Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls Gift Tag Printable

Need a cute, easy neighbor or friend gifts? These Christmas morning cinnamon rolls are perfect! Grab a free printable gift tag and check out cute wrapping/packaging ideas.

Need a cute, easy neighbor or friend gifts?  These Christmas morning cinnamon rolls are perfect!  Grab a free printable gift tag and check out cute wrapping/packaging ideas.

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I don't think I quite expected my cinnamon roll recipe to be as popular as it has been. I posted the one I've used for years a few months ago and it kind of took off! There have actually been times that my blog crashed because so many people were trying to access this one recipe…it's that good.

I think I mentioned in that post that I use this recipe to make neighbor gifts for Christmas. It's a super personal touch (and really not a difficult gift) – just make a big batch of these cinnamon rolls all at once, freeze them, and attach paper plates/forks/napkins so your neighbors don't even have to do dishes on Christmas morning. These have been an absolute hit in our neighborhood!

I can't totally take credit for this idea – my friend Jennifer posted her version a few years ago and I thought it was an amazing idea. So I customized the printable to my needs…I thought I'd share it in case you guys wanted to use it too!

Just click here to download this printable for free. I took out the Lamberts at the bottom for you to customize to your needs – if you'd like to match the font, it's called Caviar Dreams (one of my most used fonts!).

Simply combine these printables with a cute set of plates (these are from Walmart), tie them on with cute ribbon (again, Walmart), and you have a super personal and crowd-pleaser of a neighbor gift.

The foil doesn't look great…I know. The pans I had on hand didn't come with lids. I recommend buying something like this if you're packing these up for a lot of people – they fit about 6 rolls each, perfect for a gift! But, of course, use what you've got – if you have lid-less pans on hand, foil works just fine.

Click here for your printable.  Hope this helps you spread a little bit of Christmas cheer to those you love!

And, if you'd like to check out the original cinnamon roll recipe, click here.

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