This free printable workout calendar is a great way to keep track of an exercise routine. Make and keep a workout plan to stay accountable!

my workout tracker printable

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In addition to thinking about those habits to track in the new year, it's time to start thinking about health goals too! If you're looking for a good way to keep yourself accountable with fitness goals, I've got the printable for you.

workout tracker printable page laying on a desk

This free printable workout calendar has been the perfect solution to planning out my weekly workout schedule. It's so easy to glance at this calendar on the way out the door and cross off your workout once you get home.

Having it displayed in the house is so motivating. That's why I decided to use a printable vs. keeping this digital. I love that I have this for easy reference of past weeks.

This fitness calendar could work for any exercise program. It's nice to have a variety of exercises in your week. This might be your key to organizing that balance between cardio & strength training.

It's also an amazing tool for accountability and motivation. Nothing like staring down your progress each time you open the fridge! 🙂  Give it a try - you'll be shocked how much more consistency you'll have in your workout routine.

What should I put on my workout schedule?

I plan my workouts a week at a time. This allows me to use how I feel from the previous week (both mentally and physically) to gauge the next week's workouts. On either Saturday or Sunday, I sit down with my exercise planner to make a rough plan for the upcoming week.

I like to map out each day of the week, whether I'm planning on exercising or not. I try to aim for 2-3 days of cardio and 2-3 strength training days per week, with at least 1 (preferably 2) rest days. Your body needs rest too...don't skip those!

close up of crossing off a workout on the calendar

Try writing each type of workout with a different color pen (these are the pens that I use and love for that). You can see in the picture above that I use purple for strength training, green for cardio, & blue for rest or low intensity days. If you're a visual person, this will help you make sure your days are balanced.

If you're into more details, you can put the following items on your calendar...

  • Workout duration
  • Target muscle group
  • Type of cardio
  • Equipment needed
  • Where to find workout (app, video, website, etc.)

As you finish your workouts, cross off that day. This is also a great chance to make notes about your workout to remember for later (exertion, did you enjoy it or not, what to change in future workouts, etc.).

How to Print

This is a pdf file, which means it is super simple to print and/or download. Click the link in the section below, select file in your browser window, and print. You can also download the file to your computer by clicking the down-facing arrow in the pop-up window. Please note - this file is for personal use only.

I recommend printing this in full-color on white 8.5x11" standard paper. An at-home printer should work with no quality issues! This is an updated version of the printer I've used and loved for years.

If you need a smaller version of this printable, you can use the "scale" feature in the print window to make it smaller or larger.


I prefer 3 days of strength training, 2-3 days of cardio, and at least 1 rest day. It's important to allow your body to recover! On each strength training day, you can hit a different muscle group (arms, chest/back, legs).

I prefer to plan a week at a time when structuring a workout schedule. That way, you can use how you feel (both mentally and physically) from the previous week to gauge your workouts for the next week.

Simply open with the link below - your pdf will pop up in a new tab. From there, click file, print to make as many copies as you need. This is formatted for 8.5x11" paper, but can resize as needed with the "scale" feature in the print box.

Matching Planner Pages

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There are resources for schedules, goals, finances, projects, and more. This is a huge collection of organization resources, all in one place!

day at a glance printable in a notebook

See more about this collection of printable planners.

Download Your Free Printable Workout Calendar

my workout tracker printable

Click here to download your free workout tracker.

Hope you guys get as much use out of this one as I have!

xo, Leslie; signature for end of the blog post.

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  1. Leslie thank you for all that you offer on your page. It is so helpful.

    Have a happy new year

    1. Leslie Lambert says:

      I'm so glad it's helping you, Ruthanne! Happy new year to you too.