Teacher Favorite Things Form – Free Printable

Grab a free printable pdf of this teacher favorite things form – let the educators in your life list their favorites on the questionnaire for a quick and easy gift reference!

my teacher\'s favorites page on a desk

Pro Tip: Use this at the beginning of the year!

This year, I did something I honestly should have started doing years ago. Something I've made it halfway through each and every year of my kids being in school and wished I had done.

For the first time, I actually asked my kids' teachers a few quick questions at the beginning of the year that made gift giving for the rest of the year a thousand times easier.

Ever been there? Ever made it to Christmas with absolutely no clue what gift card your child's teacher would actually want? Or to Teacher Appreciation Week and not know what fun snack to send?

I've been there so many (too many) times – and it could have been fixed so easily! This year, I didn't have a handy dandy printable, so I just opened a new note in the notes app on my phone and jotted down a few favorites for each teacher. But, after I did that, I realized this printable would make the perfect addition to my Printable Library.

my teacher\'s favorites printable page

Simply print a copy of this page for each teacher in your life and send it with your child on the first day of school. It's such an easy reference point for gifts, classroom needs, and even interests of the teachers in your life. You can even scan this into your phone's notes app (or Evernote) so you always have it with you. This printable makes it so easy to send small treats, things your teachers actually need, and fun gifts that they will love.

Free Printable Teacher Favorite Things Form

my teacher\'s favorites printable

You can get your copy of this teacher favorite things printable by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy! See more of my printables here.

xo, Leslie

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