21 Favorite Macro Friendly Snacks

This list of 21 Macro Friendly Snacks is great for beginners! Get a list of ideas that's great for making simple recipes, including high protein options.

my 21 favorite macro diet staples graphic.

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Disclaimer: I am not a health or diet expert, this is just my personal experience!

One of the best pieces of advice I've ever heard about dieting is to never start a diet that you can't do in some form for the rest of your life. Fad and crash dieting doesn't work; consistent, long-term commitment is the key to maintaining a balanced lifestyle. That sounds intimidating, but for me it's really about finding a diet that fits what you're already doing, not changing your eating to fit your diet.

In the past, I've struggled with finding a diet that didn't make me feel miserable but provided results. I exercise regularly, so I didn't want my muscles to fade away as I lost weight, but I still wanted to see some fat loss. A little over a year ago, I randomly stumbled on a Facebook group that quite literally changed the way I'll eat forever.

I was surfing Facebook one night when someone mentioned the Macros Inc. Facebook group. I joined out of curiosity and realized that these people were talking about a diet that sounded kind of doable. It was all about paying attention to more than just calories; for this lifestyle, you need a balanced approach to protein, fat, and carbs. Calories are most important to observe, but a close second is protein; this keeps you full and makes sure you have the fuel needed to maintain muscle while losing fat. I took the quiz on their site to see my estimated calories and was kind of blown away by how high they were! If I could lose weight with that many calories, why not give it a try?

I've been counting macros (with a few small breaks) for over a year now and have no plans of changing anytime soon. This approach makes me feel the best I've ever felt. I'm consistently full (but not stuffed), have a ton of energy (even with working out 6 days a week), and when I stick to the diet, I consistently lose weight and see better muscle tone. I feel like this is a really balanced approach to nutrition that is easily doable for a long period of time. And, if you're a macro counter too, I'm sharing a few of my favorite pantry staples today!

I literally just raided my kitchen to write this post - these are all products I keep on hand to make sure I get enough protein in the day. There really aren't any weird, fad foods here - just simple staples that can be found in pretty much any grocery store that have become my go-to favorites.

21 Macro Friendly Snacks

1. Greek yogurt/pudding

tub of greek yogurt and pack of sugar free pudding mix.

This is one of my current favorite snacks/treats. I simply mix a pack of sugar free pudding mix (usually either cheesecake or vanilla) into a 32oz tub of Greek yogurt. Serve with a little bit of fruit and it tastes just like a dessert! The pudding gives it an icing/cheesecake-like consistency.

Macros (per serving): 13c/0f/17p, 115 calories

2. Turkey Pepperoni

bag of turkey pepperoni.

Turkey pepperoni is a great lower-fat alternative to regular pepperoni (but still packs a protein punch). These are great on salads, wraps, or even as a side.

Macros (per serving): 0c/4f/9p 70 calories

3. Tuna Pouches

pouch of tuna.

I'm not really a big fan of unflavored tuna, but these flavored pouches are wonderful. This is one of the easiest ways to get a ton of protein into a meal - if you have the carbs, they're great with crackers, but you can also eat completely by itself! I like the Great Value (Walmart) brand - the ginger sesame and sweet and spicy are delicious. But, if you don't shop at Walmart, there are tons of name-brand ones as well.

Macros (per serving): 4c/0f/15p 80 calories

4. Ranch Dip

tub of sour cream mixed with mayonnaise and ranch seasoning.

This is probably the least fancy packaging you'll see in this whole post. 🙂 As a macro-friendly alternative to ranch dressing, I mix 1 part light sour cream with 1 part light mayo, mixing in about 1oz of dry ranch dressing mix. It is a fantastic dip for vegetables, spread for a sandwich, or salad dressing.

Macros (per 2 tbsp): 3c/5f/1p 60 calories

5. Laughing Cow Cheeses

laughing cow cheese package on a countertop.

These little wedges of soft cheese are great to spread on a sandwich or wrap; if you're used to cheeses or sauces on a sandwich (but don't love the added calories), this is a perfect alternative. I really like the spicy pepper jack flavor, but I can't seem to find them anywhere lately!

Macros (per serving): 1c/1.5f/2p 30 calories

6. Mozzarella Sticks

three mozzarella cheese sticks.

Don't count out the "kid snacks" in this list! I eat my kids mozzarella sticks all the time to get a boost of fat and protein. These are great to shred on salads.

Macros (per stick): 0c/4.5f/6p 70 calories

7. Eggs

carton of eggs on a counter.

I've read before that eggs are just about the most perfectly balanced food you can possibly eat; looking at the macros, that's hard to deny. Long-time readers here know that I really am not a big fan of eggs, but if I mask the flavor (in something like sous vide egg bites), I can tolerate them...and it's worth it for that protein!

Macros (per large egg): .4c/4.8f/6.3p 72 calories

8. Deli Meat

bag of deli ham.

You will pretty much always find deli meat in our fridge - it's another easy way to add protein into a lunch. I have a ham sandwich or wrap at least a few days a week (usually with a Laughing Cow cheese).

Macros (per serving): 1c/2.5f/9p 60 calories

9. Everything Bagel Seasoning

holding a jar of everything bagel seasoning.

This isn't one of those things that's going to give you a lot of any given macro - but it does make a lot of the foods on this list way more tolerable. 🙂 Once you start using this, you'll eat it on everything! I like it on avocado toast, cottage cheese (trust me, try it), and steamed veggies.

Macros (per serving): 0c/0f/0p 5 calories (per ¼ teaspoon)

EBB Seasoning available here.

10. Fruit/Veggies (fresh and frozen)

holding a red apple.

I keep 3-4 fruits in our house at any given time, whether they're fresh or frozen. My kids love snacking on frozen fruits, so I'll usually keep a big bag of frozen mango and maybe berries in the freezer for snacks or smoothies. Grapes, apples, mandarin oranges, and strawberries are also popular in our pantry. Fruits are an easy way to add in carbs when needed.

11. Sugar Free Energy Drink Mix

great value energy drink mix packets.

I KNOW, I KNOW - this is terrible for me. But I aim to drink 90-120 oz of water a day, and that's not happening without a little bit of flavor in it. I don't use a lot (usually 1 pack per 60-90oz of water) - but it helps water not be so boring and gives me a little bit of caffeine to get through the day! Everything in moderation, right? 🙂 And if you're absolutely opposed to fake sugar, True Lemon makes a lemonade version of this with stevia that's not bad.

Macros (per stick): 2c/0f/0p 5 calories

12. Collagen Peptides

container of collagen peptides.

Basically every morning, I have the same thing for breakfast - 1 scoop of collagen peptides and 1 scoop of protein powder in my coffee. I mix it up with a little bit of water to make a coffee creamer, add coffee, and drink throughout the morning. It keeps me full and gets my day started with a huge serving of protein.

Macros (per serving): 0c/0f/10p 40 calories

Collagen Peptides available here.

13. Protein Powder

large tubs of whey protein powder.

This has been our go-to protein powder for years. It's a great combination of quality and price, and the macros on it are fantastic. It tastes great too - no weird aftertaste! We always keep a chocolate and a vanilla in the pantry (there are tons of other varieties, but these two work for most of the things we need).

Macros (per scoop): 3c/1.5f/24p 120 calories

Protein Powder available here.

14. Built Bars

built bars on a counter.

I feel like I've tried every protein bar in the book - these are by far my favorite. They're not chalky like most protein bars; they've got a caramel-like, nougat-like filling. They come in a ton of flavors too (Cherry Barcia and Coconut Almond are my favorites). I have one most afternoons for a snack - it feels like you're having a candy bar! The macros on these are also better than most bars I've found.

Macros vary; average 150ish calories and 15-20g protein.

Built Bars available here.

15. Mixed Nuts

can of mixed nuts.

A macro-friendly diet isn't always just about protein; sometimes you need to get a fat or carb boost too. If I need a little bit of fat in my day, mixed nuts are the way to go. It's a great form of energy that's not going to leave you feeling sluggish.

Macros (per serving): 5c/15f/7p 170 calories

16. Lavash Bread

bag of lavash bread.

Yes, you can even get a good serving of protein from a sandwich wrap. These lavash wraps have 6g of protein per half sheet (which is perfect for a lunch wrap). Trade this in for bread with your lunch to boost your protein and lower your carbs.

Macros (per serving): 8c/1.5f/6p 60 calories

17. Avocado

avocado cut in half on a countertop.

This is one of the easiest (and healthiest) ways to boost your fat intake. Avocado toast with deli meat is a go-to lunch for me - it's really well-balanced and won't leave you feeling groggy after lunch. And, FYI - you can freeze pureed avocado for smoothies! It makes smoothies really rich without tasting like guacamole. 🙂

Macros (per half avocado): 6.4c/11f/1.5p 120 calories

18. Frozen Turkey Burgers

box of frozen turkey burgers.

If you need to minimize carbs for a lunch, frozen turkey burger patties are the way to go. These can be cooked in an air fryer in just a few minutes and make a really great low-carb lunch. The seasoned ones are delicious all by themselves.

Macros (per patty): 2c/11f/31p 240 calories

19. Cottage Cheese

tub of great value cottage cheese.

I feel like you're either hot or cold on cottage cheese - but, if you're a fan, this will be an absolute macro staple for you. I eat it with either fruit or, for a different taste, with everything bagel seasoning (trust me, try it). If you're buying, don't necessary go for the fat free kind - fat isn't the enemy, and a lot of times there is added sugar in foods to replace the fat.

Macros (per half cup): 6c/1f/13p 90 calories

20. Yasso Bars

yasso mint chocolate yogurt bars.

If you need to keep a sweet treat handy for those late-night cravings, you'll want a few of these in the freezer. They totally satisfy a sweet tooth and have a nice little bit of protein.

Macros (per bar): 15c/2f/5p 100 calories

21. Protein Shakes

equate protein shake.

I basically always have a few of these in the fridge for those time when I find that I need a lot of protein and not a lot of calories. This is one of the quickest ways to get a ton of protein at once. I love mixing these into an iced espresso shot or tea for a latte-type drink. They also freeze pretty well - just shake every 20 minutes or so for a couple of hours for a slushy-type dessert. (And yes, the Walmart brand is just as good as the name-brand.)

Macros (per shake): 1c/3f/30p 160 calories

I'd love if you macro fans would leave some of your favorite macro friendly snacks in the comments below!

xo, Leslie - signature at the end of blog post.

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  1. I love that you shop at WM! I use a lot of this stuff too and thanks for some new ideas!! I can’t wait to try the yogart w pudding. I buy the Light & Fit.

  2. belinda prinsloo says:

    Hello, I want to start my macro diet, but I was under the impression that I may not have any dairy. You include yogurt, cottage cheese and the Laughing cow wedges. This will make my life easier. I am not doing this for weight loss, I have lupus, and although don't eat unhealthily, I want to follow a diet that is nutritionally rich. I need to support my body better with all the hectic medication that I an on. Thanks for this🌷💜

    1. Leslie Lambert says:

      I'm not sure of the variations of counting macros, but everything I've ever followed says you can eat whatever you want as long as it fits your macro numbers (that's why it's often called IIFYM - if it fits your macros). Of course, take any intolerances or allergies into consideration, but don't avoid dairy just to count macros!

  3. I am trying to stick with macros! Do you use the protein powder in your coffee? I've been doing the shakes but they can get pricey! It looks like you mix a little water with your powder then add coffee? Is it weird consistency?

    Also, cottage cheese with tomatoes and salt and pepper is.. chef's kiss!

    1. Leslie Lambert says:

      Yes, every morning! I'm not a big breakfast person, so I mix 1 scoop of protein powder and 1 scoop of collagen peptides with maybe 1/4 cup of water in the bottom of my coffee cup. Pour coffee over and stir - that's the only way I've found that the protein mixes smoothly.

  4. How do you measure the Greek yogurt and pudding mix
    I’m trying to track it with my macros. Is it per 2 table spoons or how is it measured thanks for the great ideas

    1. Leslie Lambert says:

      I put a regular-sized pack in a 32oz tub. 8oz of yogurt is typically a serving for me, so I divide the macros on the pudding package by 4 and add to the macros on the yogurt container (or not, the macros on pudding mix is usually pretty insignificant and I try not to obsess about exact numbers/measurements when I count macros).

  5. I like how your stuff is from walmart. Some videos show great things but not for small towns.

    1. Leslie Lambert says:

      I live in a very small town and Walmart is one of our two grocery store options! I definitely try to focus on the more readily available things bc so many people don't have access to specialty stores.

  6. I carb cycle my macros, so on my higher protein days one of my favorite go to snacks is Oikos Pro vanilla Greek yogurt. 20p, 3f, 8c. It's so good! I also like to mix a scoop of chocolate protein powder into it for a treat.