How to Make Wax Melts from Old Candles

See how to make wax melts from old candles - get the most out of your purchase!

half-full candle on a counter.
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I thought I'd share a super easy DIY with you guys today!

For months, I've been meaning to do something with all of the old, half-used candles hanging out around our house. I rarely use them anymore...with 2 kids running around, I just can't take the chance of one getting knocked over. Plus, I'm terrible about remembering to blow them out when I go to bed or leave the house!

Even though I'm not big on candles anymore, I am obsessed with using wax melts in our home. To me, the right scent is what can really make a house feel like a home! I've shared before that my absolute favorite ones are the cheapies from Walmart...they work just as well as the expensive ones and are half the price. But, even though they don't really cost that much, I'm trying to break myself of buying several packs every time I go grocery shopping - that little bit every week adds up. More importantly, there are resources already in our home that can be used instead.

Many readers here know that, since early 2015, I've made it a big goal to use what I already have up before I go out and get something else. This isn't just about money - it's about reducing waste and clutter. I outlined how I really integrated this habit into my everyday life through my goals that year. These are things I'm still focusing on and really trying to keep up as we transition to the new house.

So, last week, I found the perfect way to be resourceful with what I already have! I thought I'd turn all of those unused candles into something that could save me a little bit of money every week and get rid of a little bit of unnecessary clutter around our house.

Converting our old candles into DIY wax melts was an incredibly easy process. In just a few minutes, I have a few months' supply of wax melts (and trust me, I go through a lot! ?).

Here's how I did it...

candle in hot water in a saucepan.

Simmer about a cup of water in a small sauce pan on the stove (don't boil...simmering water is all the heat you'll need). Slowly, lower your candle (careful not to make it overflow!) into the water and let it sit for a couple of minutes.

running a knife around the edge of a candle.

While your water simmers, take a plastic cup and line with paper towels. Lightly touch the top of the candle to make sure the jar is cool enough to lift out of the water without an oven mitt. Take it out, and pour the little bit of wax that has melted into the plastic cup. Set your candle onto a separate paper towel.
Then, take a knife and carefully run it around the edge of the melted candle to break the seal the wax may make.

candle taken out of its jar.

Pop your candle out and remove the wicks (if might have to cut out in the next step).
homemade red wax melts on a counter.
Then, simply cut your candle into wax melt-sized pieces! I did a few varying sizes. You'll get a few smaller pieces, but save those too...they can easily be thrown in with the bigger ones.
jar filled with homemade wax melts.
I even used the original jars as melt holders...that way, you know the scent of your melts.

Got to love a good, resourceful DIY! Not only did I use up something that would have just been cluttering our home, but I probably saved $20-30 on wax melts I'd buy over the next few months. And, added bonus - your kitchen will smell incredible while you're making your wax melts! 🙂

Now go forth and get resourceful, friends!

***I've had a few questions about what wax melts are since publishing this post. They are an easy, safer way to scent your home that doesn't involve an open flame! Basically, you're just using a lightbulb with a dish above it to melt the scented wax cubes that will scent your home. It has become my go-to way to use scents!

I have two different kind of warmers...


The plug-in tabletop warmers (similar here) are all throughout my home. I put these in places I would normally have candles.

I also have one of these plug-in warmers (here) in a bathroom...I love that it doesn't require counter space!

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