Free Christmas Countdown Printable

Download a Christmas Countdown Printable pdf - it's free! Mark off each day on the tree and celebrate Advent with kids.

christmas countdown calendar printable.

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Who's ready to count down the days until Christmas? Today, I thought I'd make the perfect printable to mark off the days until Christmas day.

How to Use This Christmas Countdown Calendar

Sometimes called an Advent calendar, this Christmas Countdown Calendar has 25 spots to mark off on the Christmas tree. You should start this advent calendar on November 30th. Start marking off the numbers at the bottom (with number 25). Each day of Advent, you'll mark off another number until you mark off #1 on Christmas Eve!

I usually prefer to mark these numbers off at night. Working it into your child's bedtime routine each day of December is such a fun tradition. They'll remember it for years to come.

Numbers can be marked off with a pencil, pen, crayon, or marker. Another cute idea is placing holiday-themed stickers over the numbers. You also might want to put it in an inexpensive picture frame and mark the days off with a dry-erase marker so you can reuse this Christmas countdown calendar for years to come.

This piece of paper can be displayed on the fridge for easy access.

drawing on a countdown printable with a marker.

Fun Extra Activities to do with your countdown

There are so many ways to use this printable that go far beyond counting down the days of December! Each day you mark off a number on the Christmas Countdown Printable, you can...

  • Put out a different piece of holiday decor until you display all of your decorations
  • Make a small Christmas craft
  • Volunteer each time you hit a multiple of 5 (days 5, 10, 15, 20, 25)
  • Have a piece of candy, a cookie, or other sweets & treats
  • Bring a gift to public service employees (firefighters, police officers, sanitation workers, etc.)
  • Place an additional ornament on the Christmas tree
  • Have small trinkets/toys to give to children each day
  • Pick up a piece of litter on the sidewalk
  • Think of another gift to give loved ones
  • Do a random act of kindness for someone else
  • Teach some of your family's holiday traditions each day (great option for little kids)
christmas countdown calendar.

How to Print the Christmas Calendar PDF

When you click the button below, you'll open a pdf file in a new tab. You can either press the printer icon to send to your printer or the downward-facing arrow to download the pdf to your device.

This page is formatted to print on 8.5x11" regular printer paper. An at-home printer works just fine - this is the home inkjet printer I use! You might want to print the pages on white cardstock to make them extra durable.

This page is for personal use only. No commercial distribution of this pdf or printed page is allowed without my written permission. If you are a teacher, feel free to use this in your classroom as you need to!

Free Download: Christmas Countdown Printable

Christmas countdown calendar printable page.

I hope you enjoy this calendar all throughout the holiday season! Check out more of my free printables below.

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