101 Stocking Stuffers for Men

This list of over 100 of the best stocking stuffers for men has gifts for dads, boyfriends, and husbands. You'll find lots of good ideas that guys will love!

stockings on a mantle

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Today in my series of good stocking stuffer ideas, we're going to keep it going with the men. Let's take a look at 101 stocking stuffers for the main man in your life.

Below, I've listed over 100 stocking stuffer ideas for men that will cover just about every guy in your life. From dad to husband, to boyfriend, you're going to find a lot of practical and fun ideas in this list.

stockings on a mantle

What do you put in a man's stocking?

There are so many options for stocking stuffers for men! In spite of what others might say, men are as (if not more) complex than women. They have unique and varied interests, hobbies, and preferences. As you'll see below, there are stocking stuffer ideas in many different price ranges.

Don't limit your ideas to only manly scents or sports accessories. Men get lots of those small gifts all throughout the year. Christmas is a chance to really personalize your gift gifting to make the people in your life feel loved.

I'm sure you know the general interests of your husband, father, or even son. Find what they love in the list below. Simply pick one or two of those stocking stuffers to give them on Christmas morning. It's as easy as that!

Without further ado, let's look at my list of over 100 stocking stuffers for men! I hope you love this combo of classic stocking stuffers, essentials, and unique gift ideas.

Stocking Stuffers for Men

For the Food/Drink Lover

Let's face it – the way to many men's hearts is through their stomachs. If the man in your life is into cooking or loves a good drink, he'll be so excited to receive any of the ideas in this section. Find food, cooking, and drink gift ideas.

  1. Shot Flask - get a shot glass and a flask in one
  2. Cocktail Citrus Zester - an inexpensive way to zest lemons or limes for drinks
  3. Knife Set
  4. Funny Coffee Mug
  5. Minispresso - on the go espresso machine
  6. Hopsulator - great way to keep a drink cold!
  7. Butane Cigar Lighter - if you know a cigar lover, this is a must-have item
  8. Chillsner - very cool gadget to keep a beer cold
  9. Stainless Steel Barman's Tool - This is a simple bar essential. With this small tool, you'll get a bottle opener with several useful functions.
  10. Beer Saver - rubber caps to preserve an open beer bottle
  11. Blender Bottle - if you're guy loves supplements, this shaker bottle is a favorite
  12. Liquor Minis
  13. Cigar Cutter - another cigar aficionado essential
  14. Favorite candy
  15. Knife Sharpener - This tool is a kitchen essential for cooks.
  16. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses - already has the built-in salt for tequila shots!
  17. Infused Sea Salt Sampler - a gourmet treat
  18. Dizzy Pig BBQ Rub - my husband's favorite barbecue rub seasoning blend!
  19. Whiskey Stones - These help keep a drink cold without watering it down.
  20. Barbecue Gloves - These gloves are great for grillers or cooks.
  21. Wireless Meat Thermometer - a little bit nicer gift that is very handy for the grill
  22. Starbucks Gift Card
  23. Ice Ball Mold - make spheres of ice - great for bourbon or whiskey drinks!
  24. Shot Serving Tray
  25. Sportula - great gift for sports fans - available for lots of different sports teams

Gifts For the Well-Groomed Man

Men need those beauty products too! Whether they'll admit it or not, grooming tools are just as essential to men as they are to women. These male-themed soaps, kits, and grooming tools will help keep your guy in tip-top shape.

  1. Grooming Kit - These small kits are great for travel!
  2. Travel-Sized Shaving Cream
  3. Beard and Brow Gel Comb
  4. Beard Oil - another great small gift for men with facial hair
  5. Shaving Brush - this one's for the non-bearded men. 🙂 Applies shaving cream.
  6. Beard Trimmer
  7. Facial Fuel - energizing face scrub for men
  8. Holiday Soap Pack - These soaps have fun scents for Christmas.
  9. Straight Razor
  10. Mustache Wax - keeps a mustache in place
  11. Man Cave Candles - I always love seeing the scents of these candles
  12. Texturizing Putty for hair

Stocking Stuffers for the Handyman

There's an endless supply of tools and gadgets you can gift to the man in your life! I'm amazed by the inventions that make a handyman's life easier. These tools are fairly cheap ideas that any man would love.

  1. Flashlight Keychain - nice to have for auto emergencies
  2. Dogbone Wrench - I don't know what this is, but it's husband-approved 😂
  3. Electric Screwdriver - very handy for little fixes around the house!
  4. Retractable Utility Knife
  5. Fountain Pen
  6. Tape Measure
  7. Screwpop - a keychain that holds drill bits
  8. Magnetic Wristband - great for holding onto screws or nails while working!
  9. Rubbing Compound
  10. Wallet Ninja - This is a multitool that fits in a man's wallet.
  11. Tire Pressure Gauge
  12. Leatherman - a must-have multitool
  13. Vise Grips
  14. Pocket Square/Level

Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Techie Guy

Is your significant other into technology? In this section, you'll find a collection of ideas for those men who love any of the latest tech devices. Find ideas from phone accessories to cameras. A tech-loving man will love these high-quality gift ideas!

  1. Portable Charger - Great stocking stuffer for those techies that are on the go!
  2. Apple Gift Card
  3. Underwater Camera
  4. FitBit
  5. Cell Phone Stand - if your guy watches lots of media on a phone, this is wonderful
  6. Wireless Ear Buds
  7. Airpods Case Cover - I have one of these and love it! Lets you strap Airpods to a bag or keys.
  8. Popsocket Popmount - If he has a popsocket, this is a car mount for the back of his phone.
  9. Tile Mate - With a tile mate, you can track basically anything!
  10. Cable Management Clips - These are inexpensive and super convenient for organizing cords.
  11. Tech Organizer
  12. Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit - get the most out of a cell phone camera!
  13. Cell Phone Case
  14. Amazon Kindle
  15. Smartphone Printer - very cool option for printing photos straight from your phone
  16. Solar Battery Charger - charge your phone when electricity isn't available!

Stocking Stuffers for Well-Dressed Men

If your man is into fashion, check out these great gift ideas! You can really get creative with these wearable stocking stuffers. You're covered from head (beanie) to toe (socks) with these creative and fun ideas for a stocking.

  1. Socks
  2. Magnetic Collar Stays
  3. Monogrammed Money Clip
  4. Portable Steamer - This is inexpensive and works wonderfully! It's great for travel.
  5. Carhartt Work in Progress - a solid, well-made hat that can be used for years
  6. Leather Belt
  7. Travel Compression Bag - a great way to maximize suitcase space when traveling
  8. Fabric Shaver - this is great for use on clothing and furniture
  9. Carhartt Fleece 2-in-1
  10. Personalized Tie Clips
  11. Charcoal Deodorizer - place in drawers for smell-free clothing
  12. Shoe Polish
  13. Cuff Links
  14. Pocket Square
  15. Personalized Key Chain
  16. Lens Cleaning Tool
  17. RFID Blocking Wallet - This helps keep those credit cards safe!

Stocking Stuffers for the Gamer/Sportsman

Does your guy love the great outdoors or is he into competing in different sports? You'll find the perfect stocking stuffer in the following small gifts. I have everything from games to sporting tools on this list!

  1. Playing Cards
  2. Video Games
  3. Sudoku/Crossword Puzzle Book
  4. Create Your Own Action Figure - This personalized action figure is such a fun gift!
  5. Golf Balls/Tees
  6. Fishing Lures
  7. Hook Remover - my fisherman husband highly recommended this one
  8. Zippo Hand warmer - if you've got a runner or winter outdoorsman, this is a great gadget to have
  9. Floating Dry Bag - another great gift for fishermen
  10. Collapsible Water Bottle - great to keep in a gym bag!
  11. Engraved Compass
  12. Duck Call

Stocking Stuffers with a Personal Touch

If your husband is anything like mine, it's those personal (and usually inexpensive) holiday gifts that mean the most. Give him something on Christmas morning that will really mean a lot, from little reminders that you love him to crafts from the kids.

  1. Donation to His Favorite Charity
  2. Personalized Note
  3. Coupon Book
  4. Tickets to Concert/Movie
  5. Something Homemade from Your Kids

Guys really are so unique. You might find yourself doing holiday shopping for a man who's into fashion, outdoors, or even gaming this year. If so, these stocking stuffer ideas will give you exactly what you need for Christmas morning.

These great stocking stuffers can also be small gifts. Treat those men in your life, like your dad, boyfriend, husband, or even brother.

Happy holiday season and happy holiday shopping! I hope this list of stocking stuffers for men inspires you as you're shopping for that special guy in your life.

If you like this list, I have over 800 more stocking stuffer ideas for every member of the family! If you want to see my other Stocking Stuffer ideas, click the links below.

xo, Leslie - signature at the end of blog post.

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