Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

I'm a lucky girl - I don't think I need to tell y'all that.  But yesterday was a reminder of just how lucky I am.
Yesterday, I...
-woke up to breakfast in bed, served by the most handsome guy and the cutest pajama-wearing munchkin I know.
-went to church and had Mexican for lunch with my girl.  As she said hi to everyone that passed out table.
-got tulips from my sweet parents and my sweet husband...I'm going to have a flower garden after yesterday!
-was able to take a 3 hour afternoon nap...praise all that is good. :)
-got to spend the afternoon with my mom, and got to be her mom.
-had my very talented husband make barbecue for dinner...who knew...the guy can cook!  He shouldn't have given his secret away.
Yes, I am one blessed girl.
I know yesterday was hard for some of you reading...Mother's Day was very, very difficult for me for a few years.  Please know I thought about and prayed for those that are waiting for your miracle for a good bit of the day.  Your time is coming...I pray that it is here soon!