Wednesday, August 15, 2012

5 Ways to a Clean House (in under an hour a day!)


This site has daily and weekly cleaning schedules! Clean one room a week, and start over at the beginning of each month!

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Edited 6/15: I now have an updated cleaning schedule that includes more rooms than these do!  Click here to see.
I am by no means an expert at keeping my house clean. Like I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I'm just now starting to get the hang of this stay at home mom thing.  But I know I like to see what works for others via blogs and Pinterest, so I thought I'd put up a few of my "rules" for keeping a clean house!

1. Declutter for 10 minutes, 2 times a day

I set my alarm on my phone for 10 minutes, once in the morning and once before i go to bed. And I clean…whatever I can find that needs to be cleaned. It's usually picking up baby items, clothes, and things that have just been misplaced during the day. Sometimes it's making the bed and sometimes it's wiping down counters/tables…it's different every time. I just really walk around my house and see what needs to be cleaned, and I do it. If I'm done before the 10 minute timer goes off on my phone, I find something else until the timer does go off (because there is ALWAYS something). You'd be shocked how much you can get done in 10 minutes!

2. Keep a cleaning schedule

This is a big one…I have to do this. Everybody's is going to be a little different because everybody's home has different needs, but this is what mine looks like:
Daily cleaning schedule. 
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Here are the chores I do in the "Room of the Week."  This is on a 4 week rotation, so occasionally it will work out where there are 5 weeks that start in a month.On those months, I get those random projects - cleaning outside windows, pressure washing, deep cleaning my car, etc.
Weekly cleaning rotation. Clean one room a week, and start over at the beginning of each month!
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It takes under an hour out of my day, and keeps me organized!
(Note: I've updated these cleaning schedules since this post was here to see!)

3. Have a home "command center"

This can be anywhere in the house…mine's on the kitchen counter because that's where the most "junk" collects for us. I just use a stacked organizer. One drawer is for coupons and discounts, one is for gift certificates and gift cards, and one is for important documents and bills. We have a tray on top for "everything else"…if I check the mail when Noah's not home, I put it there and he knows to check it. We try to keep that empty though…once it's checked, it goes in the right drawer or is put where it is needed.
This one is something similar to what it pictured above - it would be perfect for this project!

4. Keep collection baskets

For us, we really only need one for Emma Ramey - I am usually cleaning when she naps, and I typically don't want to go in her room and wake her up to put things up. So I have a basket just for her things. If I find something that needs to go in her room when I'm cleaning, I throw it in there, and just put those things up once she's awake. This is great if you have an upstairs in your house and don't want to climb stairs each time you find something that needs to be put up!
Here is a perfect example of what I'm talking about with these.

5. Constantly clean

This is really just something you get in the habit of doing. If I'm going back to my bedroom anyway, I'll take something that needs to go back there. Throw things away as you use them in the kitchen. Put clothes in the hamper as soon as you are done with them. It takes zero extra time out of your day and keeps your house clean.
I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me! 
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Updated: I now have a 15-minute cleaning routine post...check it out!