Easter can be cool, too! This list of Easter basket ideas for tweens & teens includes non-candy small gifts for both boys and girls. Find unique, funny, and cheap gifts that sons or daughters would love!

cool easter basket ideas for teens & tweens.

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Thanks for stopping by my fourth Easter basket filler ideas post! I've loved crafting these over the years to help readers think of ideas for the whole family. This time, I'm tackling what can sometimes be a difficult dilemma:  what to put in Easter basket ideas for teens & tweens.

The Secret to a Cool Easter Basket

Here's the thing: teens and tweens have definitely developed their own personality and interests. Their Easter basket gift ideas are all going to be a little bit different. So the secret: personalize the Easter basket fillers to your teen/preteen. That's why I've divided this idea list into categories by interest. Whether you have a bookworm or a beauty guru, I've got you covered!

My recommendation is to pick two or three goodies from this list in the category that best fits your teen/tween. Add in some favorite Easter candy or snacks in Easter eggs and you've got a simple but special Easter basket that a teenage daughter or son will love.

Favorite Resources for Teen's Easter Basket Fillers

I will forever and ever profess my love to Amazon for all things Easter baskets. 🙂 You can't beat the convenience or selection! You'll find that most items in this list are from Amazon.

A few more of my favorite stores for Easter basket stuffers:

  • Walmart
  • Target (check the Dollar Spot)
  • Dollar stores, like The Dollar Tree (great for fillers!)
  • Etsy (if you're looking for anything handmade for personalized, this is the way to go)

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