Thursday, November 8, 2012

5 Ways to a Clean House: New Cleaning Schedules!

Edited 6/15: I now have a cleaning schedule that includes more than these printables!  Click here to see.
I have been absolutely shocked by the response to my 5 Ways to a Clean House post!  As of today, this is (by far) my most pinned post on Pinterest.  There's no way to know how many times it has been pinned/repinned, but it has received over 30,000 hits!  More importantly, I have had so many people tell me it has helped them get their house in order. It makes my heart so happy to know that I'm helping someone else out there get control of their home.
The cleaning methods in that post are something I still follow and fully believe in.  If you stick to it, you truly can keep your home clean with about an hour's worth of effort a day.  I have changed up a couple of little things I do though - I thought I'd share them with you!
(And I know a lot of people keep a cleaning notebook, so I made these 8.5"x11", just in case you want to print them...just right click and save if you need to.  Please email me first if you'd like to use these for anything other than personal use!)
Here is my daily cleaning routine.

This isn't a huge change from my original one.  I've started focusing more on outside areas on Mondays than windows...I just figured out that they don't need to be one every week.  They are in with the "rooms of the week" section now.  I also added in an "outside area" section to rooms of the week and made my "odd weeks" list!

This is the list that corresponds to the "Rooms of the Week" list above.  Each of the 4 weeks of the month, I focus on one room.  First week is kitchen, second week is living room/hall/laundry, and so on.  Every once in awhile, there will be a 5th week in the month...that's where the "odd weeks" list comes in.  These are chores that I don't feel like I need to do very often, but do need to be done occasionally.  October actually had an odd week, so this came in really handy!

I also reorganized how I'm doing some cleaning, particularly outside areas.  This was just necessary for my house, but it might not be for you.  Just as I said in the first post, every house is different...see what your home needs and edit accordingly.

So here's what I do...each Sunday night, I use this list to see what I'll have to do for the whole week, and put each chore on my to-do list.  I use is a FABULOUS site and app for lists.  It syncs from website to phone, and lets you star important items...both things are a must for me! (And no, the people at wunderlist have no clue who I am...I'm just letting y'all know a site that works for me.)

After I put everything for the week on that list, I "star" the things I will do for the next day on wunderlist.  If you don't finish everything, it's not the end of the just put at the top of the list for the next day!  Going through my to-do list is something I've gotten in the habit of doing every night before I go to bed.  It helps me stay organized!

Do I finish each and every list?  No.  And that's ok.  Just keeping it written down and organized helps me, and I hope it helps y'all too!