Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Emma Ramey's Nursery

The nursery is all but done!  We still have a few little things to add, but it is ready for her if she decides to come tomorrow (don't, by the way, sweet girl!). 

I just remember, during the hardest part of getting pregnant, sitting in the middle of this room (when it was our office) and dreaming of the day when it would be a nursery...I can't believe that day is here now!  It is exactly like I envisioned it!

Her door hanger...made using ribbon similar to her room and several fabric scraps from her actual bedding.  It's going to the hospital with us too!

A couple of months ago I got this overwhelming fear that she would come home from the hospital and we would have no clothes for her...I think I went a little overboard in solving that problem.  Girl is good on clothes until she's about a year old...

The hutch and future changing station...just needs the changing pad.

All of the dolls on the shelves were mine from when I was a little girl!  My mom has been saving them for years with the hope that I'd have a little girl to pass them down to.

Please leave it to my husband to buy a flat screen for a newborn. :)

I LOVE this chair!

This verse helped SO much last year...I couldn't have a nursery without it!

Sweet girl is SET on bows!  I think we have one in every color!

And I know when I was planning I wanted to know every detail of the nursery...so for those planning one, here's where I got everything!
(Affiliate links used.)

Door hanger - made by me, idea from Pinterest (made to match the room)
Furniture - JC Penney, Bedford Baby Monterey
Books on Hutch - Random places
Dolls on Hutch - Childhood heirlooms
Diaper/Wipe Station on Hutch - local boutique
Bedding - Glenna Jean Madison
Pillows - Custom-made to match bedding
Blanket - Little Giraffe
Frame above crib - ebay, print from Shutterfly (designed by me)
Shelves beside crib - Bed, Bath, and Beyond (similar here)
Frames, books on shelves all gifts
Flowers in vase - Michael's
Letters - Michael's, painted to match room
Candles - Tyler candle company
Chair - Best Glider, color: linen, JC Penney
Pillow in Chair - Pier 1
Blanket on Chair - Madison, Glenna Jean (matches bedding)
Curtains - Custom-made to match bedding
Table beside chair - decorator table covered in a simple tablecloth, glass topper
White tablecloth - ebay
Pink Table toppper - custom-made
Lamp - We already had around the house, bow added to match bedding fabric
Picture Frame - Custom-made
Bow holder - Made by me, idea from Pinterest (I made it myself so that the fabric would match the room.)

Now (almost) all we need is the baby...hold on a few more weeks sweet baby, you're going to love your room!