Weekly Cleaning Schedule Printable

This weekly cleaning schedule printable allows you to fill in cleaning tasks on any day you'd like. This free pdf template takes a popular routine and breaks it down into daily tasks!

weekly cleaning schedule printable

Smart or Dumb?

I honestly don't know if today's set of printables is one of the smartest or dumbest (business-wise) printables I've ever put on the blog.

Like – it's smart. Really smart. Different people have different amounts of time in each day, so why not let each person pick and choose their own cleaning schedule for the week? With this printable, I've taken my super popular home cleaning system and broken it down into a weekly list, allowing the user to put each cleaning task where it needs to go in the week. This is perfect for people who like to set their own pace or have a schedule that doesn't allow for consistent cleaning each day.

weekly cleaning schedule

But – leave it to me to put this on the blog (for free) on the same day I'm releasing the 6th edition of Journey to Clean…aka the premium, full-length version of the very cleaning schedule you see in these (free) printables. Sounds kind of dumb when I type it out, I know. I almost didn't publish this today because I didn't want it to compete against the book, but what the heck – let's just do it all today!

journey to clean 2023 in a notebook.

Here's the big difference in this printable set and Journey to Clean: with the printables on this blog post, you'll need to fill in the cleaning tasks where you want them each month. That's great if you have a variable schedule and don't quite know what each day of each month holds until it's upon you. With Journey to Clean, all that work is done for you! I've already taken the guess work out of delineating tasks by assigning each and every day of 2023 with a couple of simple tasks to keep your home clean.

How It Works

daily cleaning tasks printable

The main cleaning schedule is the foundation of the whole system. You'll check off the morning and evening tasks each day, which change slightly depending on the day of the week or week of the month. (Full post about this and the next printable can be found here.)

room of the week cleaning schedule printable

This page tells you which room of the week items need to be done each month. Each week of the month has an area of the house. It's a lot to process, I know…that's where this post's brand new printables come in.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule Printable – Free Download

weekly cleaning schedule

These printable break the whole room of the week list down into weekly segments! This way, you can fill in what needs to be done when.

You can click here to download your copy of this weekly cleaning schedule printable!

A Full Cleaning Notebook

monthly cleaning schedule in a notebook.

Want it done for you? I've got that covered too. With Journey to Clean 2023, I've outlined exactly what you'll need to complete for every single day of the year. Simply look at the included calendars, combine with the general morning and evening tasks, and you'll have an effective and easy cleaning system that thousands (including myself) have followed for years!

monthly cleaning schedule in a notebook.

You can even get a light version (reducing your workload by half) and a whole collection of add-on printables, like blank calendars, family chore charts, and supply lists in my shop.

The 2023 version of Journey to Clean is now available! Click here for more information.

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