Tuesday, November 13, 2012

30 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for a Baby's First Christmas

Today's topic for Getting Ready for Christmas is Gift/Stocking Stuffer Ideas! 
No, I'm not going to tell what I'm getting everyone for Christmas - sorry guys. :)  Instead, I thought I would share some of my favorite general ideas in this department. 
For stocking stuffers...
There are a TON of lists out there for stocking stuffer ideas.  Seriously - google it - they are everywhere!
I am obviously in infant world right now, and I haven't really been able to find a good list of stocking stuffer ideas for babies.  Here is a list of 30 items for a smaller baby!
**Update:  Since this post, I have also written 101 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for a Toddler...check it out if you're a toddler parent!***
List of 30 stocking stuffer ideas for baby's first Christmas! http://www.lambertslately.com/2012/11/getting-ready-for-christmas-gift-and.html

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1.  Pacifier
2. Soft Tip Spoons
3. Teether (this is our favorite one!)
4. Travel Size Lotion/Baby Wash
5. Baby Leg Warmers
6. Pacifier wipes
7. Amber Teething Necklace
8. Sophie The Giraffe
9. Bath toy set
10. Puffs or other first snacks
11. Sippie cup
12. Bows and hair accessories (for girls, of course :))
13. Pacifier clip
14. Car seat toy
15. Lovie/small blankie
16. Snack catcher cups
17. Small board book
18. Bibs
19. Travel baby wipes case
20.  DVD of favorite show/cartoon
21. Baby mittens
22. Personalized plates/bowls/cups
23. Bloomers (again, with the girl stuff...sorry boy moms, I'm not very well versed in your department)
24.  Rattle
25. CD of favorite songs (Praise Baby, Baby Einstein, etc.)
26. Magnetic Fridge Letters/Numbers (We have this set of letters and this set of numbers...crazy cheap and so cute!)
27. Large crayon set
28. Monogrammed onesie
29. Baby iPad case 
30. Soft baby photo album (we have this one and Emma Ramey LOVES it...this is a great way to keep talking about family members from out of town!)
Hope this helps some of y'all!  
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And, speaking of a certain infant's stocking, here's a preview of what I'm working on...
...I have had this since LONG before Emma Ramey was ever a thought.  I am working to try to get it done by the first of December - I want her to have it for her first Christmas! 
For gifts...
I am a year-round shopper.  I haven't done a great job this year (what, with the newborn and all...), but I did start about August really looking for gifts.  I'm still going, but I'd say I'm a solid halfway done with my shopping.
For those gifts I haven't bought yet, I keep a running list.  It's just in the notes section of my phone...as I think of a gift, I put it on there.  When I buy it, it gets starred, and if I've finished buying for a person, their name gets starred.  This is the easiest way for me to keep track of things!

Some of my favorite websites to use for shopping are...
- ebates (Click through this site to a retailer's site to get a rebate on your purchase - simple as that!)
-Shop at Home (Similar to ebates...I always check this site if ebates doesn't carry a retailer)
-1 Sale a Day
-Groop Dealz
-Plum District
-Facebook sale pages - some of my current favorites are Stitched and Smocked, Smockadot, SheShe Made, Smocking Beauty (check back in a few days for more details on that!)
I have a full post I'm planning for Black Friday that shares some of my favorite specials I'm seeing.  I'm planning on getting a good bit of my remaining shopping done that day and on Cyber Monday - you really can get the best deals on those days!
In the gift wrapping department...
I've tried to get a head start on wrapping this year too!  I found all of this wrapping at Hobby Lobby - how adorable is it?? I kind of wanted to get away from the busier prints this year, so I thought this was perfect.  I still need to get green wrap though.  The best part - all of this was half off a couple of weeks ago, and I think I saw yesterday that it is this week too!
PHEW...this post got WAY longer than I expected!  What ideas do you have for stocking stuffers and gifts?  Share your link below!