See how to make a mesh wreath with easy, step-by-step instructions! Make your own easy, whimsical, curly wreath with deco mesh ribbon using a simple technique.

colorful deco mesh wreath hanging on a wood door.

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The deco mesh wreath you see above has graced our front door for several springs/summers now. I love these wreaths - they are so cute and really easy to make (and for not a lot of money).

You'll often see these for sale for upwards of $60-80 at craft fairs and on Etsy. You can make them for a fraction of that price though! And you don't have to be all that artistically talented or crafty to do it.

This is such a great DIY for beginners or even for kids to do!

family with small baby in front of a hospital door with a wreath.

The first time I ever used it was for our son's hospital door hanger. (Look at that teeny baby. Sigh.)  I've made a few more since then, and for this one, I thought I'd incorporate a few materials other than deco mesh. It really added to the texture and funkiness of it.

Supplies Needed to Make a Deco Mesh Wreath

deco mesh, wire wreath frame, pipe cleaner, ribbon on a floor.

3-4 rolls of 21" x 10-yard deco mesh ribbon (I usually get mine at Hobby Lobby when they have it on sale. If you don't have a Hobby Lobby, Amazon has it too.)

1 12-14" wire wreath form (Again, I get it at Hobby Lobby, but it's about the same price on Amazon.)

Pipe cleaner (needs to be a similar color to what you're using in your wreath, but don't worry if it doesn't match perfectly.)

Other wired ribbon (if you want the mixed look)

✂️ Step 1: Cut the deco mesh strips.

curl of pink deco mesh.

Start cutting deco mesh strips that are about a foot to 18 inches long. They will naturally curl up (which you'll want) - if it's cut from the beginning of the roll, you might have to roll it a little tighter.

🌪️ Step 2: Twist & tie pipe cleaners.

curl of pink deco mesh tied in the middle with a pink pipe cleaner.

Take half of a piece of pipe cleaner, pinch the middle of one of the deco mesh curls, and tightly twist the pipe cleaner around the middle of the deco mesh. You'll want to have the two ends of the pipe cleaner sticking out to attach to the wreath.

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🎀 Step 3: Attach tied ribbon curls to the wreath frame.

curls of deco mesh tied to a wire wreath frame.

Next, use the two pieces of pipe cleaner sticking out to attach the deco mesh curls to the wreath. If you're using 3-4 colors, you'll want 15-20 of these pieces in each color attached to the wreath.

It's going to look a little weird at first - not like a wreath at all. As you attach more pieces, it will fill in and look much more full and fluffy. Just keep going until you fill the entire wreath frame.

curls of deco mesh tied to a wire wreath frame, progressively getting fuller.

I used 5 colors of deco mesh for this project, but I promise that isn't necessary. I just had a couple of rolls of mesh left over from another project.

If you're using 10-yard rolls, 2-3 rolls are plenty for a 12-14" wreath. If you want more than that, go for it to achieve a much fuller wreath!

💝 Step 4: Tuck different pieces of wired ribbon Into the wreath.

deco mesh wreath on a front door.

I also used a few random pieces of ribbon I had lying around. Again, following the same concept - wind a piece of pipe cleaner tightly around the middle of the ribbon piece and attach it to the wreath using the pipe cleaner.

This gives it kind of a funky, fun look that I really like. You can even add a little bit of polish to these ribbons by cutting a dovetail (v-shape) into the ends.

🚪Final Result

colorful deco mesh wreath hanging on a wood door.

The final deco mesh wreath has a cute, whimsical feel. You can definitely use different colors to match the occasion.

A fall-themed, Valentine's, or Christmas wreath would be so cute with this method. You can even tuck fun holiday-themed elements into the wreath, like ornaments or fall foliage.

💡 Other Helpful Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure the pipe cleaner is tightly tied to the wreath form. The deco mesh can look droopy if it's not secure.
  • Use a pair of sharp scissors for this project. They're going to make your ribbon edges very clean. If you can use a rotary cutter and mat, even better!
  • You can finish the deco mesh edges by gently dragging a lighter over the raggedy end pieces. Barely touch the ribbon with the flame - you don't want to light it on fire!


For a 14" wire wreath form, I typically need to use 3-4 rolls of 10-yard 21" deco mesh. As the form gets larger, you will need about another roll per 2" of wreath you add.

I cut my pieces of deco mesh to about 18" long for each individual curl in the wreath. This usually makes full curls that look great when combined.

I normally find my deco mesh either at Hobby Lobby or on Amazon. While I have seen some 6" wide rolls at Dollar Tree before, those aren't quite big enough for this particular wreath.

If you follow this tutorial for how to make a mesh wreath, I'd love to see the results! Make sure to tag me on 📸 social media (@lambertslately) with your images or let me know how it went in the 💭 comments below.

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  1. This is the first wreath I ever made and still one of my favorites. I’m currently finishing one for 4th of July.