Free Daily, Weekly, Monthly Habit Tracker Printable Set

Check out this set of free daily, weekly, monthly habit tracker printables. These pdf format files have a fun, colorful design and help you track habits with ease. Also grab a few ideas for habits to track!

set of 4 habit tracker printable pages on a yellow polka dot background

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Let's get it started!

It's the perfect time to think about starting a new habit! For those of you who are gearing up for those New Year's Resolutions, I've got the perfect set of printable habit trackers. They also match my mega set of planning printables, The Year of Intent, that I just updated for 2023!

I've published a similar set of habit tracking printables before on the blog. This time, I wanted one that coordinated with the other free printables I've published recently. This set of four habit tracking printables coordinates with my recent collection. It allows you to build a set of coordinated productivity pages.

How to Print

Each printable you'll see below is a pdf file, making it super simple to print. Simply open the file by clicking the links below each page. From there, select file, print in your browser and print as many copies as you need!

These printables are sized for 8.5x11" paper. They can also be printed on other sizes of paper for smaller planner pages. You can resize your page using the "scale" feature in the print options box. Then, select other sizes of paper, including A4, A5, and A6 pages.

I recommend printing these pages in full color on white paper. A good home printer works with no issue! This is the updated version of the printer I use.

If you need these pages for a mini planner, but only have 8.5x11" paper, you can rescale the size of the printable in the print screen. Just reduce the scale from 100% down to the size you need. Then, use a straight-edge paper cutter to size your paper to your planner pages.

You are more than welcome to download these templates by clicking the down-facing arrow in your browser after opening the file. However, please note that these printables are for personal use only.

Ideas for Habits to Track

I've said it before and I'll say it again - the most effective method for building habits is to track them. It gives you accountability for your habit. There's something so motivating about seeing a visual representation of your hard work!

A few daily habits you can start with these printables...

  • daily exercise
  • daily water consumption
  • getting your fruit/veggie intake for the day
  • contacting friends/family
  • taking medicine/vitamins
  • meditation or prayer
  • journaling
  • reading
  • getting enough sleep
  • being on time
  • self-care
  • limiting social media

Of course, these printables aren't just limited to tracking good habits! A great way to use these habit trackers is to mark off the days that you don't do something negative. You can track days that you...

  • stop smoking or drinking alcohol
  • don't spend frivolously
  • don't bite your nails
  • limit screen time
  • don't text and drive

You can even get the kids involved in building habits! They can track...

  • brushing teeth
  • bathing
  • doing homework
  • reading
  • helping others
  • chores

How to Use These Trackers

I'm sharing four free printables today. Three of these have previous versions, obut one is brand new to the blog. I wanted to give you guys a chance to track your habits every single day of the year if needed!

The idea behind these trackers is simple. Find a habit, write the habit, and mark off each day that you complete that habit. You can either use pens/markers to mark your habit or place a sticker each day you complete the habit (great motivator for using these pages with kids!).

yearly habit tracker

The yearly habit tracker has all 365 days outlined in one easy page. Simply cross off the day as you complete the task. This is perfect to start on January 1st!

pile of habit trackers on a yellow polka dot background

The monthly task tracker template allows you to cross off a box once a month. This would be used for those habits that aren't necessary very often, like cleaning tasks around the house or updating a calendar.

The 30-day tracker is a similar design to the monthly task tracker. With this page, you'll write the individual habits in the left column (when looking at the page in a landscape format). Then, mark the 30 boxes in that row each day you complete the habit. This is a wonderful page to use if you're making several New Year's Resolutions.

pile of habit trackers on a yellow polka dot background

If you're breaking your habits down into weeks, the weekly habit tracker pictured above is the perfect page for you. Write your tasks in the left column, then mark off each day of the week, Monday-Sunday. This breaks habit tracking down into smaller chunks. This would be a good page to use for medication tracking, daily activity accountability, or following a daily routine.

I recommend placing these habit tracker printables somewhere very prominent in your home. You want to see them as much as possible! Putting these pages on the fridge or a bulletin board will ensure that you can't forget about daily habits. If you use a planner, stick your habit trackers next to each weekly or monthly calendar. The point is to put it somewhere that makes it impossible to ignore it.

Download Your Habit Tracker Printables

Click the links below the images to download your free habit tracker printables.

Hope you enjoy, guys!

And, check out more information about pretty planner printables (say that three times fast) to match these here.

xo, Leslie; signature for end of the blog post.

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