101 Baby Easter Basket Ideas

This list of over 100 baby Easter basket ideas covers babies from newborn to infant. Great, practical ways to fill a first Easter basket for a boy or a girl!

plastic easter eggs in pink easter grass.

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The OG

Welcome to the post that started it all!

Way back in 2013, I published the original version of this blog post - 101 Ideas For Baby's First Easter Basket. I had just started publishing my stocking stuffer ideas a few months before, & thought this would be a good follow-up post. Tens of thousands of pins and views later, I'd say that was a good idea! 🙂

This post has been visited so many times by new parents that have no clue what a baby might need in their Easter Basket. To really sum it up - they need a lot of practical stuff.

Oh, The Irony

The fact that I even published this post is kind of ironic. With my first baby, I barely even made an Easter basket. She was 2 weeks old on her first Easter and we were in total survival mode. My second was only 6 weeks old at his first Easter, so that basket wasn't much better.

However, looking back, I can see that babies really don't need a lot of "fun" Easter gifts - they honestly won't use it. Of course something like a lamb or bunny stuffed animal is cute in the first Easter basket. Buy, I like to focus on the practical, unique items you might not have received at a baby shower.

Where to Find the Best Easter Basket Fillers

As you'll see with the links below, I'm an Amazon girl. 🙂 You just can't beat the selection and the shipping speed (most of the time). There are tons of great Easter ideas. You name it, you can find it on Amazon!

I'm also a big fan of shopping Target and Walmart online. You'll find great prices and a great selection with those stores. If you're looking for a few nicer items (especially Easter outfits), check out Nordstrom. There, you'll get more quality items (but usually more expensive). And, finally, Etsy is a fabulous resource if you want some more unique gifts for Easter morning!

plastic easter eggs in an easter basket with yellow plastic grass.

101 Easter Basket Ideas for a Baby

Let's take a look at over 100 useful, fun, and unique Easter treats you can give your baby in his/her first Easter basket!

(Of course, you are the judge of whether or not your baby is ready for any of these products. Please ensure toys are recommended for babies that fall in your child's age range before purchase. And as always, supervise your children while using these products!)

  1. Wubbanub
  2. Pacidose
  3. NoseFrida
  4. Sassy Look Photo Book
  5. Sweet Potato Puffs in Plastic Eggs
  6. Musical Bunny
  7. Monogrammed Onesies
  8. Egg Crayons
  9. Boon Pipes and Cogs
  10. On the Go Silicone Spoon
  11. Miracle 360 Cups
  12. Sticky Bath Letters
  13. Storybook Bible
  14. Sunblock
  15. Reusable Food Pouches
  16. Suction Cup Bowls
  17. Happy Easter, Mouse! Board Book
  18. Bandana Bibs
  19. Yogurt Melts
  20. Skinsoother Bath Brush
  21. Carrot Teether
  22. Bows
  23. Bunny Stacking Toy
  24. Babyatiors
  25. Bowtie or Bonnet for Easter Sunday
  26. Moby Waterfall Rinser
  27. Bunny Ears Headband
  28. Bath Squirts
  29. Swimsuit
  30. Teethers (This was our absolute favorite!)
  31. Goldfish carrot bags
  32. Bendy Ball
  33. Personalized Rattle Set
  34. Socks
  35. Bubble Bath/Head to Toe Body Wash
  36. Inflatable Pool for Backyard
  37. Float Suit
  38. Personalized Baby Wipe Case
  39. Sophie the Giraffe
  40. Play Phone
  41. Travel Size Toiletries
  42. Pacifier Clips
  43. Brush
  44. Jellycat Lovie/Security Blanket
  45. Hide n Squeak Eggs
  46. Bunny Snuggle Pod
  47. Silicone Bib
  48. Pacifier Pocket
  49. Stackable Cups
  50. Baby's First Piggy Bank
  51. Jellycat If I Were A Bunny Board Book
  52. Toy Cars/Trucks
  53. Rashguard/Hat Set
  54. Wash Cloths
  55. Pacifier Wipes
  56. Monthly Picture Blanket
  57. Rattle and Teethe
  58. Bunny Pigtail Clips
  59. Daddy's Other Chick Outfit Set
  60. Easter Stickers
  61. Ruffle Bloomers
  62. Finger Puppets
  63. Bunny Shortall
  64. Bottles (We used and loved these!)
  65. Training Spoons/Forks
  66. Lullaby CD
  67. Stackable Blocks
  68. Personalized Wooden Montessori Board
  69. Bunny Nightlight
  70. Bunny Egg Teether
  71. Easter Coloring Book
  72. alilo Smarty Bunny
  73. Banana Teething Brush
  74. Beatrix Potter Fabric Book
  75. Egg Sidewalk Chalk
  76. Doll
  77. Bunny Newborn Photo Props
  78. Bunny Rattle
  79. Duck Bath Spout Cover
  80. Rain Boots
  81. Light and Learn Drum
  82. Growth Chart Ruler
  83. Baseball Hat
  84. Hedgehog Accordion
  85. Gowns
  86. BabyLegs
  87. Inflatable Tub
  88. Safety Latches/Outlet Covers
  89. Personalized Easter Shirt
  90. Swim Diapers
  91. Swaddle Cloths
  92. Boon Pulp Silicone Feeders
  93. Oball Shaker Rattle
  94. Rock a Stack
  95. Monogrammed Burp Cloths
  96. Closet Dividers
  97. Bath Crayons
  98. Personalized Bunny Plate
  99. Bunny Hooded Towel
  100. Snack Catchers
  101. Crunchin' Crackers


Keep it practical! A couple of fun goodies are great, but with babies, "gifting" them items they need is the way to go. I loved using bottles, pacifiers, bath toys, or even outfits in my kids' easter baskets.

Amazon is your friend. I find most of my gift ideas on bigger sites, like Amazon. I also love shopping at Walmart, Target, Nordstrom, and even Etsy for the best Easter basket ideas!

Babies can enjoy the fun items too! You could give your infant bubbles, car seat or stroller toys, sunglasses, bunny ears, or even their first chocolate bunny if they're getting closer to toddler age.

Happy (early) Easter! Hope you Easter bunny helpers out there find this list as helpful as I did. Check out my other Easter basket posts by clicking the links below!

xo, Leslie - signature at the end of blog post.

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