Create It Thursday #51 (Plus Features)

Happy Wednesday night guys!  You know what that means...time for Create It Thursday!

Last week, you shared lots of amazing ideas.  Here were a few of my favorites!

Moms and teachers out there...why in the world didn't we think of this?  This genius idea for a glue sponge was brought to us by Kenarry!

Ok, if you're like us, you have 8 million leftover jelly beans in your house right now.  Might as well use them for something fun!  This Jelly Bean Infused Vodka recipe from emjay's course looks so delicious.

Not only do these No-Bake Raspberry Cheesecake Bites look easy, but they look yummy as well!  Thanks to This Silly Girl's Life for sharing this one.

If you like sharing recipes and pictures of food on your blog, having a good place to photograph is essential.  This DIY Photography Lightbox from Oh Mrs. Tucker is definitely on my to-do list!

This is a DIY you don't see every day - Homemade Cranberry Twist Magnesium Gummies from Happy Mothering!

Thanks to everyone for linking up last week!  If you were featured, you will be on my Create It Thursday Pinterest board.

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Let's party!

Easter Weekend

We had a very fun and very busy holiday weekend.  Emma Ramey got to see both sets of grandparents, and there's no doubt she had way too much sugar.  It was all a really fun time!

My parents came in Saturday to see us.  They were loaded down with lots of Easter goodies!

I do believe Emma Ramey's favorite thing from the whole weekend is her new doctor set.  We've gotten lots of shots and examinations in the past few days.

So has Hardy.  Poor guy.

We spent the afternoon with my family, and dyed Easter eggs that night.

This is actually the first time we've done this with Emma Ramey...she was just too little the past couple of years.  I don't know whether she liked coloring on the eggs or putting stickers everywhere more, but she definitely enjoyed herself.

Her finished creations!  We originally had 6, but my egg-loving daughter had to try her first boiled egg.

She loved it!

The Easter bunny stopped by Saturday night while Mommy and Daddy watched the gymnastics national championship. (Wish the outcome could have been a little different, but we were very proud of our girls!)  

Mr. Easter Bunny definitely got a good report...this girl racked up.  She got a few coloring books, chalk, play money, and a few edible treats.  The Easter bunny is a big Dollar Tree shopper. :)

I think this is my favorite of all of her basket's a sorting pie I saw on another blog and have had my eye on ever since.  It's great for working with colors, sorting, and even fine motor skills (it includes tweezers for picking up the fruit).

We had bunny pancakes and hard boiled eggs for breakfast. (Sidenote - I HATE eggs.  Hate them.  So I've literally never made a hard-boiled egg in my life until Saturday night.  I still can't even look at this grosses me out.  Of course I would have a daughter that loves them.)

We went to a great church service, then went to Nana and Supe's for lunch!

I made sure to get pictures before lunch and before we changed out of our clothes. I just love this one of our little family!

This girl tore up green beans, ham, and rolls.

After lunch, Emma Ramey went Easter egg hunting!

She's never really hunted Easter eggs before, so this was a big deal to her.  She made the grandparents hide the eggs a few times after she found them. :)

It was absolutely gorgeous yesterday, so we spent the majority of the afternoon outside.  I'm so hoping this whole week is like that.  I see some pool days in our future!

I hope you and your family had as great of an Easter weekend as we did!

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(A Very Emma Ramey-Themed) Five on Friday

(If you follow me on Instagram...sorry, this is basically just a repeat of what I've been posting all week.  It's become my mini-blog!  But I like keep it on here too to keep it all organized and pretty.)


See that?  That's a popsicle before lunch.

Wanna know why I'm giving a 2 year old a popsicle before lunch?


I haven't been really into potty training yet...mostly because I'm scared to death.  She's ready though.  The past couple of days, she's told us she needs to potty (mostly because she knows she gets a popsicle when she does it now).  I think we might dive into this one in the next month or so!

I've heard good things about the Three Day Potty Training Method - any other good ones out there I need to research?


I just love our local library's story time.  They make a craft pretty much every week, and have such fun activities for little kids.  This is the bird's nest she made this week - it goes along with the book Nest by Jorey Hurley.

And, just in case you were wondering, Emma Ramey enjoys it too.  This is her, getting down with her bad self, during "story-time-ercise."


This one's showing a little bit of interest in the kitchen!  She came up to me Wednesday afternoon and asked to make cupcakes - so, of course, I obliged, even thought I was up to my neck in making dinner.  She loved pouring the ingredients.

Future chef on our hands?


I found this picture's of Emma Ramey's first Easter.  She was two weeks old, and so itty bitty.

Excuse me while I curl up in a corner and sob.


Thought I'd give a little update on our house sale...I haven't updated since I told y'all it was under contract!  Things are going great.  We had the inspection last week, and we're in the process of doing a few small repairs they requested.  As of right now, we're set to close either at the end of next week or early the week after!  Fingers crossed everything goes as planned.  Everything has been smooth so far, but the whole process still makes me nervous.

Hope y'all have an amazing Easter weekend!

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***And my Amazon gift card giveaway ends Sunday!
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