These free printable 4x6" recipe card templates are so cute and colorful! The blank pdf printables include places for ingredients & directions. You'll even get an editable file!

printable recipe cards on a yellow polka dot background.

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Every once in a while, I have an idea for (what I think will be) an easy post that very quickly spirals out of control. Welcome to one of those posts. 😉

I get requests all the time for blank versions of the pretty recipe cards I use in my Freezer Meal Boot Camps, just in case somebody wants to add their own recipe to a certain boot camp (or just likes the look of the recipe card for their own use). So, today, I thought I'd bring you one big collection of coordinating recipe cards!

recipe cards and office supplies on a blue background.

Today, you can get the blank version of every single one of those boot camps' recipe cards for free! That makes 24 sets of free printable recipe cards (with a freezer meal label and full card in each set), totaling 48 different printables.

printable recipe cards on a yellow polka dot background.

What You'll Get in This Download

In this collection, you'll get blank recipe cards for my blog post boot camps and premium freezer meal packs. Most of them have the same general color scheme and feel, just in a variety of bright colors. The only two that have drastically different styles are the mini boot camp and fall soups boot camp packs. Those are included in this set too!

striped recipe cards on a yellow polka dot background.

All of the other ones have a bright, fun color scheme, though a few of them have varying fonts. I think it's a great little collection of cards that you can mix and match in your collection.

Each full-size 4x6" recipe card has a section for ingredients, directions, notes, number of servings, and prep time (and a spot for the recipe name, of course). The mini ones are a little bit more condensed to make for easy reference on your freezer meals.

On the minis, I've included a place for the name, serving amount, prep/cook time, and directions, since you don't typically need to know ingredients when grabbing a freezer meal for prep.

striped recipe cards on a blue background.

Where to Use These Recipe Cards

You can use these for so much more than recording your favorite dishes!

  • Make a coordinated recipe box gift for a loved one
  • Make a great bridal shower gift; have each guest write their favorite recipe for the bride-to-be and combine the cards in a starter recipe binder
  • Pull your favorites for meal planning each week...makes creating a shopping list a breeze
  • Make a quick-reference recipe book for your purse by punching a hole at the top of the card and stringing through yarn.
  • Teachers can let kids write their own recipes as a class project

Take your meal planning to the next level with this meal plan template for Google Sheets!

Instructions: How to Print

You have two options for printing...

  1. Click the download button below to access a pdf for all 48 of these recipe cards. Either click the downward-facing arrow to download to your device or the printer icon to send to a printer. You can pick and choose which cards you print by selecting page numbers in the print options screen. This option is better if you prefer a hand-written recipe card. Or...
  2. Click the edit button below to go to a Canva template of these files. This option will allow you to use Canva (a free graphic-editing website) to add text boxes, making for easy recipe recording. Once you open the file, click the "text" button on the far left of your screen. Select "paragraph" and a text box should pop up on your page. Add text as needed, then print by selecting the share button in the top right and clicking "print your design."

When printing your own recipe cards, I typically recommend using card stock, especially for the full-size cards that you might need to save for later. Many of my readers like either laminating the freezer meal labels (if you're saving them for future use) or putting them in a zip-top baggie to protect them from condensation.

A standard at-home printer works for can see my home printer here. These recipe cards are formatted to print on standard 8.5x11" printer paper. Once printer, it's really helpful to use a straight-edge paper cutter to quickly and precisely cut out your recipe cards.

Other Tips

  • If needed, the font on most of the cards is called Creative Block. The thinner font is called Caviar Dreams. The script font you'll find on several of the cards is called Cantoni.
  • The pens you see in the photos are my absolute favorites to use on recipe cards. They're Inkjoy Gel Pens - they come in lots of pretty colors!
  • These are standard recipe cards that will fit in most 4x6" recipe card holders. There's plenty of space in the card holder I linked - you could even sort your cards by meal category!

Free Printable PDF - Recipe Card Templates

Download your own printable cards by clicking the links below!

recipe card printables and office supplies on a blue background.

Hope you enjoy recording all of your delicious recipes with this collection! Check out more useful printable pages below.

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  1. tdchinges says:

    Keeping track of your favorite meals with these food cards is great and especially helpful for those of you who don't cook often.