This collection of over 100 cheap Easter basket ideas has basket fillers for kids, toddlers, teenagers, and adults. Find inexpensive small gifts and stuffers for the whole family!

plastic easter eggs in pink easter grass in a basket.

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Welcome to week 2 of my series of Easter basket ideas for the whole family! In this post, we're getting a little frugal.

I know many families don't go all out on Easter. There's something to be said for a simple Easter basket. I prefer the focus on the holiday, without all the fuss over things.

If you're looking to cut the budget or simplify the baskets in your home this year, I've got over 100 cheap Easter Basket ideas for you today. These ideas range from babies to grown-ups! I tried to keep every single item in this list under $10, and there's minimal candy. You guys know where to find that. I like to make lists full of unique, "I never thought of that before" items.

Where to Find Cheap Easter Basket Fillers

If you're looking for the most bang for your buck with Easter basket treats, Dollar Tree is the place to go! This time of year, they have a great selection of little trinkets and games. They're perfect for an Easter basket.

One note on the dollar store though: skip the Easter candy, unless you recognize and love the brand. Their candy selection for holidays like Easter tends to be a little bit on the low side in the quality department. You can sometimes find good brands for low prices there, be on the lookout! (Just make sure your price per ounce is still lower than you can get it elsewhere.)

I also love Amazon, Walmart, and Target for inexpensive Easter basket ideas. You'd be surprised at their selection, especially in the seasonal section of the store for Walmart and Target.

Cheap Easter Basket FAQs

If you don't have an Easter basket to fill, you can get creative with lots of different containers! Think about things you already have in your or will need anyway: beach bags, sand pails, tote bags, or even a gardening pot would all be cute options.

I like to think of it as kind of a formula: pick 1 or 2 cute and inexpensive gifts that are tailored to your child's interests, add some candy in plastic Easter eggs, and you've got a great Easter basket that kids would love. Remember: ultimately, it's more about the thought than the stuff!

Think small. You could stuff plastic eggs with erasers, grow capsules, stickers, jewelry, temporary tattoos, or inexpensive stamps. Most of these items are available at the dollar store, making these stuffers super inexpensive.

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