Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Cleaning Schedule Templates

These daily, weekly, & monthly cleaning schedule printables allow you to fill in house cleaning tasks on any day you'd like. This free pdf printable planner takes a popular routine and breaks it down into easy daily tasks with room zones!

weekly cleaning schedule printable

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A couple of days ago, I told you all about my most visited post: a free cleaning schedule that lets you organize a cleaning system that works for you. Today, I'm making it even easier!

Think of today's daily, weekly, & monthly cleaning schedule printables as another way to organize this popular cleaning system. It's the same content; just a different format.

Daily & Weekly Cleaning Checklists

daily and weekly cleaning schedule printable.

Let's start by looking at the first page; the daily and weekly cleaning schedule page. This is the foundation of the whole system.

You'll check off the morning and evening tasks each day. You'll check off each of the weekly tasks once each week. There's a reminder on the evening tasks at the top of the printable to help you remember to do one of these weekly tasks each day.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

Under this cleaning system, each day, you'll complete the following:


  • Declutter for 10 minutes - You'll set a timer and declutter/clean anything you see for 10 minutes. There's no rhyme or reason to this; if it needs cleaning, clean it! If the timer hasn't gone off yet, keep going. But, when the timer stops, stop what you're doing.
  • Clean out dishwasher - You'll start the dishwasher each night, whether full or not, and clean out each morning.
  • Make beds - Get the whole family involved in this one! Each person is responsible for his/her own bed.


  • Declutter for 10 more minutes
  • Load & start the dishwasher - As I said, whether full of dirty dishes or not, start it. This gives you a solid reset point in your day for dishes.
  • Clean kitchen - Clean counters, put away leftovers, and sweep or vacuum the floor. Basically, get the kitchen back to its starting point in the day.
  • 1 weekly cleaning task - See weekly cleaning tasks section below.
  • 2-3 monthly tasks

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Each day, you'll complete 1 weekly task. These are the same each week; each Monday you'll clean outside areas, each Tuesday you'll clean surfaces, etc.

  • Monday: Outside Areas
  • Tuesday: Wipe & Dust Surfaces
  • Wednesday: Clean Refrigerator & Pantry
  • Thursday: Vacuum & Mop Floors
  • Friday: Clean Toilets & Bathroom Sinks
  • Saturday: Laundry
  • Sunday: Rest Day

Monthly Cleaning Schedule Template

weekly cleaning schedule

Finally, we get to the monthly cleaning routine pages. There are 5 of these in total.

You'll use the first four every month; they divide the home into zones (kitchen, living areas, bedrooms/outside, bathrooms/closets). There are four weeks a month, so you'll use one each week.

Occasionally (about 4 times a year), you'll have a month with 5 weeks. That's when you'll use the fifth "odd week" page.

All of your tasks are at the top of the page, with a space at the bottom to divvy those tasks up by the day. This lets you set your own daily pace. Have a busy Tuesday? Simply keep the tasks on this day to a minimum. Don't want to do anything on the weekends? You don't have to - just divide tasks among the rest of the days!

Week 1: Kitchen & Dining Room

  • Organize kitchen cabinets/clean cabinet doors
  • Polish furniture & china
  • Bwdw (baseboards, walls, doors, and windows)
  • Organize command center (throw out old mail/paper, file other paper as needed)
  • Wash kitchen linens
  • Wash pet bowls
  • Take things off of counters & wipe clean (including backsplash)
  • Clean oven, stove, & microwave
  • Clean all small appliances
  • Clean fronts of large appliances
  • Deep clean sink
  • Clean trash cans
  • Deep clean fridge
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Clean light switches/outlet covers

Week 2: Living Room, Playroom, Hall, Laundry

  • Clean washer/dryer/deep freezer
  • Organize cleaning supplies
  • Bwdw (baseboards, walls, doors, and windows)
  • Dust/spot clean curtains
  • Dust picture frames
  • Back up electronics/clean out files
  • Clean & organize mudroom lockers
  • Wash living linens
  • Spot clean stains in carpets
  • Vacuum & spot-clean furniture
  • Vacuum stairs, clean banister/rails
  • Clean light switches/outlet covers
  • Organize all playroom toys
  • Organize tv areas
  • Dust tops of ceiling fans

Week 3: Bedrooms & Outside Areas

  • Clean & organize end tables
  • Clean light switch/outlet covers
  • Maintain flower beds (pull weeds, fertilize if needed, trim bushes)
  • Dust tops of furniture
  • Organize backyard & porch
  • Organize & wash cars (wash outside, spot clean inside, remove trash)
  • Dust tops of fans
  • Organize & sweep garage
  • Wash comforters
  • Bwdw (baseboards, walls, doors, and windows)

Week 4: Bathrooms & Closets

  • Hang up & refold clothes
  • Organize shoes
  • Clean showers & tubs
  • Wipe down surfaces (back of toilet, shelves, counter)
  • Clean trash cans
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Clean bathroom mirrors
  • Organize under bathroom sinks
  • Wash toothbrush holders
  • Bwdw (baseboards, walls, doors, and windows)
  • Clean light switch/outlet covers
  • Clean base of toilets & sinks
  • Wash bath linens (show towels, mats, etc.)

Week 5: Odd Weeks

(This is a list for those months that have 5 weeks. This should be completed around 4 times per year.)

  • Clean vents
  • Clean outside of windows
  • Clean out vacuum & filter
  • Wash seldom-used blankets
  • Clean elevated surfaces
  • Clean out & organize closets
  • Deep clean furniture & carpets
  • Organize junk drawers
  • Wash/purge bath toys
  • Clean under furniture
  • Deep detail cars (inside & out)
  • Pressure wash house & driveway

How to Download Your Free Printable PDFs

weekly cleaning schedule

These pages (6 total) will download in pdf format once you click the button below. Either press the downward-facing arrow to download to your device or the printer icon to print a copy.

As always, I recommend laminating your printable pages. Once laminated, you can use a wet-erase marker and erase on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. This way, you don't have to print a new copy for each use!

A Full 365-Day Cleaning Planner

Want another way to organize your cleaning schedule? If you need to go even more in-depth in planning your cleaning, I've got you covered!

journey to clean 2024 in a binder.

With Journey to Clean 2024, I've outlined exactly what you'll need to complete for every single day of the year via a set of handy dandy monthly calendars. Simply combine with the general morning and evening tasks, and you'll have an effective and easy cleaning system that thousands (including myself) have followed for years!

Here's the big difference in the printable set you download above and Journey to Clean: with the printables on this blog post, you'll need to fill in the cleaning tasks where you want them each month. That's great if you have a variable schedule and don't quite know what each day of each month holds until it's upon you.

cleaning schedule in a binder.

With Journey to Clean, all that work is done for you! I've already taken the guesswork out of delineating tasks by assigning each and every day of 2024 a couple of simple tasks to keep your home clean.

You can even get a light version (reducing your workload by half) and a whole collection of add-on printables, like blank calendars, family chore charts, and supply lists in my shop.

See more about Journey to Clean.

More Free Cleaning Printables

Which cleaning schedule printable is your favorite? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

xo, Leslie - signature at the end of blog post.

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