, especially if you have school-aged kids, you’ll use this a ton.
4. Reusable accessories: I’ve often advised Journey to Clean users to invest in a few reusable accessories so they don’t have to print pages over and over. Two of my favorite are plastic page protectors and wet erase markers. The EXPO Vis a Vis markers are a teacher favorite for a reason – they last and last. I also found these cute tabbed dividers that give a nice contrast against the bright printables of Journey to Clean 2020.
5. Non-bleeding, colorful pens: I couldn’t let a supplies post go by without mentioning my favorite pens! The Papermate Inkjoy Gel Pens are the best colored pens I’ve found. They don’t bleed and they stay so bright, even after a ton of use. No smearing (even my left-handed self doesn’t have an issue) and very quick drying gel…that’s hard to find! These are fabulous and last so long, too. You’ll even spot a few of these in my pictures of Journey to Clean above!
6. And finally, I love a pretty patterned notebook! Here are a few that match Journey to Clean 2020 beautifully:

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