How to Clean a Cast Iron Griddle

Lamberts Lately

See how to clean a cast iron griddle the easy way, using just salt, water, and oil. This is the best way to clean skillets, pans, and stove grates too! Remove burnt on food, clean rust, and season cast iron with this easy method.

Once you've cooked with your cast iron and made it all dirty, you will want to put in the sink to give it a good wash-down. This will get all of the initial burnt-on food off of your cookware. Using hot water (which helps break down gunk and grease), wash it off, then… …give it a quick scrub with a little bit of elbow grease. I absolutely love Scour Daddies for this (and for general everyday cleaning, for that matter – these are the best sponges!).

Step 1: The First Wash

Once you finish the quick first scrub with hot water, no need to wipe down the cast iron just yet…you'll need that water for now! Pull out the absolute best cleaning tool you can use on cast iron: Plain old coarse kosher salt. I keep a big box of coarse salt under my sink just for cleaning and scrubbing tough messes, including all of my cast iron cookware. It's perfect for keeping cast iron skillets and griddles clean.

Step 2: Salt the Cast Iron Down

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