This set of free cleaning schedule printable templates is the easiest way to keep your home clean in an hour a day! Realistic list tasks are broken down by house zone for an organized daily & weekly routine.

How to Make a Realistic Home Cleaning Schedule

The morning routine is consistent; it never changes, no matter the day or the week. In the morning cleaning routine, you'll... – Declutter for 10 minutes – Unload dishwasher – Make beds

The Morning Routine

The evening routine is similar to the morning routine. You'll need to add the daily chore in the right column and a few items on the "Room of the Week Chores" checklist. In the evenings, you'll... – Declutter for 10 minutes – Do dishes; load & start the dishwasher – Clean kitchen (wipe down counters, spot clean floor, organize food) – Do the daily chore (on next slides) – Two or three chores on the "room of the week" list (see weekly schedule tasks by swiping up)

The Evening Routine

Monday:  Outside  Areas

Tuesday: Dust Surfaces

Wednesday: Clean Fridge and Pantry

Thursday: Vacuum and Mop

Friday: Toilets & Sinks

Saturday: Laundry

Sunday: Rest

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