Ready to organize your kids' school papers? Parents can use this simple filing system (complete with a cute free printable for labeling) to save and cherish what matters most!

school paper organization printable.

In this box lies every single sweet memory we saved from Emmie's time in preschool. I absolutely love the system we've set up for keeping the things from her year that matter most (and yes, Jackson has a box of memories, too!).

school file box and paper cutter on a desk in front of a window.

It can be difficult to wade though the hundreds of cute crafts, coloring pages, and handprints, but each year, we narrow down the memories we save to about 25 items. We save a few of the really, really precious items, and take pictures of and catalog the rest. It's a great way to cherish every single memory without having to store every single memory. πŸ˜‰

file box full of folders and papers.

I've been able to fit about 3 years in each file box. I'm sure the folders will get thinner as my kids get older - I've already realized that the cute crafts get fewer and further between as they get older. I'm hoping to be able to put 4-5 years in Emmie's next file box.

It's so fun to pull out these boxes and walk down memory lane every once in awhile; the other times, we look at our photo books of all of her non-saved creations that are stored in our living room. Emmie loves looking through these - it's such a simple way to remember all of the little things for which you don't necessarily want to keep a physical copy.

file box full of folders and papers.

Within her school craft memory box, each year gets a folder. In years past, I've delineated the folders with these little file folder markers at the top. They're functional, but not necessarily cute.

green folder with a school paper organization printable on the front in a file box.

So, why not make them a little cuter? I recently added a printable to the front of each folder that separates the sections and (very adorably, I might add) lets us remember a few memories from the year! I'm planning on getting these laminated soon so they're nice and durable. For now, they serve as a perfect, sweet reminder of her school years.

school memories printable on an green folder.

On each printable, there's a section for a school picture from that year. There are also ways to note the grade, year, teacher, favorite subject, and even job aspirations - as creative as they might be at 2 years old. πŸ˜‰ It should be fun to see how these change over the years!

school organization printable on an yellow folder.

This is such a simple and concise way to not only organize folders of papers, but to capture a few important memories from a school year.

school memories printable on an orange folder.

Want a copy for your own school papers? Check out the link below - it's free to download this printable!

school memories printable with blanks to answer questions and a spot for pictures.

Click here to download a printable copy of the school memories paper organizing page!

I hope your end-of-the-year organizing is going well - Happy Tuesday, friends!

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