12 Cute Printable Calendars for 2024 (Free Download!)

It's a tradition! Each year, I love to share a free printable calendar with my readers. This year, I thought I'd up the ante a little with 12 (yes, 12!) printable calendars in different styles and formats.

stack of calendar printables on a desk.

With this set of free monthly 2024 calendar templates, I included all 12 months of the new year, from January to December. (I also included December 2023 for you early birds. 😉)

In each of the sections below, you'll find four downloads of each design: one in portrait (vertical) format, one in landscape (horizontal) format, a blank copy in portrait, and a blank copy in landscape.

Each calendar is on a single page and has a custom notes section to jot down random thoughts or to-dos.

I use a Sunday start calendar for one simple reason: my digital calendars are all Sunday start and I've never thought to change it. 😉 Sunday start calendars are the standard now, so I usually format my printables that way. If there's a huge demand for a Monday start, definitely let me know in the comments and I'll see what I can do!

How to Download and Print

These calendars are formatted in standard pdf format. You can open them with Adobe PDF reader or a basic internet browser. To download, click the buttons below, then press the downward-facing arrow in the browser window that pops up. To print, press the printer icon.

All downloads of these PDFs are print-friendly versions. I recommend printing these calendar pages in full color, but they can be printed and used in black and white or grayscale too. These pages print on plain 8.5x11" (US letter-size) printer paper. Use cardstock to make them a little more durable and functional if you're a heavy calendar user.

An at-home printer works just fine! The pdf calendar should print in a vertical (portrait orientation) format automatically. If not, check that your printer is set to portrait mode to print the calendars in the format you see in these images.

(Please note: these files are for personal use only. Any distribution without my permission is strictly forbidden.)

Love coordinated printables? You'll also want to check out my Habit Tracker Printables and Workout Tracker Printable - they coordinate with these calendars!

How To Use Your Calendar Printables

With this set of calendar printables, you can…

  • stay on top of your schedule
  • let kids organize important dates/homework/chores
  • remember important events, like birthdays and anniversaries
  • plan goal timelines
  • mark deadlines
  • consolidate school calendars
  • note medications or food logs
  • use as a habit tracker
  • keep a daily gratitude journal
  • note small memories
  • note achievements
  • coordinate schedules among family members
  • meal plan
  • remember important tasks
  • keep a list of small reminders

Green Script Calendar Printable - Portrait Orientation

Ready to get your free calendar pages? They're a free download...no strings attached!

green calendar printables in portrait orientation.

These monthly calendars match my book of planner printables, The 2024 Year of Intent, and my cleaning system, Journey to Clean. This is a great way to check out those collections before you ever have to buy.

Green Script Calendar Printable - Landscape Orientation

green calendar pages in landscape orientation.

In the past, my landscape orientation calendars have only been available through The Year of Intent - I decided to make them free this year!

Pink Confetti Calendar Printable - Portrait Orientation

pink confetti calendars in portrait orientation.

Pink Confetti Calendar Printable - Landscape Orientation

pink confetti calendar printables in landscape orientation.

Before you go, make sure to check out my digital Google Sheets Weekly Planner!


If you're comfortable with Word, go for it! This is a pdf file that should open and print with no issue in Microsoft Word.

Just click the buttons above to open the pdf files in a new window. From there, press the printer icon to send directly to your printer without downloading the files.

Yes! As long as your home printer has a wireless function, you should be able to open and print this calendar on your phone. Just open the pdf on your phone (in your internet browser) and click the printer icon to print.

I hope you enjoy this set of cute calendar printables! Let me know how you're going to be using them in the comments.

xo, Leslie - signature at the end of blog post.

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  1. FindBeautifulDesigns says:

    Cute calendar. I'm going to print one out!

  2. Thank you so much for the free calendar printables! I had been looking for some on pinterest without success. The blue calendar is perfect!

    1. Leslie Lambert says:

      I'm so glad you love it, Jenni!

  3. Hi!!!
    I wanted to ask you what was the font you used on the blue calendar?
    i realy loveit

    1. Leslie Lambert says:

      Hi! It's called Tomcat Likely - free on lots of different sites!