This list of over 100 Easter basket ideas for adults has creative & fun small gifts for both men and women. Find unique, funny treats that grown-ups would love as a basket stuffer.

wooden easter bunny with pastel easter eggs in a yellow basket.

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Welcome to the last post in my Easter Basket Ideas series! This time around, we'll go through a few ideas for the adults in your life.

You might be thinking - who in the world gives an adult an Easter basket? Apparently a lot of people. When I was trying to figure out what group I wanted to highlight in the original version of this post, I found that "adult easter baskets" is one of the top search terms on both Pinterest and Google.

There aren't a ton of posts out there about Easter ideas for the grown-ups. As a matter of fact, when I published this the first time, I couldn't find a post that had this many adult Easter basket ideas. So, this ended up being the perfect topic to wrap up this year's series of lists!

The Grown-Up Easter Basket

Now, you don't have to give an adult "kid stuff" to make a fun Easter basket. There are plenty of fun and practical things that so many different people would love (that don't have to be items for children at all).

For an adult Easter basket, you'll really only need a couple of bigger (non-candy) items. Pair those with a few plastic Easter eggs full of the recipient's favorite Easter candy or sweet snack. You've got an Easter basket that makes an excellent gift for adult children, friends, or even a spouse.

Below, I'm sharing over 100 of the best Easter gift ideas for adults, sorted by interest. There are quite a few Easter-themed adult basket stuffers as well!

Home-Themed Basket Fillers

  1. Orange and Grapefruit Shower Steamer
  2. Letter Board
  3. Mini Volcano Scented Candle
  4. Personalized Cutting Board
  5. Scented Wax Melts (This is my absolute favorite brand - so inexpensive and great quality!)
  6. Purse Organizer
  7. Easter Pillow Covers

Other Easter Basket Tips

  • Keep it color-themed! Either use lots of pastels (pastel bows, pastel plastic eggs, pastel Easter grass) or really bright summery colors.
  • Make a themed gift basket. You can keep it food-themed for the gourmand, makeup-themed for the beauty guru, etc. Pack a few main things from a category in the list above and add in a few fillers (candy, cookies, snacks) and you have the perfect Easter gift basket.
  • Have an adult Easter egg hunt. On Easter Sunday, put some of the smaller items above into plastic eggs, even breaking the items with lots of pieces up into different eggs. Hide those eggs around the house on Easter morning for the adult family members too!

There you have it - more Easter basket ideas for adults than you could ever possibly give! 🙂 Hope this helps some of you who are stumped in the adult Easter basket department.

Need to build the perfect Easter basket for another member of the family? Catch up with the previous posts in this series below.

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