Pressure Cooker Freezer Meal Boot Camp #8

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With Pressure Cooker Freezer Meal Boot Camp #8, you'll have all of the info you need to prep 10 delicious pressure cooker meals in just a few hours.

My original Instant Pot Freezer Meal Boot Camp went viral very quickly on social media. In this set, I showed customers how to make a collection of freezer meals in one big prep session that will give you wholesome, home-cooked dinners for weeks on end. Freezer meal cooking has been a game-changer for my family. No more asking "what's for dinner?" at 4pm each day - it's already done for you!

With this set (and other ones in my shop) you'll have all of the info you need to prep 10 delicious pressure cooker (i.e. Instant Pot) meals in just a few hours.

〰️ In Pressure Cooker Freezer Meal Boot Camp #8, You'll Get... 〰️

✔️A printable grocery shopping list for every ingredient you'll need to prep and serve your meals.
✔️Printable label files for your frozen meals that list meal name, ingredients, side dish, serving amounts, instructions, and prep time for each meal.
✔️Step-by-step instructions for assembling your meals for the freezer.
✔️Recipe card printables for each meal that list the details needed to recreate your meal later if needed.
✔️A thorough list of supplies you'll need to make your meal prep as easy as possible!

This Freezer Meal Boot Camp is for 10 meals...

🍽 Beef & Barley Stew
🍽 Chicken & Gravy Over Mashed Potatoes
🍽 Pasta Carbonara
🍽 Beef Teriyaki Noodle Bowls
🍽 Chicken Enchilada Pasta
🍽 Italian Beefy Rice
🍽 Sausage & Pepper Sandwiches
🍽 French Onion Beef Noodle Soup
🍽 Ham & Potato Gratin
🍽 Salsa Verde Pork Chops

You'll receive two pdf files with your purchase; one has full commentary and prep instructions and one contains only printable files (to make printing easier). File will be available for download shortly after purchase (usually just takes a few minutes). From there, you'll find out how you can make the simple and scrumptious meals above in a few short hours.

**Please note: photos in this listing are just examples of the printables; they may not actually reflect the recipes you'll get in this purchase. Please refer to the first image for an accurate menu (or to the list above).

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You will receive both a full file (with commentary) and a file of just the printable pages with your purchase! *Please note: nothing physical will be sent to you. This purchase is for a file of printables and instructions.

1 review for Pressure Cooker Freezer Meal Boot Camp #8

  1. Chris (verified owner)

    These are great! It's so nice that you have outlined these meals in such a way that it's easy to assemble them and then later be able to quickly prepare a meal for my family without the hassle of trying to decide what to fix for dinner. The only problem now is trying to decide which meal to fix for dinner. I appreciate the time you have spent doing the hard part. I love them!

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