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Hi! I'm Leslie.

I'm from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I attended the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!), where I met my husband Noah. We got married on December 8, 2007. Shortly after our daughter Emmie was born in 2012, we moved to south Mississippi, where we're living the dream with Emmie (now 11) and Jackson (7).

I started this blog in 2009 at the height of the hobby blogging trend. At that point, I read a few other blogs in my free time and just thought it would be a fun experiment for us to look back on later. I had no idea how this little blog would literally change my life in just a few short years.

When I started blogging I was also starting a career as a 1st grade teacher. I taught for 3 years at what I call my dream teaching job. I worked with the best students and teachers around, and I couldn't be more thankful for the experience. When Emmie was born, I transitioned into a stay-at-home-mom/professional blogger and digital media creator. I absolutely love spending my days this way!

family picture.

I started out blogging about our family and the things we were doing in our lives. Over the years, it has transitioned into a place where I can share how I'm making our home a functional, loving space. On this blog, you'll find snippets of our everyday life, recipes from my kitchen, random home projects, organization ideas, cleaning tips, and celebrations, both big and small. What started as a hodgepodge of my passions has become a place for me to share what I've learned in almost 2 decades of making my house a home. It is an absolute honor to share with thousands of site visitors each day!

When I'm not blogging, I love working out, reading, crafting, volunteering, spending time with my kids, and catching up on the latest binge-worthy shows with my husband.

Fun Facts

  • In the past 14 years, Lamberts Lately has been viewed over 16 million times.
  • This website has been viewed by visitors from 237 countries and territories on all 7 continents.
  • I have published 150 different recipes on the blog, ranging from appetizers to sweet treats. Considering that I didn't know a thing about cooking until I married my husband, that's quite a feat!
  • Across social media and email, Lamberts Lately currently has a community of over 220,000 readers.
  • I've been designing printables since 1996! For a school project in 4th grade, I created a business that sold printable banners. I guess this career was just written in the stars. 😉
  • In my 14 year blogging career, I've had the opportunity to work with dozens of major brands. Kellogg's, Disney, and Target are just a few of the companies I've worked with to create blog content.
  • Lamberts Lately inspired my creation of a whole publishing company! In addition to producing content for the blog, I also have an entire collection of home management printables available for purchase.

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