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Grab this free printable daily to do list and get ideas for things to do with it. This simple template will work for a cleaning schedule, time management blocks, and more!

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I thought I'd add a printable to the ever-growing collection of free pages on the blog today! This one would be great to use with either Journey to Clean or The Year of Intent – it matches either pack and has so many different integrations with both.

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This daily to-do list printable is similar to the weekly outlook page you'll get when you download your copy of The Year of Intent. I tweaked the formatting on this just a little bit to satisfy those to-do list junkies out there. (Don't worry, I'm one too.) There is something that feels so satisfying about checking something off of that daily to do list everyday. With this page, you get a weekly view of items that you need to accomplish daily. Simply check items off as you complete them and move them to the next day if they're not completed.

This list would also work really well with Journey to Clean, my popular daily cleaning system. I discuss in the book how I like to load each day's task into my digital to-do list; however, if you're more of a paper and pen kind of person, this works too! Simply go through each month's customized cleaning calendar and write your tasks on this sheet each week. As I recommend in Journey to Clean, check off those tasks you complete and reserve one day a week (usually either Saturday or Sunday) as kind of a make-up day for your unchecked tasks. And, give yourself a little bit of grace; if you still can't get to those tasks on a make-up day, simply cross them off and start fresh the next week. There isn't anything in my cleaning system that can't be skipped once…it will be totally ok.

free daily to do list printable

Ready to organize your week with a daily to-do list printable? Click here to download your free copy!

You can click here to see my entire catalog of free home printables (I'm at over 100 and counting on the blog). If you'd like to check out a coordinated planner collection that matches this to-do list, click here to see the Year of Intent; for a coordinated system of cleaning printables, click here!

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