My Best House Cleaning Supplies List

This house cleaning supplies list has products you will use on a daily & weekly basis to keep your home tidy! Includes products for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, living area, carpet/floors, and even a car.

I use the following to clean my home's exterior areas (including deck, porch, garage, and cars): -An inexpensive push broom and dustpan -A blower -Totally Awesome cleaner -Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner -Armor All

Monday: Outside Areas

On Tuesdays, I clean the surfaces of my home by dusting and cleaning spills where needed. I use the following supplies: -Microfiber Cleaning Towels -Totally Awesome cleaner / Mrs. Meyer's -Swiffer Duster -Extendable Duster -Glass cleaner -Granite sealer

Tuesday: Surfaces

Take Wednesday to clean the surfaces of your refrigerator, throw out and consolidate older foods, and organize your foods into the proper place. I use the following supplies: -Microfiber Cleaning Towels -Totally Awesome Cleaner -Mrs. Meyer's

Wednesday: Fridge and Pantry

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