101 Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Women

This list of over 100 Easter Basket Ideas for Women includes ideas for a wife, mom, grandmother, girlfriend, & more. Get practical and creative small Easter gift ideas for ladies, with an Easter twist!

colorful easter eggs.

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This post is all about the ladies.

I'm sharing 101 Easter Basket Ideas for Women - a mix of fun, practical, and even themed gifts that would be great for any woman in your life. As I've done in the past few posts, I divided the sections of gifts up by interest. There are gift ideas for everyone from the cook to the athlete.

Where to Find the Best Easter Basket Stuffers

Over the years, I've collected quite the arsenal of stores (both online and brick-and-mortar) that I use for the latest and greatest in the best Easter basket ideas. After over 800 basket stuffers, I keep going back to the following...

  • Amazon - can't beat the shipping time and the selection!
  • Dollar Tree - if you need inexpensive knick-knacks that make an Easter basket cute, this is the way to go.
  • Nordstrom - find quality, practical items.
  • Etsy - a great resource for handmade, personalized, and creative gift ideas!
  • Walmart - becoming just as good as Amazon for selection and shipping speed.
  • Target - check the dollar spot for really fun and unique trinkets for an Easter basket!

What Do I Put In a Woman's Easter Basket?

To be the best Easter bunny you can be, keep it simple.

I like to recommend 2-3 of the goodies below, tailored to the woman in your life's interests. Once you have those favorite things, stuff a few plastic Easter eggs with Easter candy, jelly beans, favorite snacks, peeps, chocolate eggs, or other sweet treats. Then, call it a day. You have the perfect assortment of Easter gifts!

You don't have to buy a bunch of basket stuffers for an Easter gift to be special. Ultimately, it's the thought that counts on Easter morning. (And a few sweets don't hurt, either.)

Want to make a non-traditional basket? A collection of just chocolate Easter candy would be perfect for chocolate lovers. Know someone who needs a little self-care? Make a basket with treats to pamper her. It's actually a lot of fun to really tailor Easter gift baskets to the recipient!

Miscellaneous Easter Basket Ideas for Women

  1. Let's Get Closer Family Game
  2. Plant Terrarium
  3. Favorite Scented Candle
  4. Easter Pinch Bowls
  5. Shower Coffee Holder
  6. Donation to Favorite Charity
  7. Personalized Whistle Keychain

Thanks for stopping by today's Easter Basket post! I'll be back tomorrow with one more set of great Easter basket ideas for the year. You can see years past by clicking the links below...

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