Just Wednesday

Our schedule changed up a little bit this week!  We went from laid-back, do-nothing summer days to school - and the fun, busy times it holds.

Here's what a day in our life looks like right now.  This was just another Wednesday.  I love to document our "everydays" now and then!  Yes, these are boring to most people...but they'll mean a lot to us one day.

7:45 - Noah wakes me up as he leaves for work.  I start my morning ritual: check email and social media on my phone, brush my teeth, manage a little bit of makeup, change clothes, and cook Emmie breakfast.  This morning, she had eggs, grapes, and Cheerios.

8:15 - I wake Emmie up.  I already have her clothes laid out, so all we had to do was quickly get ready.  She watches an episode of "Fireman Sam" while she eats breakfast.

8:40 - We leave for school.  It takes us about 10 minutes to get there.  She's still a little unsure of this whole school thing, so Mickey Mouse rode with us to keep her company today.

8:50 - I drop Emmie off, take care of a few things at the front desk of her school, and head off.

9:15 - I'm back home...my morning work starts.  I straighten up the house a little, do the dishes, plan our grocery list for the week (that I'll shop for on Thursday), and sit down to answer emails.  I also got a little bit of blog work done - I submitted a draft for a post that's coming up and I scheduled my post for that evening.

11:25 - I head back out.  I dropped by Target to pick up a prescription and a surprise for Emmie.  I head to her school.

11:50 - Emmie's back!  She gets her surprise in the car - cookies to bake with Mommy later.  She insists on holding them the whole way home.

12:00 - We're home, and we get started on our cookies.  After they're in the oven, I let her watch another Fireman Sam while I make lunch - turkey pinwheels and ants on a log.

I have a turkey wrap and chips...I know you're so disappointed, but I forgot to take a picture. :)

12:45 - We frost the cookies and Emmie gets to taste test...she approves.

1:20 - Emmie thinks it's the biggest deal to get to watch TV on our bed - so I let her for a few minutes before nap.  She watches The Pirate Fairy as I tell her a million times to sit down and stop jumping.

2:00 - Emmie goes down for her nap.  I'll admit - this is the toughest part of the day to be productive for some reason.  I've been fighting taking a nap every single day!  But I power through - I started this post, answered a couple of emails, got a few cleaning projects done, and gave myself a few minutes of decompress time.  I think that's my favorite thing about Emmie going to school - I have the time to get work done in the morning so I can get at least a few minutes of "me time" in the afternoon!

3:30 - I looked at the monitor, only to realize Emmie wasn't asleep.  We've had a little bit of a problem with her fighting naps this week, so I gave her a few mints to see if she might fall asleep.  Sure enough, she was out by 4:00.

6:00 - Emmie's up!  We have a little bit of water table time and she eats dinner.

7:15 - I give Emmie a bath.  She absolutely loves her bath time these days - she's such a water baby.  They usually last at least 30 minutes.

7:45 - Noah's home! (Right now, he works ten hour days Monday-Thursday.)  He gets Emmie out of the bathtub and gets her into jammies while I walk Hardy.

8:15 - Emmie's in bed, and Noah and I eat.  It's Taco Wednesday, a continuation of Taco Monday.  We watch an episode of our current show, Orphan Black, while we eat.

9:30 - We both clean up the kitchen, put away toys, and head to bed.

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Create It Thursday #68 (Plus Features)

It's that time of the week again...Create It Thursday!

I loved so many of the things you guys shared last week...here were a few of my favorites!  These were also shared on the Lamberts Lately Facebook page and the Create It Thursday Pinterest board.

A big huge thanks to everyone who shared their creations last week!  Here's your button if you were featured:

Now let's get to this week!

A New Chapter

My best girl started preschool today.

She really did great - a little sad when I left, but her teacher said she was just fine a few minutes after.  I did have to go pick her up a little early for an upset tummy, but her teacher said she participated and was really well behaved.

About a month ago, I almost wrote a post talking about how I wouldn't be one of those "I MISS MY BAY-BEEEE" moms crying in the parking lot of the preschool until school was out.  No, I refused to mourn a new stage of life, because two of my babies never got to experience this stage.  This was something to be celebrated, not to be sad about.

But I refrained - and I'm glad I did.  Because yesterday afternoon, Emma Ramey's teacher put up a picture of her classroom with Emmie's name on the door.

And my heart dropped into my stomach. Woah - didn't expect that to happen.

I never knew I would be one of "those moms."  And I still don't think I am - not a tear was shed by me this morning, and when Noah texted me to see how I was doing, I might or might not have referred to my new-found free time as "the bomb."  But with each new chapter of life that starts, an old one ends.  And I don't care who you are, there's something a little sad about that.

I think every parent experiences their child's new stage of life in a different way.  Some are the stage 5 clingers that might be sad that an old chapter of life is ending; some are laid back and concentrate the fact that their child is growing, changing, and becoming a person.  Then you've got the parents somewhere in between those two. And some are just glad that school is back and they get a few hours a day to go to the grocery store in peace. :)

And all of those are ok.  I think we all have a different approach to parenting, but what's important is that we're all trying our best.  We all love our children, and just like everything else in this world, we all have different ways of expressing it.  And that's going to create lots of different little personalities - wouldn't the world be boring if we all raised the same kind of children?

So keep on keepin' on, stage 5 clinger mom.  I feel your pain - and even if I don't express it in the same way, we're both doing the best we can.
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