What to know the best Dollar Tree finds? See the best products at the dollar store...and some of the worst! 

best dollar tree household items

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My love of Dollar Tree runs deep. It is our family's go-to store for inexpensive household items. There is just so much to choose from! They have pretty much anything you might need to run a household, and it's typically less expensive than buying it at a grocery store or a big box store. However, it's not all great - there are most definitely a few things I would avoid.

Let's start off with my favorite Dollar Tree Household Items - there are many of them, but I narrowed it down to 20 for this post!

Favorite Dollar Tree Finds

aluminum food trays on a store shelf.

1. Foil Pans - I use these when I am making a dish for another family or for a potluck. I love never having to worry about losing one of my nice glass pans! These hold up just as well as the name-brand ones for a fraction of the price.

best dollar tree household items

2. Spray Bottles - I like to make my own cleaners around the house sometimes, so these are great. I've never had an issue with quality and they come in lots of colors to make for easy color-coding. These are wonderful to use for plant watering bottles too.

plastic storage bins on shelves at dollar tree.

3. Organizing Tools - I could sing my love of Dollar Tree household items (like these organization bins) from the rooftops. You're absolutely not going to beat the selection or price. My favorites are the pencil bins (come three to a pack and fit perfectly in drawers)...I showed how I use these in my kitchen organization post (and I have an office organization post coming up that shows how I use them there too).

I also love the bigger bins (great for cabinet organization) and the plastic shoe boxes. They can be used for so much more than shoes! I love using these to organize jewelry, doll clothes, legos...really just about anything. They fit great on closet shelves and are stackable, which helps so much.

candy on a dollar tree shelf.

4. Movie Candy - You'll find the same name-brand candies in the same size boxes you get for 3-4 times the price at the movie theater. Dollar Tree is a great place to stop before you head to the movies. Not that I would ever do that. 😉

best dollar tree household items - Totally Awesome Cleaner

5. Totally Awesome Cleaner - I've talked about this cleaner in my cleaning posts before - it's my go-to everyday cleaner for most of my Journey to Clean tasks. I don't even know how many bottles I've been through at this point. They were actually out of stock on the day I stopped by, but I always keep 3-4 bottles on hand at home. I mean, it's a dollar - why not stock up?

You'll heavily dilute it to use it in most places in your house - so a bottle lasts a very long time. I use this absolutely everywhere - cleaning countertops, walls, floors (goes great in a carpet cleaner), cabinets, and baseboards. The Totally Awesome line also has a lot of laundry and bathroom cleaners - I've never used them, but I've heard good things!

(If you'd like to see my other go-to cleaning supplies, check out this post of the best cleaning products to use in your home!)

best dollar tree household items - frozen spring rolls

6. Frozen Vegetable Spring Rolls - This is another thing we love but happened to be out of stock the day I stopped by. Luckily, I had a few packs in the freezer at home. I'm not usually huge on food from Dollar Tree, but these are an exception - everybody in our family loves them and they are a perfect side dish for any kind of Asian food (or even just as a snack).

bread on a store shelf.

7. Bread - This is another food exception for us. Typically this is going to be day-old bread from grocery stores...you can usually get loaves of bread that are normally 2-3 times the price! We've found lots of different name-brand loaves of bread here over the years. Just be ready to use it (or freeze it) quickly.

plastic containers on a store shelf.

8. Surefresh Containers - If you follow my Instant Pot posts, you already know how much I love these little guys. When freezing meals for the Instant Pot, I always use these...they make sure your frozen dish fits perfectly in the Instant Pot insert without thawing! Just pop out of the plastic container into the Instant Pot and you're ready to cook. I originally bought 20 (about a year ago) for my dump and go Instant Pot meals and most have held up really well, even through many freezer meal prep sessions.

best dollar tree household items - table cloths

9. Party Supplies - Dollar Tree has always been my go-to for cheap party supplies. If it's something that doesn't necessarily need to be high-quality (like table cloths or cutlery), they have a great selection of solid-color supplies that fit most any party! Even if you have a themed party, it's nice to mix these in (like I did with Emmie's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Firetruck parties).

greeting cards on shelf at dollar tree.

10. Greeting Cards - Fun fact about me: a huge pet peeve of mine is spending $3-4 on a greeting card. You can totally express your emotions to someone without spending that much. Don't get me started on this topic... 😉 So, if I have a birthday or celebration coming up, I try to stock up on a few cards while I'm there. They are usually 2 for a dollar!

night light in packaging.

11. Night Lights - We've used several night lights from Dollar Tree that have always held up very well. Most of them are still working off of the same original bulb. They also have a great selection of character ones for kids.

12. Holiday/Seasonal Items - Now let's get this out there: you're probably not going to find any high-quality heirloom holiday decorations here. But if you just need fun, cheap little decorations for the smaller holidays, this is where to get them. We usually always get summer toys that we know we'll have to throw away at the end of the season (like water toys) here. It's also a great place for unique stocking stuffers or Easter basket stuffers.

wrapping paper rolls in a cardboard box.

13. Wrapping Paper - You're not going to get huge rolls of paper, but if you need a specific kind of paper, this is a great source. They usually have a pretty good selection of both character/themed paper and solid & geometric prints. I use this paper all the time for my printable picture backdrops!

picture frames on a shelf at dollar store.

14. Picture Frames - For the price, Dollar Tree picture frames are a great buy! I'd recommend these if you're doing a larger gallery wall. This is actually what I used to frame my product covers all over the walls of our office! You won't be able to tell the difference in these and ones that cost five times the price.

rubber bands hanging on a shelf at dollar tree.

15. Hair Rubber Bands - Moms of girls, I'm here to tell you: you need these in your life. I've used these in Emmie's hair for years. A lot of times, little girls have very fine hair...if you need to put it in a half-up or small ponytail hairstyle, and a traditional ponytail holder is too big, these are amazing. They come 500 (!) to a pack - I think we've bought two or three packs over the years, and we use these almost every day! Just wrap a few around your hair brush and they're always there and ready to use.

little girl holding blue balloons.

16. Mylar Balloons - Such a great buy...you're going to pay $3-4 for these at a grocery store (and sometimes even have to pay to get them inflated). Remember when we announced that Jackson was a boy? Yep, Dollar Tree balloons.

hot buns on the shelf at dollar tree.

17. As Seen On TV Products - If you've wondered what an As Seen On TV product is like but are absolutely unwilling to pay $20-30 for it, check The Dollar Tree...they might just have it. I've found many silly items here over the years. No, it's probably not going to work like they say it does...but at least you know now, right? 😉

teacher supplies hanging at dollar tree.

18. Teacher/Homeschool Tools - I used Dollar Tree products all the time as a teacher. They have an amazing selection of bulletin board decor, teaching tools, school supplies, and manipulatives. You teachers out there know how expensive these things can be at a supply store!

poster board on shelves at dollar tree.

19. Poster Board - Their poster board is usually 69 cents and they have a great selection!

princess party supplies hanging on a shelf at a store.

20. Small Toys - This is also something I bought all the time as a teacher. Their party favors come 4-8 to a pack and are great for stuffing a teacher's treasure chest. Do your child's teacher a favor and buy some of these for their classroom! (Maybe not the whistles/flutes though. 😉 )

Now, of course everything there isn't great. When everything's a dollar, you're going to find a few duds. Here are a few items I'd recommend avoiding or buying somewhere else.

Avoid these Dollar Tree items...

play dough on a shelf at a store.

1. Play Dough/Modeling Clay - Don't make this mistake - unless it's brand-name Play Doh, their dough and modeling clay is terrible quality. It dries out quickly and the modeling clay will stick (and stay stuck) in absolutely every crevice of a lego table. Ask me how I know.

crayons hanging on a shelf at dollar tree.

2. Crayons - Again, unless you're lucky enough to find Crayola crayons, skip these. The quality is really bad. Any teacher will tell you that they break easily and don't color well at all.

batteries on a dollar store shelf.

3. Batteries - We've never had great luck with their batteries. They burn out so easily...we can always tell when we use the Dollar Tree kind. Stick to the name brand on this one.

paper towels on a store shelf.

4. Toilet Paper/Paper Towels - You can usually buy rolls at big box stores for about half the price of the ones at Dollar Tree...and they're usually better quality.

5. Candles & Wax Melts - I've tried to buy candles and wax melts from Dollar Tree several times, and they almost never have a scent when burned. They might be cheap, but what's the point if you don't get anything out of it? I stick to the Walmart Better Homes and Gardens wax melts instead...my absolute favorite!

cans on a store shelf.

6. Canned Goods - You're typically going to find similar (if not exact) products at the grocery store for less price than Dollar Tree. Every once in awhile you'll find a deal (like name-brand soups), but check expiration dates!

boxes of plastic hangers at a store.

7. Hangers - The plastic ones you find at the Dollar Tree are almost always 20 for around $2 at Walmart. And you can find the velvet ones for about 40 cents each on Amazon (where they're 50 cents each here) - you'll just need to buy larger quantities! This might not sound like a huge savings if you just need one or two, but when you're buying hundreds, that adds up.

8. Bandages - They lose their stickiness very easily. Skip these.

9. Refrigerated Foods - Eek...now, I don't know anything about the freshness at most stores, but I stay away from refrigerated foods at Dollar Tree. I've seen expired products in there before and I don't know...something about it just grosses me out. That's totally personal opinion talking, but with food, you usually get what you pay for!

10. Electronics - I can't think of a single time I've bought an electronic item from Dollar Tree that it didn't break soon after purchasing. Again, you get what you pay for. If a cord or charger is usually $5 and you're buying it for $1, there might be a reason! If you need it for a day or two, go for it, but don't expect long-term quality.

Alright friends - what do you think? Let me know some of your favorite Dollar Tree Household Items in the comments!


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  1. I always scan for interesting items. My favorite at Dollar Tree is the 20 oz wine glasses. I'm a laser fabricator and these glasses are the best for putting designs on. Everyone thinks they are awesome. Much of their glass ware appears to be from Libbey.

    I'm not big on buying food from DT either but I have found brown rice at DT for $1 for 2 lbs. Can't beat that. I bought a couple and tossed them in the freezer for a couple of days then put them in my pantry. Just be sure to check dates. We only eat brown rice so this was a plus. I've had very good luck with their oven ready lasagna noodles too. The shelf stable creamer from coffee mate is great to take on a trip for coffee in our room. We generally finish it and just toss the bottle.

    1. That's an awesome tip!

    2. Why do you put it in the freezer for a couple of days? Just wondering.

      1. Habit. It kills any small bugs that might have been in the bag. I do it with flour also. I've started leaving brown rice in the freezer. It keeps it fresher in my opinion.

  2. Thank you for these wonderful tips. a few I doubt, but some of these I never knew or thought of buying them at the dollar store, but rest for sure, we will now. Have a great weekend.

  3. Thank you for these wonderful tips. a few I doubt, but some of these I never knew or thought of buying them at the dollar store, but rest for sure, we will now. Have a great weekend.

  4. Our Dollar Tree has the Reynolds Wrapper pop up aluminum foil. Precut and just the right size to pop smaller things into the oven or cover smaller quantities of food. My go to purchase there! (As well as several you recommend - storage, greeting cards, teacher supplies, treasure box items.). Thanks for sharing!

    1. Great to know, thanks for the tip!

  5. Have you try the package of 3 ice cream? I really like the chocolate ice cream.

    1. Ooh I'll have to check that out next time I'm there!

  6. I used to work at the dollar tree and I love that place ! Always check dates on food items , and you should do that at any store ! The frozen three pack pizzas are great for a quick lunch or after school treat ! The pound cakes are awesome but need to be eaten quickly ! Some things are better at freshness than others but that is like that at other stores as well ! They always get new stuff in every week and you should shop often for good bargains. My Easter decorations were slim to none until I worked there , and I was able to get an Easter village , rugs , placemats ( for 4 ) to add to my collection ...........picture frames are always fun too cause they can stay the way you buy them or you can paint them to match your home decor ..........greeting cards are a must there......I hate paying $3 for a small one at other stores and you can get 2 for $1 there ....gift bags are wonderful too ! Make-up is a steal too . .....Christmas stocking stuffers are always fun to get there from character washcloths to candy ............they always have some cute , unusual items but I buy their white coffee mugs and custom make them for gifts ! So many more things I can say but I've already written a book 😉. Just give things a try ! KEEP SHOPPING DOLLAR TREE

    1. Wonderful list! Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Joetta Davis says:

    I too have a list...kitchen accessories (drying towels, mitts, wash towels) everyday silverwear, sponges, name brand makeup (nail polish, polish remover, lipstick, facial wipes). I'll stop here for now. When I go into the store and always set a price limit for the day, i'll keep trying.

  8. • Mini trashcan bags (pink, blue white)
    My house cleaner loves that I always have rolls on hand. We both like the scent of the pink ones.
    • Mini pizzas, Red Baron.
    The breakfast pizzas are tasty
    • Reading glasses
    I always pick up a few pair; one to match every outfit
    •Gift bags
    You can easily spend 3 o 4 dollars at a card shop! Especially great for Christmas!
    • Glassware
    I have a big Halloween party every year. Why use plastic cups when wine glasses are just a buck. I love that you can get the stems in many colors
    •Square Glass 23 oz jars with white plastic screw lids
    - Square so they fit nice in pantries or shelves
    - Lids can’t rust or get dents like metal ones
    - Great for food, crafts, bathroom organizing...
    - Easy open, not like plastic tubs
    -They look really nice
    • Frozen cups of Orange, Cherry lime or Lemon
    Icy treats.
    Nothin’ better on a hot day😊

    1. Thanks for the great list!

  9. Love all the Betty Crocker kitchen utensils, especially the scissors. They stay sharp for a long time. Can’t beat the $1 price!

  10. Puffs tissues and scotties 3 ply tissues are my favorite. But sometimes they’re out of stock. Usually back in stock by the next time I shop. I believe there is a difference in tissues for your nose!

  11. Ginger Jinnette says:

    I make wool dryer balls and use the panty hose when felting them. I can get 10 in one pair. Have to tie each one off and they do great. Also use their clear treat bags for packaging them up for sale. I craft a lot and love their Crafter's Square items. Can't beat the $1 price. Love the spring rolls also. The pool noodles can be used for so much more than the pool, cut up several and it is new, safe, and quite building blocks for my grands. So many more favs, but I will stop there. Thanks for your tips, already have some of them on my DT list.

  12. Anonymous says:

    All these are wonderful ideas! I do have to comment on the expired food. As an employee within the family dollar/ dollar tree company expired food on the shelves is not ok. Everyone within the store is supposed to check dates daily. If things have been rotated as should be it shouldn’t take long to do. They also should check over vendor food deliveries as well. The health department stops in randomly just like they do restaurants for food inspections and temperatures of the coolers.

  13. Scott Shipley says:

    I disagree about the batteries. The Duracell batteries you get at Walmart are not the Ultra or Lithium they used to be -- just the old bare Bones type. They may last twice as long as Dollar Tree but when you pay $9.50 for eight of them, but only $1.25 for 8 at Dollar tree, you can buy several of those before you even close in on what you're paying at Walmart. Walgreens are just as expensive. It's hard to find brand anymore that really last. I stick with Dollar Tree.