Free Play Doh Valentine Printable

See how to make and download a free Play Doh Valentine printable (in pdf format) to give kids a non-candy way to treat their friends this Valentine's Day!

Free Printable Valentines for Play-Doh on a wood table.

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Welcome to an oldie but a goodie! These printable Play-Doh Valentines are now eight (!!!) years old. I originally published these on the blog in 2015, when my daughter Emmie was almost 3 years old. She's almost 11 now, and this free printable Valentine is still one of my most popular posts each February!

These were originally inspired by her choice of Valentine's gift for her friends at school. She picked little jars of play dough for them that year, and I made this set of cute Valentine's Day cards to go with them.

These are super simple to make - simply print, cut, and glue!

How to Make Your Play Doh Valentines


Step 1: Print the Free Valentine Cards

With the printable pdf file you'll find linked below, there will be 4 valentines per page. They are formatted to print on 8.5x11" standard printer paper. They need to be printed in full color, but an home printer should work just fine! (And no, the actual cards don't have my watermark or my daughter's name on them. 😉)

I recommend printing these on cardstock for durability. Printing on regular printer paper would be far too thin to hold the Play Doh you're going to put on the Valentine.

Free Printable Valentines for Play-Doh.

Please note: this and all of my printables are for personal use only. However, you are more than welcome to put in extra elements for personal use! For example, if you'd like to write your child's name in the bottom blank before printing, you can open this file in a program like canva to add it.

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Step 2: Cut

I use a straight edge paper cutter to get the edges nice and straight. If you don't have a paper cutter, you can cut very carefully with scissors. A paper cutter just makes this (and lots of other projects around your home) way easier.

Free Printable Valentines for Play-Dough on a wood table.

Step 3: Attach Mini Play Doh to Valentine Printable

    Free Printable Valentines for Play-doh with small jar of dough on top.

I used a tiny dab of hot glue to attach the mini play dough tubs to the Valentine. Another option is to use small glue dots to attach the can of play-doh. This would be the better option if you want to get your kiddos to help with making these.

For mine, you can see that I used the off brand play dough from the Dollar Tree. I'd recommend getting the name brand though - it's much better quality! Plus, you can get bulk mini Play Doh packs that make it not much more expensive than the store brand.

Whether you decide to go with the name brand or a store brand, the mini Play Doh jars should fit perfectly on the Valentine cards. You'll just need to print in full size on 8.5x11" paper.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Check out a few more free printables below.

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