Ikea Built-In Hack: DIY Cabinets with Billy Bookcases

This is the ultimate DIY Ikea built-in hack: use Billy Bookcases to install custom cabinets! This is a budget-friendly storage solution for shelves in a playroom, bedroom, or office. See the full process, from drawing plans to installing crown molding/baseboards.

1. Measure your available wall space and plan, plan, plan.

2. Build the Billy bookcases.

3. Take a quick peek at how the shelves look against the wall.

4. Remove baseboards if needed.

5. Secure Ikea bookcases to the wall.

6. Attach crown and base molding.

7. Attach the middle Shelf Topper and cover any gaps.

8. Caulk gaps and patch nail Holes.

9. Paint molding to match Bookcases.

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