Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Financial Makeover

We're going to make 2015 the year we make over our finances.

Over at the review blog today, I'm talking about ways that we're getting our finances in the best possible shape this year.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Create It Thursday #91 (Plus Features)

So glad you guys could join us for another week of Create It Thursday fun!

Thanks so much to everyone who shared your fabulous ideas last week.  Here are a few of my favorites!  These are also on the Lamberts Lately Facebook page and the Create It Thursday Pinterest board.

Let's get this week's party started!
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Few Randoms...

-So, we're right smack in the middle of house hunting.  Normally, looking at houses and planning our next home is something I love doing...notsomuch this time.  Finding a rental, even if it is only for a year, isn't easy.  There's just so much to consider: features, yard (or lack thereof), neighborhood, vicinity to work/'s kind of mind-numbing after awhile honestly.  Plus, you have to act really quickly to get a reasonable rental in this area.

We've been on the hunt for about a month now.  Our lease here is up in a few days, but we're pretty sure we're going to have to extend it a month to find the right place.  We're going to look at a couple of places this week, so fingers crossed please!  We would love to have a yard for Hardy and Emma Ramey by spring.

-For some reason, Emma Ramey has started to ask me to take a picture of her each morning as we leave for school.

It's a shame she is so boring.

-I'm starting week 3 of Pure Barre. 

I will say, it does get a little bit less challenging. I won't say easier, because it's still freaking hard.  I shake like a leaf in each class.  But, I don't feel like I'm going to die anymore, and I can actually move the next I figure that's progress. 

As miserable as I make it sound, I actually love it!  I'm really using this month to see how much I would actually use an unlimited package...I might go to buying by the session after this month, but I'm going as much as I can make myself for right now.  Hopefully we'll start seeing some results before long!

-On that note, let's talk about weight for a second.  I'm beyond annoyed by it.  I think I mentioned that we bought a FitBit Aria scale a few weeks ago.  I love that it records your weight automatically...however, I don't know if something is off with it, or I'm doing it wrong, but I haven't lost a single pound in three weeks of meticulous calorie counting and exercise according to this scale.  Talk about frustrating.

But, I am losing inches, and that's what matters I guess.  But I'd like to see that number move down a little, you know?  Say it with me - I will not cave and eat all the things.  I will not cave and eat all the things...

-On that note too:  Pure Barre ain't cheap, and I'm slowly figuring out why.  Not only are the classes a little pricey, but you start wanting all of the cute clothes that girls in the class are wearing.  A few things that have either made their way into my closet or my wish list in the past few weeks...

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 78 | 9 

Somebody buy these for me, please and thanks.

-I am loving the eMeals Clean Eating Plan we've been trying for the past few weeks.  I'll be honest - I thought the food would be gross.  It's not at all - if anything, the food is more flavorful because you're using more wholesome food.  Plus, it's making me branch out and try things like this...

...I hadn't ever even looked at a butternut squash before trying this.  But, I tried it in a curry last week and realized I actually liked it a whole lot!   If you're an eMeals-er like I am, try it for a week or two, you'll be surprised!

-I am beyond ready for my shows to be back this week!

My favorite two are back on Wednesday and Thursday.  Anything I'm missing?

-And, to wrap it all up, a few of my current favorite Ecards...

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: 30+ Present Ideas for the Whole Family

It's that time of the year again!  I feel like Valentine's always kind of gets glossed over around here in the present department.  Blame it on a Christmas hangover if you will, but I'm all out of ideas by the time February rolls around.

I did a little bit of shopping and researching for our 2015 presents though!  Check out a few of the ideas I found below.

Over 30 different ideas for Valentine's Day gifts for him, her, kids, babies...great resource for present ideas!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Women:

1. Philosophy Amazing Grace Layering Set - I asked for a few perfume ideas on Instagram a few days ago, and a ton of people recommended this one.  I tried it out and can't get enough of it!  It's a light scent that is absolutely addictive - not too floral, not too fruity, but just a right combo of everything.  Love it!  This set includes three different products with the scent.

2. Oversized Blanket Scarf - This scarf has been huge this year.  At the price Target offers it, it's a nice gift without being too expensive!

3. Travel Coffee Mug -  Isn't this knit wrap adorable?  I like this little hint of pink too.  Combine this with a Starbucks card for a perfect gift!

4. Pedicure Set -  I know I love a gift for Valentine's Day that gives you a little bit of at-home pampering.

5. Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit - This is such a great resource to put in a purse - it includes many different items that you might need in a pinch, including earrings backs, safety pins, and nail polish remover. So smart!

6. Pajamas - This pair is perfect for Valentine's Day.

7. Date Night Cookbook - Instead of the same old cookbook, why not incorporate a little bit of Valentine's romance into your gift?  This book has many different dishes and ideas for date night.

8. Kate Spade Stud Earrings - These are just gorgeous without being too expensive.  I love the idea of using rose gold for Valentine's Day!

9. Love Notes Clutch - What a cute idea - everything you need to write love notes to each other.

10. Naked On the Run Palette - Many long-time readers here know my love for all Urban Decay Naked products.  This is everything you need from the line on-the-go!

Over 30 different ideas for Valentine's Day gifts for him, her, kids, babies...great resource for present ideas!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men:

1.  Grill Set - A quality set without being too expensive.

2.  The Man Can - This idea is adorable - it includes many different items men can use to pamper themselves in one (rather macho) gift set.

3.  Cologne - My husband's go-to is Aqua Di Gio!

4.  Running Shoes - For the athletes in the crowd.

5. Putting Practice Set - The golf lovers would love this one - not terribly expensive, either!

6. Sunglasses -  A classic set that looks great on really anyone

7.  30 for 30 Box Set - My husband is a big football fan...he's loved the 30 for 30 series.  This would keep a sports fan entertained for hours!

8. The Beer Lover's Gourmet Gift Box - I've tried several of the products in this set, and they are absolutely delicious.  The Budweiser BBQ sauce is great!

9. "Man Cave" Scented Candles - These scents are so creative.

10. Watch - This is a little bit of a splurge, but a quality watch never goes out of style.

Over 30 different ideas for Valentine's Day gifts for him, her, kids, babies...great resource for present ideas!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Kids:

1. Valentine's Sweetheart Spud Mr. Potato Head - I had no idea they made this until a few weeks perfect would this be?  It would work for so many age groups too!

2.  Valentine's Pajamas - Love the classic footies.  It's a functional present too!

3. My Fuzzy Valentine - I love incorporating books into holiday presents.

4. Heart Socks - I love this set, but there are tons of different kinds out there - here are a few more I found!

5. Bows -  From our favorite bow shop.  I love this over the top one!

6. Pink Headphones - This would be great for an older kid.  Again, functional and festive!

7. Heart Cookie Cutters - This would be an inexpensive present option for the budding baker in the family.

8.  Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown - We're slowly collecting all of the Charlie Brown Holiday DVDs.  This is a cute one.

9. Heart Art - What a creative idea for an artistic child!  Different ways to doodle hearts.  Heart pen included!

10. Piggy Polish Lovebug Hug Set - I love this line - non-toxic, hypoallergenic nail polish for little girls.  This one happens to be a Valentine's-themed set!

Happy shopping everyone!


While we're on the subject of Valentine's shopping, I thought I'd also let y'all know about a great sale going on over at Minted - 15% off Valentine photo cards and postcard orders of $150+  and 10% off orders of $75+ with the code HEART (expires 1/31/15).  Click the graphics below to see a few of my favorites!

You can also get 20% off foil-pressed Valentine cards and art with the code FOILINLOVE.  Hurry, this one expires tonight (1/26/15) at 11:59 PM PST!  Here are a few of my favorites in that category.

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