Monday, March 4, 2013

101 Ideas for Baby's First Easter Basket

Around Christmas, I did a post about stocking stuffers for baby's first year. I had so much fun doing it! Since it's almost Easter, I thought I'd revamp it a little into 101 ideas for Baby's First Easter Basket!

I'm going to be honest here - last Easter, I was in survival mode. Emma Ramey wasn't quite 2 weeks old yet, and I was lucky to get a few hours' sleep, much less put together an Easter basket.  So, I threw together a few fillers we hadn't opened yet that I had previously ordered and called it a basket.  Sad, I know.  So I've vowed to actually plan a good one this year!
Here are the ideas I've had for an Easter basket for a baby from newborn-1 year.  I'm counting this as Emma Ramey's first basket because last year's was so terrible. :)

1. Bows
3. Pacifiers
5. Puffs in Plastic Eggs
7. Monogrammed Onesies
9. Bubbles
11. Sippie Cups
13. Bible
14. Sunblock
16. Bowls
18. Bibs
20. Car Seat Toys
22. Stuffed Animal
24. Sunglasses
25. Bowtie or Bonnet for Easter Sunday
26. Swim Toys
28. Tutu
29. Swimsuit
30. Teethers (This was our absolute favorite!)
31. Pacifier Clips
33. Easter Bracelet/Necklace
34. Socks
36. Inflatable Pool for Backyard
38. Personalized Baby Wipes Case
41. Travel Size Toiletries (Baby Powder, Lotion, Body Wash)
42. Scentsy Buddy for Bedroom
43. Brush
44. Lovie/Security Blanket
47. Applesauce Cups
48. Footie Pajamas
52. Toy Cars/Trucks
54. Wash Rags
57. Rattle
60. Easter Stickers
61. Easter Bloomers
62. Puppets
63. Polo Shirt
64. Bottles
70. Stamps
71. Easter Coloring Book
73. Sidewalk Chalk
75. Slinky
76. Doll
78. Shoes
79. Umbrella
80. Rain boots
83. Baseball Hat
84. Dress-Up Clothes
85. Gowns
86. Leg Warmers
89. T-Shirt
91. Swaddle Blankets
95. Monogrammed Burp Cloths
98. Plates
99. Hooded Towel

Happy (early) Easter!  Hope y'all find this last as helpful as I did.
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