Friday, October 16, 2015

Five on Friday


Last weekend was Homecoming at Alabama, so we had a chance to go to Tuscaloosa to see family and friends!

This is kind of crazy considering we lived there for years, but Emmie has never really been on campus for a football game experience.  It was really fun to see her reaction to everything - riding the campus bus was her favorite!

We stopped by my old sorority (which just built a huge new house) and Noah's fraternity.  It was nice to get to see some of our Tuscaloosa friends that we don't get to visit very much anymore!

We also had the chance to celebrate with this sweet lady.  My Granny turned 91 last Monday!  We were able to see her for awhile on Sunday and celebrate.


Ok, PSA to moms of kids in diapers - Amazon has a few crazy good deals on diapers right now.  I literally went through the house and found every old Amazon gift card I had this week just to stock up on diapers for baby #2 - and, if I've got my math right, we should be good on diapers for the first 6 months or so now!  Can I get an amen?!

Here's the deal:

Go to the Huggies Snug and Dry page on Amazon (all sizes are available from this page).  All sizes of the economy packs were just at amazing prices yesterday, but I think some are starting to sell out.  As of this morning, the Size 1 (276 count), Size 3 (222 count), and Size 6 (140 count) were still at the low prices (I'll try to update this as the prices update, because they're changing all the time).  Make sure you set these to the size box listed above!

Right below the price at the top right of the page, you should see a spot to add a $3 off coupon (if you're set to the box sizes listed above and you haven't used this coupon previously).  Click that to add and you'll get $3 off each box.  Then, select the Subscribe and Save option to get 20% off if you're an Amazon Mom member or 5% off if you're not. (Hint: if you're a prime member, you get Amazon mom for here for more info on that).

Check out with your Subscribe and save discount and coupon, and you should be able to grab the packs above for around 7 to 13 cents per diaper, which is just crazy good for Huggies.  Just make sure you cancel that Subscribe and Save membership before your next shipment is sent if you don't want to buy more than one box!  Hope this helps some of y'all!


Ok, I'm most of the way through The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and yeah, it is kind of life-changing.  If you haven't read it, be warned: you will get the urge to throw out most of the things in your house.

The one big take-away I've gotten from it: I've really been doing something similar to this for awhile now!  I'm not as big on throwing away things that I know I will need eventually (think toiletries, expendable household items), and I'm not sure this book is going to change my mind on that.  I'm much more likely to try to find a way to use that item than to chunk it...I just can't justify throwing away something that I can use.  But, it has definitely changed my mind on the sheer volume of things we need.

I've got a little bit more to read and then I want Noah to read it (if you're not a big reader, it really is a
quick book...very easy to knock out in a week or so).  Then, hopefully it will be time to clean out closets!


Many of you know I've done cross-stitched Christmas stockings for everybody in our family.  Baby brother's has officially been started!  This is what the finished product will look like.

Here's the progress so far (it's taken me about a week to get all of this done...I usually work for an hour or so at night while we're watching TV).  These stockings take a very, very long time to finish (think months and months), so I wanted to go on and get a good start so that it is ready by his first Christmas.  I think this one is going quicker than the others because there are lots of little elements to it that are kind of easy to knock out in one sitting.

I'm going to try to be better about taking pictures of the progress of this one!  And yes, I'm a big old dork to even be writing about this on a blog.


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Happy weekend everybody!