Friday, November 22, 2013

101 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for a Toddler

Last year about this time, I did a post about Stocking Stuffers for Baby's First Year that had a great response.  But, we all know as your baby grows up, their needs change so much.  So I thought I'd put together another stocking stuffer idea list - this time for toddlers!

Stocking Toys/Fillers are a great way to give your baby those essential items they need without it looking "boring."  It's also a great place to save - there are a ton of inexpensive items you can give a toddler that they would absolutely love!

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A few shopping resources I use for stocking stuffers...

  • Dollar Store - SO many great items here for next to nothing.  Stock up throughout the year as you see great items!
  • Target Dollar Bin - Same great deals as the dollar store.  I usually rummage through these every time I'm in the store!
  • Ebates - Gives cash back when shopping online by clicking through their site. Easy Peasy!
  • TopCashBack and FatWallet- These are both the same idea as through their site and get cash back on your purchase.  Worth comparing to make sure you're getting the highest cash back!
  • ShopAtHome - Same idea as Ebates...sometimes they'll have higher cash back and/or stores that Ebates doesn't!
  • Etsy
  • Amazon - Usually the cheapest I can find smaller toys/items online.  Free shipping when you get to $35 too!
  • Zulily

Without further's this year's list for 101 Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers!
(Of course, you're the ultimate judge on what your baby is developmentally ready to receive.  Always supervise babies when using these products!)

101 Stocking Stuffers for a Toddler...huge list of gift ideas for ages ranging from babies to younger kids!

9.  Bubbles (Dollar Store)
12.  Toddler Toothbrush/Toothpaste
15.  Plastic Watch
17.  Pajama Set
18.  Bubble Bath
22.  Bows
23.  Matchbox Cars
24.  Finger Paint Set
26.  Play Bracelets/Necklaces
29.  Gloves
30.  Bloomers
31.  Stickers
32.  Snack Cups
33.  Bath Toys
34.  EZ Squeezees (One of my favorite toddler products - refillable pouches!)
35.  Rubber Stamps
36.  Note Pad
38.  Magnetic Letters/Numbers (These sets are so cute and inexpensive!)
39.  Mini Bible
41.  Finger Puppets
43.  Pacifiers
46.  Temporary Tattoos
48.  Silly Straws
49.  Piggy Bank
50.  Fruit Snacks
53.  Sunglasses
56.  Hair Clips
59.  Travel-Size Toddler Body Wash
63.  Board Books
66.  Baby Legs
67.  Hair Ties (Dollar Store)
70.  Individual-Sized Cereal Boxes
71.  Headphones (For Car or Tablet Use)
73.  Teething Toys (This one was our favorite!)
74.  Hair Brush
77.  DVD
80.  Small Puzzle
82.  Oranges/Apples
84.  Play Tools (Hammer, Screwdriver, Wrench, etc.)
85.  Foam Masks
86.  Big Boy/Big Girl Underwear
90.  Ornament
95.  Lovie
96.  Mittens
97.  Doll Clothes
99.  Toddler Slippers
100.  Batteries for Toys

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!!

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