How to Do Dip Nails at Home

Give DIY Dip Powder Nails a try – they're so easy to do! See how to do dip nails at home with a step by step tutorial. Get instructions on how to apply coffee filter tips, apply Revel's powder, do an alternate gel method, and remove dip nails.


– Nail File and Buffer Block – OPI Bond Aid – Rubbing Alcohol – Lint-free wipes – Acrylic Brush/Pen – Coffee Filter – Revel Nails Dip Powder Starter Kit with the shade of your choice (the color I used in this portion of the tutorial is Shady) – Nail Brush – E-file Drill


Prep nails with a file, buff, bonder, and optional tip.

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Apply colored dip powder.

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Shape and buff.

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Apply top coat.

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See more methods and how to remove nails by swiping up!