How to Make a Tulle Bow for Gifts

See how to make a tulle bow for the prettiest gifts this Christmas! If you can tie your shoe, you can make this DIY tulle gift bow by following this easy tutorial.

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Start with a big, flat area to tie your tulle gift bows. I usually spread my supplies out on the floor or on an empty table.

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 Measure your tulle like I demonstrate in the picture above. Measure out enough that you could tie a bow with a little bit of leftover tulle. You'll probably want around 8 inches of tulle past the edges of your gift on each side. Cut this length of tulle, and use that piece of tulle to measure out and cut 4-5 more strands that are the same length.

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1Next, take all of your pieces of tulle and bundle together. Tie the first part of your shoelace bow by looping the pieces together like I have them below. You'll loop this just like you loop the first step of tying your shoelaces.

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Finish tying the “shoelace bow” by making 2 loops with a knot in the middle. Make sure the end pieces hanging out are about the same length as the loops.

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