Set your goals with this set of free printable goal setting worksheets!

Want to learn how to set goals for yourself? Get tips on how to pace your action steps, reflection ideas, and download a free printable goal setting worksheet!

Tip 1: Be realistic.

Take your current situation and truly ask yourself what you can realistically accomplish (in both short-term and long-term goals). Start from there and don't build too much.

Tip 2: Write It Down on a Printable Goal Setting Worksheet

I've always said that writing something down is one of the best ways to keep yourself accountable for any given goal. Having that visual accountability is huge.

Tip 3: Break down your goals into action steps.

With this printable goal setting worksheet, you'll set your big overall goals (the ones mentioned on that first printable), then break them down into manageable mini-goals that can be completed in small segments of time (usually under an hour).

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