How to Clean Oven Racks with Dryer Sheets

Yes, dryer sheets! Want to know how to clean oven racks the easy way? See the best cleaning method for the dirty racks using dryer sheets and hot water in a bathtub!

Remove all of your racks (I have a double oven, so I have 4) and place in the biggest bathtub you have. Fill with the hottest water you can…just enough to completely cover the racks. Hot water will help break up some of the gunkier spots.

Step 1: Place Oven Racks in a Tub and Cover with Hot Water

This is where it gets weird. Take 8-10 dryer sheets and throw them in the tub. Trust the process here – this is the most effective way to clean oven racks that I've found.

Step 2: Add Dryer Sheets to the Hot Water

After a few hours, use the wet dryer sheets to scrub the grease and grime off of your oven racks. Most of it should fall right off, making oven rack cleaning a breeze! I didn't wear rubber gloves for this, but you might want to consider them. There will be a lot of grime floating in your water.

Step 3: Wipe down oven racks with the used dryer sheets.

Once you've scrubbed your oven racks really well, drain the bathtub. Make sure and spray the oven racks down with water to remove any extra film or residue from the dryer sheets.

Step 4: Rinse Oven Racks Well and Allow to Dry

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