Lifetime Membership to Freezer Meal Boot Camps

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With the Lifetime FMBC Membership, you'll have access to all 29 of the existing Freezer Meal Boot Camps and will be emailed any future releases as part of your membership! FMBC packs give you all of the info and printables that you need to prep delicious freezer meals in just a few hours.


My original Instant Pot Freezer Meal Boot Camp went viral very quickly on social media. In this set, I showed customers how to make a collection of freezer meals in one big prep session that will give you wholesome, home-cooked dinners for weeks on end. Freezer meal cooking has been a game-changer for my family. No more asking "what's for dinner?" at 4pm each day - it's already done for you!

Want all that the Freezer Meal Boot Camp collection has to offer? The Lifetime Freezer Meal Boot Camp membership is for you!  For one low price, you'll get access to every single boot camp below and will be emailed new boot camps as they're released.

With this purchase, you have access to the current 29 Freezer Meal Boot Camps available. That includes...

  • Pressure Cooker FMBC #1
  • Pressure Cooker FMBC #2
  • Pressure Cooker FMBC #3
  • Pressure Cooker FMBC #4
  • Pressure Cooker FMBC #5
  • Pressure Cooker FMBC #6
  • Pressure Cooker FMBC #7
  • Pressure Cooker FMBC #8
  • Pressure Cooker FMBC #9
  • Pressure Cooker FMBC #10
  • Pressure Cooker FMBC #11
  • Pressure Cooker FMBC #12
  • Pressure Cooker FMBC #13
  • Pressure Cooker Kid-Friendly FMBC #1
  • Pressure Cooker Kid-Friendly FMBC #2
  • Pressure Cooker Budget FMBC #1
  • Pressure Cooker Budget FMBC #2
  • Pressure Cooker Vegan FMBC
  • Pressure Cooker Vegetarian FMBC
  • Pressure Cooker Low Calorie FMBC
  • Pressure Cooker Low Carb FMBC
  • Slow Cooker FMBC #1
  • Slow Cooker FMBC #2
  • Sheet Pan FMBC #2
  • Sheet Pan FMBC #3
  • Slow Cooker FMBC #3
  • Slow Cooker FMBC #4
  • Slow Cooker FMBC #5
  • Slow Cooker FMBC #6

You'll receive two pdf files for each boot camp with your purchase; one has full commentary and prep instructions and one contains only printable files (to make printing easier). File will be available for download shortly after purchase (usually just takes a few minutes). From there, you'll find out how you can make the multiple simple and scrumptious meals in a few short hours.

*Please note: nothing physical will be sent to you. This purchase is for a collection of digital files with printable instructions.

7 reviews for Lifetime Membership to Freezer Meal Boot Camps

  1. Cathleen Pierce (verified owner)

    I have just purchased the Lifetime Membership to Freezer Meal Boot Camps. I can hardly wait to get stared so I will have dinner to put in the slow cooker or the instant pot without stressing over what's for dinner. I'll never stress again over what to make. 😊

  2. Cindy Lancaster (verified owner)

    You were my first introduction to freezer meals and you made it so easy! I completed my first set in 4 hours. I expected it to be an all day event. I was so happy when it wasn’t. We ate our first meal tonight. Red Curry Shrimp Soup. My family is pretty picky but the majority enjoyed it. Can’t wait to have more. Thanks for putting in all the work. Would you make a custom order? That would be amazing. Thanks again!!

  3. cindy loeber

    I really like I’m a vegan cook so I just sub things out !

  4. Denise (verified owner)

    I purchased a few of the Boot Camps and I was very happy. The meals were very good and it really is a time saver. I planned to order more. Then Leslie came out with the Lifetime Membership and I mean it BEST IDEA EVER!

  5. Kirstan70 (verified owner)

    Having to work long hours during the week makes it difficult to plan for meals. This boot camp does all the planning for me! There is something for everyone too! I am not a big fan of cooking, but this plan has made me excited about it.

  6. Linda S. (verified owner)

    So far my family has tried 15 different meals from a couple of the Freezer Meal Plans. We have loved them all, even the ones featuring Kale, which is something I can never get my husband to eat. These are a great way to prepare enough food for the entire family quickly. My Mom and I usually prep on Sunday's together and then divide the meals up for the month. Our experience has been that the meals easily feed 4 people with very healthy appetites. My husband and I both work and usually we just eat out every night, which gets very expensive! These have saved us money, time and our waistlines. I highly recommend checking out all of the Freezer Meal Plans.

  7. Tabitha Matherly (verified owner)

    I purchased the Lifetime in 2019 and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this plan! Best purchase I have ever made! The prep takes me a while with my needy 8yr old running around but my husband helps and it goes pretty smoothly. It is just so convenient to just unthaw a little and pop it in the Instant pot or slow cooker. When I get home from work I just start the instant pot and make a quick side and boom! I am free for the evening to help with homework and not be in the kitchen for hours trying to cook and clean! My husband is not a picky eater by any means so he loves basically everything I have cooked! I think there has only been 1 meal he hasn't liked in the 2 years that I have been making Leslie's Meal Preps. You wont regret it.

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