My Favorite Cleaning Supplies

Some of the best cleaning supplies to complete one of the most thorough cleaning schedules on the web!

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In honor of tomorrow's release of Journey to Clean (!!!), I thought I'd talk about a few of my favorite cleaning products to use around the house today!

I'm kind of a minimalist when it comes to cleaning supplies. I just don't see the need in keeping a thousand supplies around when one or two usually do the trick. But I do have a few tried-and-true supplies that I always keep on hand!

Vinegar – I am using natural/DIY products more and more around the house. Vinegar has been an absolute staple in my cleaning cabinet for years. It's just so incredibly versatile! I use a mixture of half vinegar/half water to clean just about any surface, including windows (it really does get them clean and streak-free). It's also great for taking smells out of your clothes in laundry, cleaning microwaves (just put a bowl in the microwave and turn it on for about 5 minutes), and knocking out mineral deposits/gunk in the bathroom. It does have a little bit of a vinegar smell at first, but that goes away once it dries. Just a note though – I've read that you don't want to use vinegar on granite (it can take the shine off of the surface). It's great as a mild disinfectant (not as effective as bleach, but can kill some germs) and really does knock out gunk and grime on surfaces. I can't recommend this mixture enough!

Baking Soda – This, combined with vinegar, is kind of my “power couple” of cleaners. The scrubbing power of baking soda is just absolutely unbeatable. I use it to clean sinks (it really makes stainless steel sinks shine) and scrub tough gunk in the oven. It's amazing as a carpet freshener (just sprinkle it on carpet, let it sit, and vacuum up after a few hours) too. Basically anything you need to scrub in the house can be cleaned with baking soda!

Clorox Clean-Up – I usually use this for heavy-duty grossness, when I know I really need to disinfect an area. It has a little bit of a bleachy smell, but again, that goes away after a few minutes. This is what I use to clean countertops, toys, bathrooms (especially toilets)…basically anything that is really susceptible to germs.

Clorox Wipes – I kind of consider this my quick Clorox Clean-Up. These little wipes are so convenient when you have a little spill around the house! They smell great too, so they're a little better if you need something to be clean quickly (without a bleach smell).

Pledge Multi-Surface – I've just recently discovered this and, my gosh. Amazing! It smells so good and cleans just about anything imaginable. I usually use this to make my wood furniture shine, but it's great on windows and countertops too.

Swiffer Duster – On that note, the Swiffer Duster is one of my long-standing favorites around the house. It will grab dust from just about anywhere. It's great for cleaning blinds or quickly dusting tables. I'll occasionally remember to clean my fans too! 🙂

Shark Navigator – If you're wanting something a little more heavy-duty, this is my go-to vacuum! I've owned many different popular brands of vacuums over the years, but absolutely none have the suction power that this one does. This is more of my whole-house vacuum (not just quick clean-ups).

BobSweep Pet Hair – Can you tell I have a thing for vacuums? 😉 This is a vacuum that I had the chance to try out courtesy of the company a few months ago and it has become a staple in our home. We run it daily to get up everyday pet hair and crumbs. It is wonderful and such a great value for the price!

Totally Awesome Cleaner – This is a newer find for me, and it is incredible for more heavy-duty messes (or times where you don't want the whole house to smell like vinegar). It cleans upholstery/carpet  wonderfully and gets really stuck-on grime off of just about anything! The best part? It's a dollar a bottle!

Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner – I also love these multi-purpose cleaners – they have so many scents to choose from and are quality, very versatile products. I get mine through Grove Collaborative – it's a great way to save on these products and make sure your supplies are consistently stocked. You can even get a free gift set on your first order by clicking this link!

You can really accomplish the whole cleaning schedule I outline in Journey to Clean with just these products! Keeping a clean home doesn't have to be complicated, I promise. By breaking it down into small tasks each day, you can keep your home sparkling clean. I know this because I've used this method to keep my home managed for years!

You can grab your copy of Journey to Clean tomorrow morning!  If you're a newsletter subscriber, you'll even get a discount code for it in your inbox tomorrow. I can't wait to share these cleaning secrets with y'all!

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  1. Monica nelson says:

    Has the swifter wet jet replaced the Eco ? Water only floor cleaner machine?

    1. I’ve actually got a post coming up next week that shows how I’ve changed up my floor cleaning routine somewhat – be on the lookout!