I Tried 10 Meal Delivery Services - here are the worst (and best).

I just wasn't feeling Freshly. I can see how it might work out for a very select group of people – if you need completely pre-made that are supposedly cooked “fresh” that week, have very little time for meal prep, live alone or only have maybe one other person eating at home, and need a very low caloric intake, this might work out for you. But in so many ways, it just didn't work for our family.

#10: Freshly

This did not go down as my favorite meal service. As I did with the other services, I tried two weeks; the first week, I received half of my box on time and half a day later, with everything in the box melted and at outside temperature when I received. Obviously, I had to trash those items. I did email the company, where I was directed to a Google form to fill out any order issues (which leads me to believe that this wasn't a one-off issue for them). I did receive credit for that week, which I used on the second week of service.

#9: Home Chef

Sunbasket is the priciest meal planning service on this post, and to be honest? I don't know why. I did test this one towards the end of 2021, when food prices had jumped, so maybe that had something to do with it (note: as of publish time, they were still abnormally high) – but I honestly didn't see a big quality difference between this one and a few of the mid-range priced meal plans I tried.

#8: Sunbasket

Hungryroot is a little bit different than your traditional meal delivery service. With Hungryroot, you're still picking meals, but you're sent full-sized packages of ingredients to make those meals instead of just what you need. I both liked and disliked this – of course it's nice to get extra ingredients, but I think one of the things I like about meal delivery services is not having a ton of food waste after cooking a meal. The meals are incredibly easy to prep, usually taking 15-20 minutes just to warm everything up.

#7: Hungryroot

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