Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Tour of Journey to Clean 2017

It's here!!!  It's here!!!  After months of hard work on my latest edition of Journey to Clean, today's the big's officially for sale!

For Journey to Clean 2017, I changed up the color and font scheme a little bit.  With my first edition, I kept the same scheme that I've had for my cleaning prinatbles for awhile.  I thought, with a winter release and such beautiful warm colors all around right now, this was the perfect opportunity for a little bit of a change!  After toying around with the colors for a few days (gold being my main inspiration), the palette was born.  I think it's bright and colorful without being too overpowering.

I've had many people ask one particular question: what's the difference in Journey to Clean 2016 and Journey to Clean 2017?  The big, overwhelming answer is one word: printables!  Every single printable has been remade for this edition.  Not only have I included all 12 months of cleaning calendars for 2017, but I included the original cleaning schedule, cover pages, and deep cleaning printables in the new font and color scheme.  That way, your whole cleaning notebook will be pretty and matchy-matchy. (I can't be the only one that has to have every printable match, right? 😉)  That totals 32 new pages of cleaning printables in this year's edition!

The popular cleaning schedule you all know and love has a new look.  I kept the layout of Journey to Clean 2016, but included the new scheme and added a few popular requests to the schedule.

I'm sure most of the people interested in this eBook are looking for the 2017 monthly calendars.  In this book, you'll get 24 pages of monthly calendar printables to completely have you cleaning through 2017.  (And, hint hint...if you buy this week, you'll get December 2016 for free too!)  They're my favorite part of the eBook  - it's an easy way to break my big cleaning schedule down into easy-to-complete parts.

Really want to make your home sparkle?  My deep cleaning checklist will get you there!  Just like the original cleaning schedule, I have the overall checklist and 2 separate schedules that show you how to break that checklist into parts.  Complete them at your own's all explained in the book!

Guys, I've been waiting for months to type out this sentence:  Journey to Clean 2017 is now available!  You can navigate to the page you need with the buttons below.

Also, new this year: purchase a Journey to Clean gift certificate as a present for a loved one!  Once you purchase from this site, I'll email you a printable gift certificate within 24 hours of your purchase with a custom coupon code for a free copy of Journey to Clean

Now, if you've already purchase and you're ready to put together your family cleaning notebook, the process is super simple.  When you buy, you'll get one .pdf of the full eBook (with commentary) and one .pdf that just has the printables, in order.  You can print just that full second file out and you'll have your notebook...easy as that! I recommend printing it in reverse order (when you print, you should have that option before confirming sending to your printer)...that way, you don't even have to sort your pages once it's done printing.

As always, I recommend printing your notebook in full color.  On my cleaning schedules, I differentiate cleaning tasks by different colors, and it might be kind of difficult to tell them apart if your pages are printed in black and white.  All probables in this book are formatted for 8.5x11" paper and can be printed on most standard printers. It's great (but not necessarily needed) if you can print out the cover pages for each section on a thicker card stock.  You could also put your cover pages in a page protector to make them kind of stand out for easy flipping.

I've listed a few of my favorite supplies for building my cleaning notebook below!

(Affiliate links used.)

1. Bright, high-quality copy paper: Getting really vivid colors in your printables has a lot to do with your paper, surprisingly. If you use dim paper, you'll often get dim colors in your final product.  I like to use paper like HP Office Ultra White to get really bright, vivid colors out of my printables.  For card stock (like I mentioned above for those divider pages), the Neenah Premium Cardstock is a great option.

2.  A great everyday printer: I've been so impressed with my HP Envy 4520.  It's really inexpensive in the inkjet market and produces such great quality printables.  I noticed it's marked down on Amazon right now too!

3.  A 3-hole punch that lasts: I have used my Swingline Desktop 3-Hole Punch for years.  I bought it as an education student, used it throughout my teaching career, and now have it in my home...and it's still going strong!  This is such a great investment and, especially if you have school-aged kids, you'll use this a ton.

4.  Reusable accessories: I've often advised Journey to Clean users to invest in a few reusable accessories so they don't have to print pages over and over.  Two of my favorite are plastic page protectors and wet erase markers.  I'm loving these Erin Condren Wet Erase Markers - they match the color scheme in Journey to Clean 2017 really well! I also love glitter dividers - many of the ones available right now match this color scheme really well.  Here's a selection from Amazon and this is the pack I used in the pictures above.

5.  Non-bleeding, colorful pens: I couldn't let a supplies post go by without mentioning my favorite pens!  The Papermate Inkjoy Gel Pens are the best colored pens I've found.  They don't bleed and they stay so bright, even after a ton of use.  No smearing (even my left-handed self doesn't have an issue) and very quick drying gel...that's hard to find!  These are fabulous.

6.  And finally, I love a pretty patterned notebook!  Here are a few that match Journey to Clean 2017 beautifully:

a || b || c || d

Now, you're ready!  Click here to check out more about the new edition of Journey to Clean 2017 or click here to go on and purchase!  I can't wait to hear what you guys think!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

25 Days of Baby's First Christmas Printable

Love these ideas for how to celebrate a baby's first Christmas!  This post includes a printable calendar you can use for ideas on ways to celebrate, including traditions, crafts, and gifts.

Right before Emmie's first Christmas, I sat down and brainstormed all of the ways I could celebrate the holiday with her.  Many of you know I was an elementary school teacher before Emmie was born, so activities to do with a smaller baby didn't necessarily come naturally to me at first.  After brainstorming and tearing the internet apart for developmental and memory-making ideas, my 25 Days of Baby's First Christmas post was published.

Over the past four years, that post has become one of the most popular ever on this blog. (I just looked because I was curious, and it's the seventh most popular post ever as of right now, out of over 1500 posts).  I still see a ton of traffic around the holiday on this one...I'm assuming from parents that are in the same boat I was on that night in 2012.

Today, as a little bit of a follow-up, I thought I'd make a little printable to accompany this post (because what's a post on Lamberts Lately without a good printable to go with it? 😉).  How fitting since follow-up post falls on my Jackson's first Christmas. This one is formatted for 2016, but who knows...I might just keep this tradition alive if enough people keep showing interest in the original post!

Monday, November 28, 2016

My Favorite Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

For the past few years, I've loved sharing the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals that I can grab from the comfort of my own couch!  I absolutely despise shopping in stores on these days (can't. deal. with. the. crazies.), but this is my favorite weekend of the year to online shop. So I thought I'd put the best deals I find on this post as I find them!

As always, this post will start out kind of short.  It's one I publish early on in the day and just kind of add to as I find my favorites.  Make sure to check back later today and Monday!  And, bonus: I'm planning an end-of-the-year blowout on Journey to Clean 2016 on Monday, which will be the last day I offer it for sale before converting the page over to Journey to Clean 2017...I'll make sure to put details of that in this post!

Let's get going (affiliate links used in this post)...

Cyber Monday

Woo hoo!  Just noticed that the  Instant Pot 7-in-1 Duo is back on sale on Amazon today!  This is the deal I grabbed Friday for $68.95.

Today is the last day of sales for Journey to Clean 2016!  Late tonight, I'll be converting the site to Journey to Clean 2017 mode in preparation for the big release Thursday.  To celebrate, I thought I'd have one more huge sale.  Today only, grab Journey to Clean 2016 for 70% (yes, SEVENTY PERCENT!) off with the code j2c16flash!  Only valid until 9pm (central) tonight!  More info on the ebook here or purchase here.

Nordstrom has this Philosophy Amazing Grace hand wash and lotion set on sale for $18 - that's a $12 savings.

Pie Face Showdown is almost half off at Walmart!

The Blendtec Total Blender is 41% off on Amazon today!

I am obsessed with our Ninja Coffee Bar.  Target has the Single Serve version 25% off today!

American Girl has their collection of mini dolls half off...only $14 each!  These would be cute for little presents for girls.  They also have great sales on lots of other items in their Cyber Monday section.

Target has almost everything on their site 15% off!

Amazon has their Fire TV sticks 25% off.  We have one of these and love it...excellent quality for the price!

You can still grab the  7" Fire tablets on sale for $33.33.

In case you missed the Instant Pot deal on Amazon for Black Friday, this is an awesome deal!  Buy the LUX model for $69 with free shipping and silicone mitts included.

Erin Condren has 30% off on almost everything today!

Williams Sonoma has 20% off and free shipping on Le Creuset Anchor Gray cookware.  Swoon...

Nordstrom has their Ray Ban Aviators (my favorite sunglasses ever) 30% off!  I've linked the 58mm size (the ones I wear), but it looks like most all varieties are on sale.

Nordstrom also has the Fitbit Blaze on sale for 33% off!

Black Friday (Updated 11/27: most of these deals are probably gone by now.)

I am so pumped for this one!  I've wanted an Instant Pot for the longest time, but wanted to wait for a really good deal before pulling the trigger.  I grabbed a 6-in-1 yesterday (which isn't available for a great price anymore), but I'm kind of thinking about cancelling the order...the 7-in-1 Duo is at the best price I've ever seen it!

Monday, November 21, 2016

101 Unique Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Love this fun list of stocking stuffers for kids!  There are ideas for everyone from toddler to tween, and plenty of ideas for both boys and girls. Lots of cheap small gift ideas too...and bonus, there's no candy!


I've said it for stocking stuffer posts are my absolute favorite posts to write all year.  Over the years, I've made lists of stocking stuffers for babies, toddlers, men, and women.  This marks my fifth year of making a stocking stuffer list!  These posts have had hundreds of thousands of views and pins too.  I love writing them and I love that they've helped so many people!

Friday, November 18, 2016

The 12 Days of Christmas Planning

So, you want to enjoy Christmas this year, right?  Me too.  So I've finally decided that I need a plan to conquer the holiday season.  Enter The 12 days of Christmas Planning!

I love these ideas for planning an organized, intentional Christmas!  Includes holiday printables and a task planning checklist.  All for free!

You guys know I'm a planning nut and a Christmas I'm honestly surprised I made it 7 years into blogging without writing this one. 😉  By taking an hour a day to really plan out an intentional holiday season, we're going to enjoy the remainder of our Christmas so much more!  Now, I'm not saying you're going to be doing every bit of legwork that Christmas requires in the next 12 days, but at least you'll have a game plan for what's required by the time you're done with this list.  And, added bonus...if you start this today, you can be finished with your planning by December 1st!

I love these ideas for planning an organized, intentional Christmas!  Includes holiday printables and a task planning checklist.  All for free!

Here's the idea:  Check one item off of this list for the next 12 days (scroll to the bottom of this post for a printable version).  Some might take more time than others, but all of these can realistically be done by dedicating an hour a day to the cause.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Project Printables & Book Updates

You guys - by looking at the blog for the past few months, it might look like I've done next to nothing in the printable department lately.  But that is SO far from the truth right now!

Many of you who follow me on Instagram have seen a couple of tiny peeks into a huge project I've been working on for the past few weeks.  After the success of my first eBook, Journey to Clean, I'm hard at work right now on a follow up edition, Journey to Clean 2017!  This one is shaping up to be even bigger than the first edition.  J2C 2017 will feature an all-new color scheme for my popular collection of cleaning printables.  You'll get updated versions of the original cleaning schedule, cover pages, and deep-cleaning schedules.  And, like so many people have requested, you'll get a complete 12-month set of cleaning calendars that spans from January-December 2017.

I'm finishing up printables on the book this week (Lord and Jackson-willing... :)).  Next week I'll be finalizing copy for the book, and the big reveal will be on December 1st!  I absolutely cannot wait to share it with everyone.  I think everyone is really going to love the changes I've made for this edition!

Just last night I opened up preorders of the new edition.  If you're planning on purchasing, you can go on and put in your info and have the eBook delivered to you bright and early on December 1st!  Click here for the preorder.

(And, if you want a sneak peek of the new color scheme, I've got a printable calendar in the new scheme in the printable collection for newsletter subscribers this month.  Click here to sign up if you haven't'll get access to all of the subscriber-exclusive printables I have over there.)

All that to say this...printables from my ultimate planning notebook have been lacking.  I didn't realize until I sat down to assemble this post that the last update to this collection of printables was in July!  So I thought I'd fix that today.  Since I'm in the middle of one of the biggest projects I've worked on all year, how about a convenient little project planner?

You can grab this (FREE!) printable by clicking here to download!  It was nice to step out of the Journey to Clean bubble for a little while to make this one.  

Sometimes, you just need a good printable to organize your thoughts.  Whether the project is big or small, knowing your commitments and action steps is a huge step towards actually completing it!  I also swear by setting a due date for my projects - if I didn't, most would never get done.

Maybe one or two of you out there is in the middle of a huge project as well - I hope this printable helps you focus your thoughts a little bit more clearly!

You can click the image below to see all of the printables in the Ultimate Planning Notebook collection!