This huge list of over 100 Easter basket ideas for a toddler includes unique small gifts for both boys and girls. Find inspiration for cute clothing, simple Easter-themed toys, and even practical items for preschoolers that can be used in the spring or summer!

easter basket ideas for a toddler.

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Next up in my collection of Easter Basket Stuffers posts is a list of 101 Easter basket ideas for a toddler! In this post, you'll find over 100 different ideas for ages from baby to preschooler.

Balancing Practical Gifts and Fun Easter Stuffers

When you have toddlers, you can start to have a little more fun. (I know those toddler moms and dads out there are laughing at that statement. Stay with me.)

With Easter basket gifts for newborns, it was all about practicality (because, really, that first year is more about practicality than fun). Toddlers are starting to get a personality. They're starting to play, talk, and move, so their Easter basket fillers should reflect that!

Of course, there's still a little bit of practicality in this list too. I like to think of it as a progression. The younger the kid is, the more you can get away with "gifting" everyday items. As they start to get older, you start to add in more fun things that kids love getting on Easter morning.

So, as toddlers, they're still going to get a lot of practical items. This is a great opportunity to give your child some of those items they might have needed anyway. Cute spring clothing, little treats, small toys, and even books/DVDs are fun items for a toddler Easter basket.

Let's take a look at over 100 small Easter gifts for both little boys and girls!

(You are the judge of whether your baby is ready for any of these products. Please ensure toys are recommended for babies that fall in your child's age range before purchasing. And as always, supervise your children while using these products!)

Other Easter Basket Tips for Toddlers

  • Have an inside Easter egg hunt on Easter morning! Hide a few eggs around the living room, kitchen, or playroom that your toddler could easily find.
  • Homemade Easter treats are ok, too. Toddlers love cookies and yummy baked treats - nothing wrong with putting a few of those in an Easter basket.
  • Doing something together can make it extra special. Find stuffers that let you have an experience with your toddler. Find a fun DIY kit that you could help with, or maybe even look for matching clothing. The possibilities are endless!


The younger the kid is, the more practical I go with Easter baskets. With babies, you can pretty much stuff the basket with all practical things - they'll never know the difference anyway! As they get older, I like to put a few more fun/Easter-themed gifts in a basket.

That's 100% the call of the parent and their pediatrician. Personally, I think older toddlers can start to have easy-to-eat candy, like chocolate bunnies.

It's super simple! Focus on Easter-themed goodies and small toys. You can include stickers, markers, bath toys, and even coloring books. Kids (especially preschoolers) will never miss the candy.

More Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas

Happy shopping for your toddler's Easter basket! Need ideas for other age groups? Click the links below to check out other Easter Basket guides.

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