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Use this free printable Christmas planner pdf download to organize your holiday season! Includes pages for gift ideas, dinner recipes, budgets, and shopping lists, with calendars for 2023 and 2024.

Christmas planner - intro

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Once upon a time, in the middle of working on my biggest product of the year, I decided to take on a 15-page printable planner. 🤣

I'm the kind of person that gets an idea in my head and has to do something about it - immediately. One random Saturday night, I was browsing Pinterest and had the idea to make one big file of planner printables that would keep everyone organized for a busy holiday season. Thus, the Ultimate Christmas Planner was born! This is a set of 15 printable planner pages that will help you organize an intentional Christmas that really has meaning and purpose.

If you're anything like me, you have hundreds of thoughts swirling in your head constantly about how to make moments and events perfect for your family. This is the perfect way to organize all of those thoughts for this Christmas!

Let's take a look at what's in the planner, shall we?

What's in the Ultimate Christmas Planner?

In this collection, you're going to get 15 pages of free printable Christmas planning pages! They are all coordinated with a festive color scheme. Just as I advise with my other printable planner collections, if you don't need a page, simply leave it out. No need to clutter up your Christmas planner with printable pages that aren't going to work for you and your life.

(These printable pdf pages are best printed on 8.5x11" printer paper in full color. No need to take to a professional printer - most at-home printers work just fine! I like to put my planners in some kind of 3-ring binder. If you'd like to reuse pages from year to year, I suggest placing pages in clear sheet protectors and using wet-erase markers to make your plans.)

Christmas planner - holiday calendars

Section 1: Intro and Holiday Calendars

Let's organize that ever important Christmas schedule! With the pages in this section, you can jot out a general outline of the Christmas parties and events you have throughout November and December. I've included both November calendars and December calendars for the next two years.

  • Page 1: Cover Page
  • Page 2: November 2023 Holiday Calendar (Thanksgiving marked)
  • Page 3: December 2023 Holiday Calendar (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve marked)
  • Page 4: November 2024 Holiday Calendar (Thanksgiving marked)
  • Page 5: December 2024 Holiday Calendar (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve marked)
Christmas planner - overall planning

Section 2: Overall Planning

Get all of those plans, goals, and to-dos locked down in one place with these three pages. Think of old traditions, new things to do, and even get the kids in on the planning! These are great pages to do early on in the season (i.e. right now).

  • Page 6: Christmas Bucket List
  • Page 7: Christmas To-Do List
  • Page 8: Christmas Goals
Christmas planner - Christmas budgets and gifts

Section 3: Christmas Budgets and Gifts

The all-important Christmas budget, right? These four pages in the planner will give you space to plan not only a budget for Christmas gifts, but for some of the expenses that tend to creep up on us...decor, activities, and even a miscellaneous section. You'll also have a page to plan out gift lists. You can even keep track of whether the gifts have been wrapped and delivered on this page!

  • Page 9 and 10: Christmas budget tracker (for decor, meals, activities, supplies, and cards)
  • Page 11: Christmas gift budget planner (since this is normally the biggest part of the Christmas budget, I thought it deserved its own page!)
  • Page 12: Christmas gift checklist (keep up with whether or not you've done the shopping, wrapping, and delivery of each of your Christmas gifts)
three christmas planner printables.

Section 4: Miscellaneous Christmas Planner Pages

These are the planner pages that didn't quite fit in a section but were still just as important to your Christmas planning.

  • Page 13: Christmas wish list (this is a great page to print for kids! It follows the "things I want, things I need, something to wear, something to read" format.)
  • Page 14: Christmas card list (to help organize addressing and mailing of your holiday cards)
  • Page 15: Christmas menu planner (covers appetizers, main course, side items, and desserts you'll serve for your holiday meal)

How to get the Ultimate Christmas Planner Free Printables

Now, I decided to sell this one for $7.99. But, as a gift to my regular readers, I'm offering a chance to download all of this for free! Simply click here to get a coupon code in your inbox to download this planner at no cost. Think of it as an early Christmas present. 😉

Merry Christmas, everyone! Check out some of my other Christmas printables (that coordinate with the colors in this Christmas planner notebook) below.

xo, Leslie - blog post signature at the end of post.

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  1. I love this, thanks for gifting it for free! I shared it on Facebook to spread the word!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Leanne Wyman says:

    I subscribed, but I can't get it to download. I click "I want this" then it takes me to a page that asks me for my e-mail address and has a "get" button on it. When I click "get" nothing happens. Don't know if the glitch is on my end or yours.

    1. Sorry about that! Would you mind emailing me at leslie at lambertslately dot com?

  3. Julie Briones says:

    What a great holiday planner, Leslie. So happy to be featuring you at today at Tuesday Turn About! Pinned!

    1. Leslie Lambert says:

      That's so exciting, thanks Julie!