Friday, July 3, 2015

July 2015 Goals

Another month, another set of goals!  It really seems like time is flying between these...isn't that how it goes though?  I honestly feel like I was just writing my June post yesterday!

Here are my goals for June, and how I think they went!  (Here are my overall yearly goals if you're interested.)

1.  Stay under our set overall budget for June.  B - I'll say we did this, just because we eeked by right under budget (by maybe $50).  But, we had some bills that just happened to not come out just yet, so technically we were over.

2.  Work out at least 4 times during school and 4 times at home. F - Not even close.  Maybe once or twice.  Pathetic.

3.  Find a place for the rest of the "junk" in the house. D - I won't say we completely didn't do this, because I think it's an ongoing process.  Do we have as much clutter in the house as we had at the beginning of June? No. But nowhere near where I hoped we would be.

4.  Stick with fresh/unprocessed ingredients for most meals.  B - I don't know that I consciously tried to do this as much as I'd like to admit, but we definitely used much more in the fresh department than the boxed/packaged department.

5.  Start asking "do we need this?" before each purchase.  A - I'd say this is one thing we did really well.  I really did ask myself this before pretty much everything I bought.  Maybe $50 worth of needless purchases this month?  That's not bad for us (or any household, for that matter).

Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish in July!

1.  Stay on trend with spending. The past few months have been really good in the finance department.  Not that we're making any more than normal, but we've really learned how to manage what we are making and stay at/under budget.  I want to keep that up.  I was looking at the budget for the past year or so, and it looks like we'll have a great few months and then just tank one month.  Not happening this time.

2.  Inventory all extra cleaners/toiletries/paper products in our home. I feel like we have an absolute ton of extras in these departments.  I don't want to get into the (bad) habit of re-buying things we already have in our I want to get a good running inventory of what we already have. Bonus points if I can get all of it actually organized! :)

3.  Drink more water.  I am just one of those people that feels terrible if I don't get enough to drink during the day.  I'm hoping to keep something with me at all times and actually drink it.  I'm kind of lumping anything liquid and non-caffeinated into this.

4.  Prepare (or have) a yard sale.  Still lots of things we need to get rid of, and I think this is going to be our best bet.  Big news that I don't think I've talked about on the blog yet - we sold our Tuscaloosa condo!  We hopefully close next week, so we're moving all of the random things out of there this we'll definitely have plenty to sell.  I'm hoping to at least inventory everything month, and would love to actually sell it!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Create It Thursday #113 (Plus Features)

Get ready for another fun week of browsing the latest and greatest's Create It Thursday time!

Once again, you guys brought your A-game last week.  I've got a few of my favorites below!  These are also on the Lamberts Lately Facebook page and the Create It Thursday Pinterest board too.

...and this week's fan favorite...

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to share their creations last week!  If you were featured, here's your button:

Now on to another party!
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Monday, June 29, 2015

My Favorite Font Combinations

When I did a post about a month back about my favorite graphic-friendly fonts, I had a few requests to show what methods I use to combine fonts.  I honestly think it's a skill that's just acquired with a lot of trial and error.  You really need to play around with fonts to realize what works (and doesn't work) for you.  However, I think there are some basic methods to combining fonts that work for pretty much everyone!

Classicly cursive and classic serif - The keyword in this one is "classic." Keep the mood of your fonts the same, but use different typesets together to achieve it.
(fonts pictured are Lavanderia Regular and Novelty Regular)

Blocky and Funky Script - When you're using a funky, creative script (or funky, unique font of any type for that matter), I think it's important to balance it out with a simple, easy-to-read font.
(fonts pictured are Libre Baskerville in all caps and Cantoni Basic)

Whimsical and Thin - When you want a more fun mood in your font, it's still important to balance out the overwhelming with basic.  I like to keep a couple of fun, but simple fonts around to balance out the really whacky ones.
(fonts pictured are Henny Penny and Whitehall in all caps)

Sketched and Handwritten - Noticing a pattern here? I use a really bold, funky font with a more simple font.  Really chunky, bold fonts are great to use with handwritten.
(fonts pictured are Archistico and Pea Annalee Script, which unfortunately isn't available anymore.  I'm a little heartbroken you can no longer get this font pack.)

Script and Typewriter - This is one example where I do like to pair two kind of bold fonts, but they're balanced.  I don't go too thick when I combine two "in your face" font types.  Keep the fonts about the same weight (not too bold, not too thin) and they combine wonderfully!
(font pictured are Allura and Mom's Typewriter)

Swirly and Bold - Again, it's all about the weight.  If you have one more bold font, use a thinner font to balance it out.
(fonts pictured are Monterey and Bebas)

Playful and Script - This is one exception to my "don't combine moods" rule, but it still has its limits. If you're using playful fonts and script fonts together, make sure the script font isn't too formal.
(fonts pictured are Badaboom and Alex Brush)

Tall and Short - combining tall and short fonts adds such a great element to the design.  I prefer to keep my emphasized word in a phrase/title as the tall one so it kind of stands out.
(fonts pictured are Six Caps and Aaargh)

Statement and Simple - If you're using a font that has a lot of weight or stands out in a crowd, don't use another font that does the same. Keep the other one simple!  Again, I would use the statement font for the main word in a phrase/title.  Don't be afraid to use a bold font to balance out the statement one!
(fonts pictured are Lobster Two and Caviar Dreams bold)

A few more tips...

1. Overlap Rows - 

One of my favorite ways to add design element to a combination of fonts is to overlap the rows.  Especially when you have one part of the letters in a word sticking up (think about the upper portion of an h, or the lower portion of a p), kind of push that into the row next to it.  It gets rid of white space in design and makes for a more cohesive look!

2. Change up the colors - 

If you're using two fonts, I'd definitely recommend changing the colors on them as well.  It adds so much more dimension to the look of your fonts.

3. Don't put 2 similar fonts together - 

It's a huge design no-no to pair 2 similar fonts.  You don't want to go completely different in the mood of 2 separate fonts, but you also don't want to pair 2 serif, 2 sans-serif, 2 blocky, etc. Together.

4. Don't overdo it - 

This is one of the most common mistakes I see.  It looks entirely too jumbled and chaotic to put more than a couple of fonts together.  I like to stick to 2, but I'd say 3 is the absolute max I'd use in a font combination.  On a similar note, try to keep the "mood" of the fonts don't want to pair formal with a kid-style font!

5. Get in those nooks and crannies - 

It makes your font combinations look so much more cohesive and "designed" when you fit fonts in those nooks and crannies.  Again, going back to the elements of a word that kind of stick out, like the p or the h...stick words between two of those elements in the word below it.  It's an easy way to look really professional with your graphics.

6.  Balance your rows - 

In the example above, I have the same words and the same font...see how much more cohesive the wording looks when you make sure your rows are even?  That might mean making the font on one line a little bit larger, or moving words to the next line.  I wouldn't do this if typing out a paragraph, but for a phrase or a title it works perfectly.  It also means you can just use 1 font to really add dimension to wording!

I'm open to any questions or comments about all things font...leave them in the comments below!

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Favorite Things

Happy (official) summer everybody!  I have a few things that I just have to have this time of the year.

Gelish Passion - I've got this color on my hands and toes right's the perfect bright pink for summer!  I became a big fan of Gelish's polishes a few months ago.  They last anywhere from 1-2 weeks on my hands, and that's saying something...I'm rough on polish.  I use the Sally Hansen Salon Pro Starter Kit (which I noticed is super cheap right now!) as my base coat, top coat, and LED light for this.

BSensible Kids Waterproof Fitted Sheet (c/o) - This is incredibly perfect for summer if it's hot where you live.  It's a sheet with built-in waterproof protection, so it acts as its own mattress protector.  It's eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and even has zinc oxide to soften and protect skin!  We have one on Emmie's bed right now and love it.

Sebastian Potion 9 - I am normally a massive fan of Redken's Anti Snap as a leave-in conditioner, but I thought I'd shake it up a little bit this summer.  I'm trying Sebastian Potion 9 after a recommendation from another blogger, and it doesn't disappoint! The price point per ounce is a little lower than Anti Snap, and it gives a little bit of hold that the Anti Snap doesn't.  Great for summer waves!

True Lime Black Cherry Limeade - I bought this about 2 weeks ago and I've already been through an entire pack.  So good!  If you're a Sonic Cherry Limeade fan, try this one.  It's a little bit more sour, but also a little bit lighter too.  I only use a half pack per bottle of water.

Scentsy Nashi Nectar Cubes - I haven't purchased a ton of Scentsy lately, but I did put in an order with Emmie's teacher right before school let out.  This is one of the scents I bought and I am absolutely addicted.  It's a great balance between making your home smell fruity and perfumed.

Bath and Body Works Watermelon Lemonade Soap - My mother-in-law actually has this at her house, and I seriously look forward to washing my hands there. :) This smells SO good!  Great if you want a fruity, summery scent.

Fake Bake Flawless - I'm honestly not sure if I mentioned this in another round-up post, but it's good enough to mention again if I did.  This stuff is amazing - I've never had an at-home product give me a better fake tan!  It doesn't get super orange and I've never had a problem with it streaking.  I usually apply it once a week, twice if I want to be super tan.

Sheex - I bought these a few months back after somebody on Instagram recommended them.  I seriously don't know what we did without them!  They are the most comfortable sheets to ever exist.  Imagine sleeping in a pair of yoga soft, almost silky.  They're also so durable.  Great for summer too...they breathe incredibly well and stay cool!

Sonic Sour Blue Raspberry Slushes - This is most definitely my guilty pleasure during the summer.  I found out about a week ago that you can add the sour shot to slushes again after it was gone for a few takes it to a whole new level. (So do the Nerds I usually add...but I didn't tell you that.)

Terry Cloth Chair Cover - I had a student give me one of these as an end-of-the-year gift years ago...and it is probably my most-used teacher gift ever.  I love it so much!  It has pockets on the side for phones/sunscreen/glasses, as well as a huge pocket at the top to go over the top of your chair.  So no more slippery towels on chairs, and you have a place to store items that aren't very compatible with water!

Happy weekend everybody!  I still have a couple of giveaways running on the blog...

Burpee Home Gardens (win a $100 American Express Gift Card) - ends June 30th

JCPenney (win a $100 JCPenney Gift Card) - ends July 8th

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