Friday, March 24, 2017

Home Tour - Kitchen

Can I have a little bit of a honest moment?  I'm going to be SO glad to see this post published.

Here's the deal: this post has been on my calendar to write for at least 6 months now.  I just kept pushing it back, and back, and back (even after I mentioned writing about it weeks ago in my newsletter...I thought it would actually make me do it.  It didn't.).  

I've documented the spaces in the rest of our current home throughout the time we've lived here.   This house wasn't decorated overnight, so I've kind of just done it as I finished each space.  I've discussed before why I don't document my kids' rooms on the blog (they deserve a little bit of privacy and a space that is their own, in my opinion), but the rest of the rooms are basically all here.  You can see our living room all decked out in Christmas decorations, our playroom (and how I organized it), our guest bedroom (before it became Jackson's bedroom), and even our master bedroom.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Secrets to Making Thousands at Consignment Sales

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Guys, I seriously don't know what I'd do without consignment sales.

I take that back, yes I do - I would be absolutely swimming in old clothes that are too small for my kids.  I'd also be forced to pay basically double what I do for my kids' clothing each season.

I've written before about how I sell my kids' used clothing on Instagram, and I still believe that is a great option for higher-priced and more specialty clothing.  But you've also got to consider the value of your time when selling off used kids' clothing.  Instagram takes time.  If you're going to see a great return on your clothing, Instagram is the way to go.  But for smaller items, it just isn't really worth it to hang, photograph, post, monitor, invoice, and ship those items.  Consigning those items might yield a little bit less per item, but it streamlines the process of selling your clothing so much!

Consignment sales have absolutely been a god-send for the clutter level in our home and for our budget.  I have been participating in consignment sales (both as a volunteer and a shopper) since Emmie was teeny tiny, but I didn't really start selling at consignment sales until after we found out that Jackson was a boy.  I kept all of Emmie's old clothes just in case we had another girl, but when we found out we didn't need them anymore, the great purge began!  Since then, I've made thousands of dollars selling at consignment sales.  Today, I wanted to share a few of my secrets with you guys!

My general process every season is as follows:

Friday, March 17, 2017

Our Forever Home: Bed, Bath, Laundry Choices

The new house is coming right along!  I've been documenting it over on Instagram, but I haven't done a great job of sharing on the blog.  I'm hoping to get a building update done in the next week or much has happened since my last post about it (spoiler: we actually have building progress)! In the meantime, you can check out the hashtag #LambertsGoHome for all of the updates.

In my last post about our design choices, I covered the living and kitchen areas of the home.  I thought I'd dive into bed, bath, and laundry choices today!  Of course, they are pretty similar to everywhere else in the home, but I have a few ideas for these areas that I'm so excited to share.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ultimate Planning Notebook Add-On: Doctor Visits Printable (and a sale!)

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It's so that time of the year for us.

Since both of my babies have spring birthdays, a lot of our doctor visits just naturally kind of fall within the next month for us.  I think, with all 4 of us combined, we have 6 check ups in the next few weeks. You'd think I'd try to spread those out a little, but no...every year I forget to stagger them.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to Make DIY "Go-Gurt" Pouches with Your Instant Pot

There's no hiding how in love I am with my Instant Pot.  I promise this blog isn't going to turn into all Instant Pot recipes, but for right now, I'm loving the chance to discover everything it can do!

When I first purchased my Instant Pot, I debated whether or not to get the LUX model vs. the DUO model.  The thing that finally swayed me towards getting the DUO is the ability to make yogurt at home.  I could see this as a huge make your own yogurt, you only need two ingredients!  Plus, I love the ability to make our foods from scratch.

I've tried yogurt a few times now and, while it is pretty time-consuming, it is incredibly easy.  I'd recommend doing this overnight...the incubation is the longest part, but it's so easy to get this going before you go to bed and wake up to freshly-made yogurt.

And once you make yogurt?  The possibilities are endless.  You can use it in place of sour cream, milk in smoothies, have a nutritious snack, or make a fun treat for kids!

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Here's the method to how I make DIY Go-Gurt Pouches!  (My method is adapted from this post at This Old Gal.)

Friday, March 3, 2017

101 Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas for Kids

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Ittt's baaack!!!

It's been a few years since I did a round-up of Easter Basket ideas...mostly because I had pretty much covered all of my bases.  When Emmie was a baby I did a list of 101 Ideas for a Baby's Easter Basket, and I followed up the year after with a list of 101 Ideas for a Toddler Easter Basket.

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But, I can't deny it anymore...she is no longer a toddler.  Not even close.  She's a full-on, messy, energetic, silly kid.  So, I thought I'd update my collection of Easter Basket Ideas to something that was a little more suited for her age group this year!

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